31 May 2014

Candies and Tablets ~ My Confession

I am not a little girl whose mommy has to do some tricks showing colorful magic candies to thrust the bitter tablet into her throat. So this post is certainly not about my mommy’s tricks n tactics but obviously about candies n tablets and of course, my confession. The title says it all!

Basically, I am like a curl up person who spend my lazy moments simply sitting or lying in my bed or couch, nibbling chocolates and playing games. And after so many of such embarrassing hours, now I discovered that I am an addict. Yes. I can’t help my addiction towards sweet Candies and Tablets.

Today I am not going to talk about those bitter and white round shaped pills which make me sick, instead its going to be about the square brown Tablet that could make my mouth water. Tablet is a very rich and a traditional Scottish sweet, made from butter, condensed milk and sugar. After seeing its recipe, I found out that it is similar to the milk toffee we make at home which is quite creamy and melts in mouth. Since I haven’t tasted the original version, I can’t talk much about it here. But I do have a confession to make.

Courtesy : Google

I love chocolates. Who doesn’t? Particularly, I go craze with milk chocolates. Recently I get a chance to taste the Swedish milk caramelized toffee called Daim. And it serves my taste buds better in every way. I came to know about this toffee’s existence after my brother bought a packet from his Dubai trip. Now that I am addicted to Daim, yes. Addicted!! I am bit guilty for chewing the toffees one by one carelessly but only to find out the packet was already over and I have to open the next packet. Oh how disappointing that a packet has only limited number of toffees. Damn.. it is like a wake up call to watch my uncontrollably increasing weight. :( :(

Clicked using Dell Venue 8

Talking about my sweet tooth, I must mention that I developed a crush towards tablets. Not the bitter white ones or the sweet creamy ones but the black rectangular Dell Venue 8. Hello.. don’t give me that look, I haven’t tasted it yet :P

Let me get back to my musing on Thee Tabbelllett.

That day, immediately after setting up my blackie Dell Venue 8, I went to Google play store and downloaded the apps and games I wanted.

I used to give a weird look at my friends and cousins who play this game full of shining candies, asking.. why you guys playing all the time? Boring and Addict, I called them. But today, I confess... I play Candy Crush too. Exchanging lives and competing the levels and scores with friends, damn I must say, it is so addictive. With the amount of time I spent playing with these candies, only to find out how not to run out of lives. ;)

Well, almost all the time I am sticky glued to my Dell Venue 8 and not wanting to keep it down even for a minute. One of the very first things I noticed was just how brilliant the resolution was. Images, videos and well, everything comes as crystal clear and vivid. Sporting a vibrant 8 inch display, the screen quality is quite awesome. I am yet to watch full length movies in it but for now while watching few short videos and especially while playing Candy Crush, I was totally impressed with how brightly and boldly the panel renders colors. I jus love it. After playing in my tablets, now I hardly swipe candies in my phone. :P

I also tried my little clicking hobby with Dell Venue 8 and I found the quality was good for a tablet. As long as I haven’t tried my selfie, I won’t have any complaints coz that will obviously give me a heart attack. :'(

I will upload some of my clicks using Dell Venue in a separate post maybe in future. But for now, I must say that these Daim candies look so inviting in this picture and so does the candies scattered in front of me.

Now that my tongue and fingers asking for more sweetness, I am gonna nibble Daim and swipe Candies in Dell.

Dell along with Daim now becomes my favorite yet addictive part of my life :)

26 May 2014

My First Impression ~ Dell Venue 8

I was not very fond of the word Tablet. An apple a day keeps the doctors away. This is what I used to rant when I was young. And also I tried hard to stay away from this tablet. But now n then, I do have my stubborn n bitter moments to intake those pills. Okay Enough talking about those white round shaped tablets. It makes me feel sick already.

