30 Jun 2014

Get Inspired at Roposo

First of all... Ramadhan Mubarak! :)

Ramadhan, the month of fasting starts today. As much as I am eager about going for night prayers and reciting the Holy Quran, I can’t deny the fact that I am also looking forward to buy some nice outfit for my festival Eid. Can I?

To buy new dresses and accessories, with fasting on and raining on n off, I feel not to go out and eri erangify egapatta shops.. instead I decided to stay at home and make the festival purchase in my comfort zone. By now you all must have come to know how much I enjoy shopping.. and yes it also easily makes me go crazy. Well, not only me but also the one who accompanes me :P So I decided this Ramadhan, to give them some peace ;) Also I am not gonna make shopping mood fill my head instead let me indulge in religious stuff.

Talking about online shopping, I must mention about a site I discovered. Have you read my post on this awesome web mall - online stores all under one roof @ Roposo.com? If not read and get ready to Stay In Trend With Roposo.

So far I haven’t yet come across any site in India other than this as a search engine for fashionable clothes and accessories. This is exactly where we can discover trending women’s fashion products that match to our taste from many web stores like Limeroad, Flipkart, Myntra, Mango etc.

Today’s post is going to showcase one of its interesting features - Product Categorization and also one of my favorite lists I have created there as a Fashionista @ Roposo. Yep, I am so glad to be a part of their social site for the up and trending fashion.

Talking about the detailed product categorization, all the categories are listed in their homepage itself. For example, under the section Clothes, we can get to see lots of different categories. Like say, Dresses, Shorts, Sarees, Kurtis.. etc. and if we click Dresses, we will get lots of option to choose from too, which is way easy to select what we need.

And once we sign up with Roposo, at the time of window shopping, we can even like the products and store it for later shopping purpose under the default list, Things I Love. In each profile, we will get to see an option called ‘Discounts’, where we will be notified with the offers n sales for that products we heart. <3 In such way we will be notified with the offers from various online store. Isn’t it awesome to get notified on our favorite items?

As the fashionistas listing their favorite and trending products, we will receive the Newsfeed every minute jus like that in any social networking sites, from which we can get to know what is trending currently.

Btw, I got inspired from their collections and so I am trying to create few interesting lists based on A-Z of fashion and styles. Let me showcase here the first alphabet today.

                                                                       A for Asymmetric

An Asymmetric style is a great style for revealing just the right amount of our skin and I think this is apt for refreshing summer collection. Listed here are some of my favorites I picked from clothing section @ Roposo.

And hey did I say that I won a contest they run in Twitter page? I received a beautiful piece of jewelry as a token of appreciation. I really had so much fun taking part in it and also got a chance to interact with other people who are interested in fashion and style.

Stay tuned and get inspired with more interesting styles at their Twitter handle - Roposo Love.

Also don’t forget to follow me at Meera @ Roposo for even more interesting lists :D

23 Jun 2014

My Pocket Full Of Clouds

Air travel always amuses me, that too especially to look down from such a high altitude, I think its fun even though my ear blocks. On the way to Bangalore via Chennai, up in the sky, while we were gliding through the clouds, sitting behind and pressing my nose against that thick glass window, I wished I could grab those clouds in hands and fill my pocket.

Clicked by Dell Venue 8

Without another thought, I immediately took out the blackie which comfortably found its place in my small handbag, captured and felt like I have those clouds in my pocket already. Dell Venue 8 comes in handy.

Clicked by Dell Venue 8

Ever since I landed in Bangalore, I am simply enjoying my time here until last week. Yeah my big mouth started boasting to my cousin Sarah about the blackie I use and told her we could even operate the system from it. She got curious and wanna give it a try.

And from that day on, I hardly see my tablet. L Although I am having awesome time with the weather and fun outing with family, I miss my tablet on and off whenever it is not with me. Yeah, my cousin grabbed the Tabbellet from me and now it’s her turn to stay glued to it. I was bit grumpy at first for I hardly get a chance to hold it but then I made a deal with her, that she should write few words about how she is getting acquainted with this Dell.

Sarah says...

I got a nice temporary gift from my cousin. Though I’m not a tech lover I have reluctantly come to accept a few gadgets in my life, including one Dell tablet. I’ve never used a tablet in my life (except the medicinal ones) and this Dell Venue 8 has changed my views on how to use a tablet. I have always thought that a tablet was a cumbersome gadget. You can’t hold it easily as a phone and you can’t use it like a computer as well.. its like somewhere in between. But after using this, I realized its very easy to hold. Between the computer and the phone, I think the Dell tablet has the best features of both. It’s lighter than some of the tablets I’ve seen so far and it’s just as convenient as my phone.

