30 Apr 2014

The Proposal

Sam is madly in love with her.
Buying her favorite red roses
He reaches her home.
Goes down on his knees,
He offers her the bouquet
'I love you, Jess...'
But she fails to respond
Tears peeping from the corner of his eyes.
He leaves without another word.
While she remains silent,
Beneath the stones.

20 Apr 2014


Twinkling eyes
Fire in the ice
Reaches the spotlight
Seeking everyone’s sight

Aesthetic beauty and elegance
Stupefied with innocence,
Bubbling with coy
Splashing laughter and joy

Bedazzled with a pretty dress
Entangled in beautiful tress
Stepping on the velvet shoe
Gliding through the sky blue

Those twists and twirls
Like a feather in the air
Making you go trance
To fall in love...

For that curvy red lips
And the sensuous moves
Head over heels
With the burning desire

Here comes -
The girl, the love
Of your romantic heart,
Presenting you...

The Dancing Girl...!

Pencil Sketching by Em Cee.

17 Apr 2014

Surprise Giveaway – Winner

Thanks everyone for those who took part in my First Surprise Giveaway from Limeroad. Now comes the results time. I am glad almost all of my team members got their first credits and had a wonderful time shopping. :D

Thank you Ms. Geetanjli Raina, Community Manager, Limeroad for helping me in picking the ONE best. Well, the deserving ONE who impressed me and the team with her style quotient is


Have a glimpse from her scrapbook.

We loved your beautiful looks as they are more organised and neat. Congratulations.!

Sudha, you can contact me for yet another Happy Shopping Time.! :D

Its been sometime I am so actively nibbling. With my work and other personal stuff going on in my life, I know I am lagging behind. I can’t wait to get back to my routine nibbles :P

Don’t forget to come back for more Nibbles from A Rat :D

Thank you everyone!!!

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