4 Jul 2014

The Three Musketeers

In the not so distant past
Also, not from the very far land…
There are few characters to savor,
When the three musketeers come with the band
Filled with the right flavor!

First comes the moon-like, gentle
White skinned, round but a flat faced...
From the fermented land of rice and lentil,
Having a mind so pure and light,
He can only do it what is just right!

Second one arrives with a big fat belly
Shh, don’t think anything very silly...
Tanned and tempered stout crispy fellow,
Walking with a hole right in the middle,
He can simply make you whistle!

Third one comes with a hot and spicy drama
Fills your senses with his nice and tangy aroma...
From the seasoned land of daal and veggies,
No one can replace his tasteful mind,
He is one healthy and rich yummy kind!

The three musketeers, as they say
Spread their friendly tantrum
From the king to the pauper...
They make their day
And build their sanctum!

Serve them in every way better,
Standing beside each other,
In the crystal clear glass platter...
Excite, entice and kindle the mood
Being the morning dose of delectable food!

Arrey yaarr...
They are no one but
Enga Ooru
Idli, Vada, Sambhar...!!

Burrpp..! Excuse me...!!

Ah.. How can I just leave without slurping
That last sip of the fourth musketeer to be...
Freshly grounded beans in haste,
Brews with hot and chicory taste...

The one and only, Filter Coffee!

There were days when I was waiting to wake up for my Idli, Vadai, Sambhar with Filter Coffee breakfast prepare by my sweet Amma. The steaming hot fluffy Malligai Poo madhiri (Jasmine Flower like) Idlies arranged one after another in the Borosil serving dish along with suda suda pepper-spicy pillow soft n crunchy, Medhu Vadas.. when dunked in that flavorsome Vegetable Sambhar with spluttered mustard seeds and floating curry leaves... and munched.. ah, yummy mummy. I’d say there is nothing equal to that taste in this world..! My mornings are never complete without the freshly brewed Filter Coffee. My dining room fills with its rich aroma and its bitter taste which continues to linger in the tongue till long. It is Divine! Only when I have taken a whiff, closing my eyes and slurped my coffee, my day is off to a great start.

Borosil dishes come in a wide range of shapes and designs. Borosil's mini plates are ideal for serving food such as Idli, Vada, Sambhar and the list goes on n on. Borosil's Cup & Saucer are classy and convenient to sip your hot Coffee. Their new Mini range of dishes is contemporary, fun and functional - perfect for smaller menus. Cook your food and also serve them neatly in the crystal clear Borosil glassware.

With their aroma filling the air and the garnished presentation in the glassware, they will create a magic and naturally pull everyone towards them and rekindle our senses, anytime. Isn't it time to fill your growling stomach and the roaring taste buds?

Find your cherished memories with the tasty food and the mesmerizing presentation using Borosil.

Hope you enjoyed my hurry-burry 'Enga Ooru' Breakfast ;)

Bon Appetite...!!

Thank you Indiblogger for this delicious Borosil - My Beautiful Food Round 1 contest!


  1. Lovely! I crave for those musketeers too ^_^

  2. Oooohh The Three musketeers <3

    I want I want I want! I visit Rat's Nibble after such a long gap and am treated with these yummies :D
    Yayy <3

    And Best of luck Meera :D

    1. Good to see you here after a long gap.. yes.. quite long lol. And now I can even smell the Coffee Beans in my burrow... ;)

  3. Haha....a really good poem for these awesome dishes ... Nothing beats the filter coffee :) The day is incomplete without a sip of it !! All the best for the contest

    1. lol yeah it makes our mornings more delightful n energetic.. Thank Akash :)

  4. Wow, I have never read a song about food. This is just simple and amazing. :)

    1. glad you enjoyed my hasty breakfast. :P

  5. loved eating it :) oopss reading it :P

    1. lol thanks KK.. good to see you here aft sometime :)


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