Few years ago, when my gadget freak cousin visited us and told me that he bought a tablet. I looked at him making a face, ‘C’mon, You don’t even look sick!!’ Hearing that, he laughed and patted on my head. Then he took a silvery pad like thing out of his bag in a dramatic way and boasted, ‘Tatataa....Theee Tabbbelllett....’. At the first sight, I was quite impressed with that dramatic introduction of the gadget and then amused with the way it works. Wow! It was like a computer in our hands. But after awhile, I was shocked when he revealed the cost. I frowned at him for paying such a high price and that too for something which he was not even going to use it often. What’s in need of such an expensive tablet? Just for playing games and surfing the net in a little bigger screen than your phones? It was bit too much, I thought. That’s when I decided I should stay away from that tablet too. Or perhaps you could say in a way I consoled myself, for I am not ready to pay high, I am allergic to anything called ‘Tablet’. And from that day, I was not fond of that Tablet too..!

I am quite happy with my phone and my mini lappy and religiously kept my policy till I got a call 2 weeks back. It was a true surprise package from Dell. I don’t like to get surprises often and that’s because I don't know how to react to it. But when Dell offered me its newly launched Tablet - Dell Venue 8, would I say No?

Now I have got the Tablet too. Yes. Three days ago I received the Dell Venue 8, as a part of Blogger Review Program.

Ding Dong Bell..
Pussy’s in the well..
Nussy rat starts to tell..
A story on her new Dell..

(Nussy is a nick for my second name :P )

When the courier guy delivered me the package in the evening, I completely forgot the milk boiling in the stove in my excitement of unboxing it. Fine.. Should I have to say that the milk boiled and spilled out a bit and so I got a good 'lecture' from my mom, etc etc.? C’mon, that’s another story. :P

Alright, coming to the point... When I opened its simple and safe package, I found an 8 inch slate, dressed in black. Along with it, came a data cable and the charger pin. And of course its manual inside.

My first look at it - I thought, nice tab! I really enjoyed the feel of its solid matte finish while touching it. It is neither bulky nor light weight. I’d say, it has the right weight to settle in my hands comfortably. Featuring a stunning 8 inch display screen, it is more ideal for the hand to hold. I felt like I can carry it throughout the day.

I, being a klutz, easily slip things from my hands but this Dell Venue 8’s matte finish backside gives a good grip without falling off. And it’s totally comfy to use it, while holding it in a hand or letting it lie on its back rather than giving a stand and play with or especially, to type in it.

After setting up my Venue in less than 5 minutes, I spent a good amount of time with it. I realized it was much friendly to me. That’s cos I simply enjoy the user friendly Android OS just like that in my phone.

For an 8 inch tablet, Dell Venue 8 (32 GB) comes in an affordable price of Rs. 17429/- and I think, it serves good for what we pay. I don’t think we need a high end expensive tablet to play games or surf the net or to read books or watch movies in a mini screen. What do you think?

My first impression with Dell Venue 8 ~ Solid built. Decent design. Gripping body. Friendly OS and Budget friendly. 

You can buy this Tablet online with an easy and secure EMI or COD payment from --> HERE.

They call it is auspicious when the milk boils and overflows. Well, now I am only waiting to see what this black rectangular tablet is going to treat me with... :-)

21 May 2014

Stay In Trend With Roposo

Like many women out there, I love shopping. I dono if I am a born shopaholic. I should ask my mom about that. But I know I grew up to be one. Esp when it comes to window shopping, I won’t get tired to walk around and surf more shops and try out different dresses n check for varieties before I finally settle for one perfect outfit. At the end.. Phew.. what a day!!

Fashion n shopping always goes together. And when it comes to style, people’s taste differs. Some like it rich. Some like it chic. Some goes with tradition while others like fusion. But searching our dresses n accessories in so many stores with so many offers, it will take loads of time before we find out our right ensemble.

But when online shopping started to trend, I prefer to do most of the shopping from the luxury of my home, fearing of the hot sun smiling at me wickedly.

I have already mentioned in my previous posts how much I enjoy it. Still at times I find it difficult to surf for products in more than one site. So I simply stick to one site to do my shopping and at the end, I look at my friend’s collection who bought from some other online store and then I regret I should have checked that site too... Sigh!

Can I say this luxury eventually makes me too lazy to surf different sites? Hmph, as the time and technology evolves we demand every thing to be easy n simplified. So don’t blame me for being such a lazy rat. :P

I was really wishing for an online mall where we go, surf and pick our desired attire ~ all under one roof.

