7 Jul 2014

Quest Of A Fat Little Brat

I am the little brat, who lives in the neighborhood,
Scratching my nose under the roof made of teak wood...
Every day, I look for a mission to complete my quests
To write my story with little turns and twists...

One day, round the corner.... down by the lane...

The tantalizing flavor fills the air
Tempting and inviting, making my nostrils flare
No one sees me as I set my feet in that closed den
For they will shoo me away before even I touch my loved one..
Standing still, one deep breath I take
Here I am, at my own risk and stake..!

Hah, there you are my sweet little thing
Drenched in the coat of snowy piping
Evil, enticing and devilishly sweet,
There sits my delicious treat...

Outfit laced in brown twirl
Perfect flow of oozing swirl
Texture so smooth and cream
You are my sweetest dream

In my lips, you melt and moist
Your scent makes me rejoiced
I indulge in your aromatic sense
Tempting with your flavored essence

Licking you with my eyes closed, is such
A mixture of soft and velvety touch
One gentle bite makes me excite
And mesmerized with your sinful delight

Now devoured in my whim
Urging to work you off in the gym
Chocolate brownie with whipped icing,
Oh here you are my sweet little thing.

Rosy Aunty is a devil who can create such sinfully delicious cakes..
She is the God Send angel to me for I get to taste all her makes..
Still my growling stomach not letting me put down the plate..
Tasting the last bit of bitter cocoa-y shreds, of late..
Mmm.... Mmm.... Mmm....

Running (jogging, precisely) within her pantry,
After nibbling her soft and fudgy chocolate brownie,
That awesome serving plate caught the whole of me
I ogle with my goggles on, forgetting me simply...

Is it the plate that makes her dish more tempting
Or it is the dish that makes the serving ware more appealing...?
With Rosy Aunty's tactics it is always so confusing...
And of course, they are naturally mouth watering...!!!

Thoughtfully.. I put it back but still my eyes glued on that beautiful glassware.
Jumping from the cabinet, I tiptoed and peeped my head, without them aware.

‘I am the Master Chef who is on the roll
Whatever I cook, it is always my call
Take one large glass bowl easy to mix the batter
Adding generously the melted golden butter
Waving the wand, the magic I create
Abracadabra!!  It is my petty little secret.

Proudly presenting the dish
Sinfully salivating, just as I wish
Here is the lip smacking brownie cake
Sizzling hot, in the same tray I did bake..
Serve it with the spoons and forks
Store it for later to delight my folks..

Rich, moist and tender
Remember to keep it chill..
All in one dishware,
Thanks to My Borosil!

I witnessed Rosy Aunty boasting animatedly to her room full of guests,
Wearing a Biiig Smile after her kitty party success..

Here I am, the lucky big fat nibbling brat,
Who runs in her pantry all along...
Let me bid adieu, before she smells a Rat, ^_^
And screams and scares me with her little pink tongue...!!!

While Borosil Mixing Bowls are ideal for preparing the batter for Cakes and Brownies... and other yummy delicacies, Borosil Casseroles are perfect for baking, storing, reheating and serving the food in right time. They are simply fun, flirty, fashionable and very functional.

Not alone our Rosy Aunty but every Master Chef's culinary skills shine with the help of these beautiful Borosil.

Chocolate Brownie serves in the fun and flirty Borosil - Rosy Aunty's pride while the guests' eyes go wide... including mine O_O

It's time to take rest 
Happy Nibbling, Be my guest..!
Ends here my hunger and thirst..
See ya' soon with my yet another quest..!

Bon Appetite!!!

Thanks to Indiblogger to come up with this sumptuous topic with Borosil - My Beautiful Food - Round 1.


  1. Replies
    1. thanks so much. am so happy to see you here :D

  2. This is amazing....queen of poems !! :)

    1. haha. that's bit too much, Akash ;)

  3. why everyone is posting about food these days .. :/ very nice poem and all the best for contest :)

    1. lol I can't say about others but I m fasting nowadays n waiting for the feast ;)

  4. I want a bite of such wow food too, Meera1 Love cake :)
    Beautiful poem & yummy food!
    Best wishes for the contest!

    1. lol I crave for cakes too.. Thanks for the wishes, Anita :)

  5. Loved it Meera! Your poems are very entertaining!

    1. Thanks so much Vashti.. am very happy you enjoying them :D

  6. Woah!!!! I just read a mouth watering poem! It seemed so yummy! Great work!!!!!!


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