19 May 2014

Play With Scarves ~ Elabore Way

Now you all know, I am trying to explore my interest in fashion and style lately. Every time I nibble the latest styles, it is like I discover something new and trendy. But whatever I discover, I believe fashion and style depends on us and how we present ourselves. They say dress makes a man complete. But what completes the dress? Accessories, isn't it?

Be it simple or grand, rich or chic, accessories are very important to make the entire dressing complete.When we think of accessorizing our dresses, many things come to our mind from Jewelry to Bags to Belts to Watches and what not? Every woman has her own dressing sense and of course, one or more favorite accessories. So she naturally finds it fun, glamour as well as comfort. For me, who has a craze for accessories, what is my most favorite item?

Well, this post is about one of my favorite accessories which we use to cover our heads or hang around our necks or even tie it around our waists – the title and the brand says it all - SCARVES and also to introduce you to the trending online store exclusively for Scarves and Shawls - ELABORE, which proudly stands as the market leader in terms of maximum styles showcased under their brand.

It doesn’t matter if you are a boy or a girl, a scarf is an absolute essential for your wardrobe, well, if you like to keep it stylish :P  Not only they can keep you cozy but they can also add a pop of color and sophistication to your outfit. Such that they add drama and change the look of your ensemble almost in a matter of seconds!

Being a Muslim myself, I have more association with scarves n shawl for quite a long time. As I wear it everyday to step out of my home, yes, scarves play an important role in my life. I have a good number of scarves in my shelf and in colors & varieties. I prefer it to give and to receive as gifts. However big my collection is, I always want them more. I just can't get enough of them, for there are some 1000 ways to wear it good. Those days they were categorized as utilitarian but now scarves are marked as really cool accessory in today’s trend. This is the prefect time to play with scarves and style.

They can keep you warm, keep you cool, and can even make you look ‘hot’, when it is rightly tied/wrapped. ;)

In every clothes shops incl. many online stores, we see a separate section for scarves/shawls. What if we have an exclusive showroom for scarves alone? That is what Elabore brings us today.

When Elabore invited me to visit their newly launched web store, the name itself brightened my mood because it is one of my favorite brands which offer variety of high-end scarves and shawls. I was delighted with their invitation and clicked the link immediately, elaborestore.com. I enjoyed surfing through their exclusive online showroom. Well, to be more frank, I thoroughly enjoyed my window shopping while I selected few scarves in the cart for my next purchase :P It was quite fun n easy to navigate and to search for the particular product that meets our tastes and moods, as they have listed more different categories under each section. It was virtually unfeasible to miss a section designed by Elabore.

Style Funky from Elabore

About the Brand - Elabore is an utterly appealing luxury brand of sophisticated and well-groomed shawls, foulards and scarves for every generation. Elabore provides high end fashion exposure that shall seduce your eyes through design and your skin through finest quality. Elabore is recognizable foundation in vibrant colors and bold patterns. The traditional as well as contemporary designs of Elabore place a twirl twist on the archetypal looks.

Season Spring Scarves from Elabore

Whatever designs and patterns I have in my collection, my personal favorite pick is always colorful and floral or printed and of course, a lightweight scarf, perhaps the Pashmina fabric. Well, that is the best year-round accessory for me, and esp. suitable for all ages and seasons.

Pashmina Shawls from Elabore

These finely woven Pashmina Shawls from Elabore will accentuate our looks incredibly stylish whatever the occasion is. There is a genuine admiration for the pure Cashmere shawls and prints for its super soft feel and warmth that generation seeks the smaller cumbersome styles to go with our life styles. The natural qualities of these rich Pashmina provide warmth, softness and durability while adding elegance and beauty. Due to its amazing versatility and practicality of Pashmina fabric, anytime is a good time to wear – day or night, be it formal or casual, wear it as a wrap, shawl and scarf.

Elabore price range starts from Rs.300 and it ranges upto Rs.8999. At the first look, I noticed many scarves are priced slightly high but then I realized the fact that its pure fine wool that are available rare and so the fabric demands more richness. And indeed its worth it. But now is the right time to shop as they offer good discounts on almost all the products and with the shipping all over India at completely free of cost.

Scarves are the better choice for any occasion, every season and all styles. If you want to add a personal flavor to your wardrobe then there is no better way than by adding this perfect accessory!

Click and Visit ----> Elabore Store today and pick your favorite item before others snatches it.

Also 'hang around' in their Facebook page ----> Elabore Store.

Fashion Tip - To have a modish look with your simple outfit, just get a matching or a complementing scarf.

Everything that comes with Elabore scarves are versatile, traditional meets edgy yet very classic, soft woolen fabric, silk fringes, high quality, refined, luxury n richness.

A timeless, must have piece that you can always carry with you!

Wear Scarves. Wear it Elabore!


  1. I'm muslim too haha the scarf is a compulsion for me..well it makes a great style statement so I dont care..I did when I was a teenager..now its my own style and I love to flaunt it :D

    1. Apart from our religious views, scarves are one of the easiest and the best ways to enhance our style and appearance. :)
      Thanks for dropping by, Sabeeha. and btw, happy flaunting ;)

  2. Elabore does look like an interesting web store. Nicely reviewed Meera :)

  3. yep, it is a nice website and of course, their products too.. ;P thanks Khushboo. glad you liked it. :)

  4. The scarves look nice. I will tell my wife to read this post


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