17 Apr 2014

Surprise Giveaway – Winner

Thanks everyone for those who took part in my First Surprise Giveaway from Limeroad. Now comes the results time. I am glad almost all of my team members got their first credits and had a wonderful time shopping. :D

Thank you Ms. Geetanjli Raina, Community Manager, Limeroad for helping me in picking the ONE best. Well, the deserving ONE who impressed me and the team with her style quotient is


Have a glimpse from her scrapbook.

We loved your beautiful looks as they are more organised and neat. Congratulations.!

Sudha, you can contact me for yet another Happy Shopping Time.! :D

Its been sometime I am so actively nibbling. With my work and other personal stuff going on in my life, I know I am lagging behind. I can’t wait to get back to my routine nibbles :P

Don’t forget to come back for more Nibbles from A Rat :D

Thank you everyone!!!


  1. sometime things happens like that .. hoping to see you soon :)

  2. cool! hope you will b back soon :)

  3. Wow... This is a great news for me :) Thanks a ton Meera and Geetanjli for liking my looks and surprising me with the result :) Would love to create more and compete :)


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