That’s when Roposo invited me to visit their site. Claiming to be the best search engine for Women’s Clothing and Accessories, I must admit I did find it quite interesting. Roposo.com is a social platform dedicated to women's fashion where we can search and discover products of our tastes from across the web. Hah.. my wishes came true now.

At Roposo, there are many fashionistas who curate the things they love. They exhibit their style and give us ideas and choices to pick from, such that we can easily stay tuned to the latest trends. Sounds interesting, right?

Roposo is a play on the word ‘Apropos’ which means relevant - and this name is so apt to this site, as we can search for clothing and accessories, quite relevant to our tastes, moods and styles.

Roposo has teamed up with best fashion websites delivering in India like Limeroad, Jabong, Nineteen, Flipkart, Koovs, etc., and in this way the up-to-date women’s fashion can be found under one roof. As I said, its like a mall where our time and energy saved from the hassle of browsing through multiple sites. They have done detailed categorization which helps in fetching the products easily. One feature I am impressed with is ~ the color options they offer.

Apart from many other interesing features that take a special mention, I found their List making feature as quite an entertaining one. In which we can add the items we like and form a customized list or also mix and match with the accessories and create a full ensemble. It works like a scrapbook for your favorite collection. As you all know, I love Scrapbooking, here too I am excited to create looks, when they invite me to do the same.

But hey, not only we discover and like the products here, but if we want to buy, the site directly leads to the seller’s portal where we can place our order in less than no time.

Here I display one of my favorite lists which I created at Roposo recently.

Modish Striped Outfits

One of the latest modish trends that surprised us on haute couture is the Striiped Style. The Stripes, one of the awesome style that we could wear, it can give us more than one look from the classic unique look to the funny casual one, with a little magic of mix and match. I list here few interesting Monochrome Striped Outfits and commonly accessorized it with a touch of Red.

If you're interested in fashion, style and shopping, you are most welcome to follow me there. Visit my profile for more and interesting lists at Meera @ Roposo.

To stay in trend and not to fall behind...

Do visit Roposo.comAlso stay tuned for more exciting styles at their Twitter handle à Roposo Love.

Once you visit there, I’m sure you’ll stop seeing me as a lazy nibbling rat who blah blahs instead you’ll call me a smart one who finds the way to enhance our style.  ;)

19 May 2014

Play With Scarves ~ Elabore Way

Now you all know, I am trying to explore my interest in fashion and style lately. Every time I nibble the latest styles, it is like I discover something new and trendy. But whatever I discover, I believe fashion and style depends on us and how we present ourselves. They say dress makes a man complete. But what completes the dress? Accessories, isn't it?

Be it simple or grand, rich or chic, accessories are very important to make the entire dressing complete.When we think of accessorizing our dresses, many things come to our mind from Jewelry to Bags to Belts to Watches and what not? Every woman has her own dressing sense and of course, one or more favorite accessories. So she naturally finds it fun, glamour as well as comfort. For me, who has a craze for accessories, what is my most favorite item?

Well, this post is about one of my favorite accessories which we use to cover our heads or hang around our necks or even tie it around our waists – the title and the brand says it all - SCARVES and also to introduce you to the trending online store exclusively for Scarves and Shawls - ELABORE, which proudly stands as the market leader in terms of maximum styles showcased under their brand.

It doesn’t matter if you are a boy or a girl, a scarf is an absolute essential for your wardrobe, well, if you like to keep it stylish :P  Not only they can keep you cozy but they can also add a pop of color and sophistication to your outfit. Such that they add drama and change the look of your ensemble almost in a matter of seconds!

Being a Muslim myself, I have more association with scarves n shawl for quite a long time. As I wear it everyday to step out of my home, yes, scarves play an important role in my life. I have a good number of scarves in my shelf and in colors & varieties. I prefer it to give and to receive as gifts. However big my collection is, I always want them more. I just can't get enough of them, for there are some 1000 ways to wear it good. Those days they were categorized as utilitarian but now scarves are marked as really cool accessory in today’s trend. This is the prefect time to play with scarves and style.

