27 Jul 2014

Black : It’s a Guy Thing!!

Being a girl I am curious enough to know what guys desire for in black, I asked Crazy Guy while he was watching Football so keenly and no mood to even turn his head to look at me :-/ Bad time I know but still I can’t help it as the deadline is nearing.

Crazy Guy : Huh #WhatTheBlack? Er.. Black color has a strange charm to it. Shall I call it Beautiful..? Powerful..? Tempting..? Inviting..? Chaotic..? Peaceful..? Mystery..? Inquisitive..? Sexy..? and hey.. Black is a superb movie too.

Dumb Girl : Oh yeah.. Black is an awesome movie. I loved it. It made me wonder how a person couldn’t see anything would possibly see.

CG : Can we say it Black?

DG : Yeah, I think we can. But.. ayyo... I am not asking what you think of Black. I asked what you wish to own in that color and why.

Oh Wokayy... I wanna get a fashionable and versatile Black Shirt first and then the rest. Guys grab attention when wearing black, you know.

Don’t you think it’ll make you even more blackie? :P

Haha, very funny. Nowadays girls start to like guys who are darker. Style, ma.. Namma Super Star Style...! You are jealous, aren’t you?  ;)

DUHH!! Why should I? Fine.. Go on with your list...

I desire for an envious ride in a Black Pulsar with my girl friend hugging me from behind. What do you think?

Hmmph.. Poor girl.!!

Having such a smart and fierce Black Bike and go for a fast drive just like Thala Ajith.. Semma feeling.. You won’t get it. It’s a Guy thing!!

Yeah Okay. I agree bike is an amusing choice. But the girl friend part is bit too much for you. Never mind. So what next?

Then I prefer iPhone-5S. I wish I hold that minimalist, subtle and a classy Black iPhone in my hands and mark my presence.

Not bad after all... Then?

Not bad, eh? Its not just a phone, remember.. Its ‘i Phone..!!

Okay Okay.. Jus kidding.. it’s indeed a cool choice.. You’ve got some good taste, after all. Say, what next?

How about one huge classy 90” Black Samsung LED TV hanging there in my living room. Settling comfortably in my couch and watching the match with my friends. Shaa.. Superb, na..? Wish I get such a lively experience and feel that josh as if we are there in the stadium.

Hey that’s a good one. If that happens, I’ll join too. HeHe :D

Nope. You're not allowed.. You talk too much...

That we will see after your wish comes true.. Now tell me more... :-/

Shitt.. Goal missed..

He almost jumped from the seat. Then finally he turned my side and paused for a moment.

I like to look at your smudgy kohl filled mysteriously beautiful black eyes. They entice me every time I see them. They make me feel like I miss something.

He mumbled less audibly, ‘I think I must fall in love immediately’


You still want more?

I shook my head in silence and wonder if he was trying to tell me something more... after all I am just a Dumb Girl.

Black always makes things curious and so does he.. :# WhatTheBlack? Any ideas?

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  1. Replies
    1. hey thanks, Yolanda.. :) good to see your comment here btw :P

  2. hehe... cute post on the prompt Meera :D

    Best of luck! :)

  3. cute post meera .. ! smudgy kohl filled mysteriously beautiful black eyes it feels so relatable ;) :D

    1. I can understand.. but aren't they hazel eyes that made you feel.. ;) :D

  4. Belated Eid Mubarak! I loved your post for this contest.One can trust you to give everything such a unique spin :)

    BTW what is thala Ajith.. Semma?

    1. Thanks for the wishes Khushboo :)
      Ajith is an actor here who rides super fast bikes n cars. And Semma is a tamil slang word to express the thrill :)

  5. Aha! Romantic ending. Hope the 'dumb girl' is dumb no more :)
    Nice list, Meera :)
    Best wishes for the contest!

    1. lol let's wish the dumb girl turns out to be wise enough to understand... ;) thanks Anita :)

  6. Nice post................ Best wishes for the contest..............

  7. Very different black wishlist Meera ! ATB for contest :)

  8. Once upon a time I was a hard chore Genny fan hence that kaajal pic took my breath away :)Interesting list
    good luck

    1. I still like her :P
      thanks for dropping by Afshan. Keep visiting.. :)

  9. Even I want to have those things. Enjoyed the narration.


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