After Meera ranted about her Thee Tabbellet stories, I decided to give it a try to see what’s really in it for her to boast. Filling  my curiosity, it gives me some interesting experience. First of all.... Luckily the tablet comes to me at a convenient time because my phone’s Wifi has connectivity problems and I am too lazy to go to the computer to stalk my friends on facebook. The WiFi connectivity is awesome. Its quick and excellent even when I am far away from the router. The Dell tablet came to my rescue. I didn’t lose touch with my facebooking addiction.

One day when she said that I can even access my computer from the tablet, I took it for work, where I had to write documents and access emails. I used an app, which is already installed in the tablet, called Dell Wyse PocketCloud, where I can open documents and read my emails in Outlook and surf the net just like I would in my computer. This app linked both the computer and the tablet. Looking at my computer, it was like a ghost operating the computer. Even though it was bit slow, it was still convenient to access my files at work via Dell.

After a day at work with Dell, Sarah came home with a bright face and hugged me big.... while I winked at my smiling black beauty, Dell.

Don’t miss your chance to pocket the clouds @ Venue 8, Dell.

I am in cloud 9 slowly stepping one cloud down. Until I reach down from my Hifi Wifi cloud 8... Au revoir from a Rat. ;)

21 Jun 2014

Our Cockatiel's Territory

This is my brother’s cockatiel, Nusi Kili, resting in its own hanging home in our balcony. He don't go inside this home that easily but if he gets a mood to enter, he won’t let us go near it. not only us.. but even his fellow friend. When he flies n sits on the top, Nusi Kili climbs up to shove him away and stays there watching that no one comes near his home. This place is like his territory. I will try to capture and showcase his different moods in future. :)

Kili means Parrot in Tamil.

11 Jun 2014

An Arabian Treat @ Zaitoon

A year after I am back in Bangalore. This is like our family holiday with mom and granny taking a break from our routine life. So here we are visiting my brother and cousins. I have already started savoring some interesting dishes. My food journey began on my first day itself. Well, that was obviously at home. Mushroom fried rice n varati poricha koli (dry chicken gravy) along with raita - specialty food prepared by my cousin at home. I have another month to talk about our home made delicacies so for now let me write about my food journey in Bangalore.

An Arabian Treat

Escaping the hot weather of Chennai and my hometown, we safely settled here in our cozy apartment. First day we were too lazy to even go out. But on our second day we decided to land on the nearby Arabian restaurant Zaitoon for a family dinner. The name itself draws my attention. Zaitoon means Olive in Arabic.

It was a weekend night and the hotel was fully packed with long queue waiting outside. Since we already booked the table, we dint wait long. As we all entered, I simply loved the interiors with nice wooden carvings and well lit room. The ambiance was very pleasant to spend our time. I found the d├ęcor very attractive and the area so spacious. We all settled in our reserved large table comfortably and surfed the menu. Talking about the menu, they have wide variety of choice to pick from. Arabian, Lebanese, Chinese and North Indian cuisines to satisfy our tastes. The service was good and of course the food was delllicccious... We were simply chit chatting and clicking each other while nibbling the French Fries dipping in the tomato sauce and the garlic sauce. And even before we are done with it, our main meal arrived inviting us - 'Enough talking. Eat me'. With generous portions in each plate, we all immersed our taste buds into the Arabian delicacy. The chicken and the meat were tenderly cooked and evenly coated.

Food we triedKozi Laham, Effa Dajaj, Barbecued Chicken and Khuboos. The Garlic sauce and Hummus were.... hmmm.. even my mouth waters now. Along with the refreshing lime mint cooler.

Since we have already stacked our freezer with family pack of chocolate ice cream, we haven’t ordered desserts that day but my brother who had visited there already said they were simply out of the world. So may be next time sure will try it. :P

To satisfy my granny with the food taste is a bit tough job and here to all our surprise, my granny really enjoyed the food and she already wants to go there one more time before leaving Bangalore.

Wonder how much we spent there for this entire menu? With very reasonable price range, we spent not much for all 6. Not even Rs.1400/-

If you are someone who enjoy Arabian food or willing to try different cuisine, I recommend you with no doubt that this is the right place for you. After all you don't even have to go there with a fat purse and return home empty.

We left Zaitoon with happy stomachs and taste buds, also with a smiling wallet. This is indeed a nice place for a family outing.

An Arabian treat to savor.

Location - Old Airport Road, Near Manipal Hospital.
Website  - Zaitoon Restaurant

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