They can keep you warm, keep you cool, and can even make you look ‘hot’, when it is rightly tied/wrapped. ;)

In every clothes shops incl. many online stores, we see a separate section for scarves/shawls. What if we have an exclusive showroom for scarves alone? That is what Elabore brings us today.

When Elabore invited me to visit their newly launched web store, the name itself brightened my mood because it is one of my favorite brands which offer variety of high-end scarves and shawls. I was delighted with their invitation and clicked the link immediately, elaborestore.com. I enjoyed surfing through their exclusive online showroom. Well, to be more frank, I thoroughly enjoyed my window shopping while I selected few scarves in the cart for my next purchase :P It was quite fun n easy to navigate and to search for the particular product that meets our tastes and moods, as they have listed more different categories under each section. It was virtually unfeasible to miss a section designed by Elabore.

Style Funky from Elabore

About the Brand - Elabore is an utterly appealing luxury brand of sophisticated and well-groomed shawls, foulards and scarves for every generation. Elabore provides high end fashion exposure that shall seduce your eyes through design and your skin through finest quality. Elabore is recognizable foundation in vibrant colors and bold patterns. The traditional as well as contemporary designs of Elabore place a twirl twist on the archetypal looks.

Season Spring Scarves from Elabore

Whatever designs and patterns I have in my collection, my personal favorite pick is always colorful and floral or printed and of course, a lightweight scarf, perhaps the Pashmina fabric. Well, that is the best year-round accessory for me, and esp. suitable for all ages and seasons.

Pashmina Shawls from Elabore

These finely woven Pashmina Shawls from Elabore will accentuate our looks incredibly stylish whatever the occasion is. There is a genuine admiration for the pure Cashmere shawls and prints for its super soft feel and warmth that generation seeks the smaller cumbersome styles to go with our life styles. The natural qualities of these rich Pashmina provide warmth, softness and durability while adding elegance and beauty. Due to its amazing versatility and practicality of Pashmina fabric, anytime is a good time to wear – day or night, be it formal or casual, wear it as a wrap, shawl and scarf.

Elabore price range starts from Rs.300 and it ranges upto Rs.8999. At the first look, I noticed many scarves are priced slightly high but then I realized the fact that its pure fine wool that are available rare and so the fabric demands more richness. And indeed its worth it. But now is the right time to shop as they offer good discounts on almost all the products and with the shipping all over India at completely free of cost.

Scarves are the better choice for any occasion, every season and all styles. If you want to add a personal flavor to your wardrobe then there is no better way than by adding this perfect accessory!

Click and Visit ----> Elabore Store today and pick your favorite item before others snatches it.

Also 'hang around' in their Facebook page ----> Elabore Store.

Fashion Tip - To have a modish look with your simple outfit, just get a matching or a complementing scarf.

Everything that comes with Elabore scarves are versatile, traditional meets edgy yet very classic, soft woolen fabric, silk fringes, high quality, refined, luxury n richness.

A timeless, must have piece that you can always carry with you!

Wear Scarves. Wear it Elabore!

17 May 2014

Floating Petals

Floating rose petals – a beautiful decor in Leela Palace, Bangalore, India.

This picture post is also shared in Saturday Photo hunt for the theme ~ Water.

13 May 2014

Sent From My iPad

Every time I send a mail nowadays, I smile big at the end of it, seeing this line. Sent from My iPad. Yes. My prize reached me safe n sound. Thanks to PAUS judges and the team BlogAdda for choosing my story - The Shave, among many other interesting entries, to reward me with this sleek and wonderful gadget. I also take this opportunity to thank all my blogger friends who tagged me and encouraged me to write. :-)

After taking iPad lessons from my brother, I am now glued to my iPad, trying to explore it. Surfing, clicking, downloading apps & games, trying to watch movies n read books etc etc. I am already loving this. I have always found its smooth touch screen amusing whenever I use my brother's and cousins' iPhones. Today, I own one iProduct myself.

And now I joined my iFamily too. :D

I am happy. I am excited. Because I earned it. Alhamdulillah!

I feel like I am in cloud 9.. er.. ‘iCloud 9’...! ;-)

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