21 Jul 2014

Woman In Black

So  #WhatTheBlack? I’m dying out of curiosity as the name itself stirs my interest.

While the sun immerses into the sea and the different hues of sky merge together, I’m enjoying the night’s chillness looking at the splashing waves. Perceiving the sky turns beautifully ever painted in black, I close my eyes.. wishing for my desire as the intriguing darkness grows...


I go craze for sunglasses and I’m so certain that I want it Black and Big. It adds drama to my style and persona. How cool and comfortable it is to walk with my glamorous black coolers on, under the hot sun wickedly smiling at me.

Wish my eyes chill out behind this Black...


As a statement piece, I wish for this bewitching and luxurious Hublot watch adorned brilliantly with Black Diamonds. I’d rather buy ONE and Black. Rich, sophisticated, subtle and totally ME.

Wish my wrist gets star struck that it lacks...


Maxis are always been my favorite. It makes me look slimmer, elegant and ladylike. Wish I update my wardrobe with a new trendy Black Maxi, perfect choice for all seasons.

Now, call me a Woman In Black!


Would I say no to add this new sleek iPad in my collection, which is dressed in black just like me?. I desire to own this gorgeous gadget as my personal signature. So convenient it is, to have a tab!

Wish I hold this sexy beauty in black...


With my interest in Photography, I wish for an alluring Black Canon DSLR camera. I like to capture anything I find interesting or shall I say, I capture and then like to make it interesting.

Wishing I pose for my own classy camera holding my black iPad...

 I stand up and walk back...!

Any guesses?  #WhatTheBlack?

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  1. Wow Meera! All these coveted items will really make you a cool 'Woman In Black' :)
    Great selection! Hope you get to flaunt all these soon! Best wishes :)

  2. Really Rat... you certainly have a great taste ! And I liked the Black statement piece of a watch the best ... pining..... meow.:D

  3. Great choice!
    Hope you make it! :)

  4. great wishlist ,this contest opened black side of us, nicely written

    my what the black post : Black Is Beautiful

  5. Canon DSLR Camera... hmmm.. I could say that you've got an excellent taste of choosing items.

  6. i loved that maxi! actually the iPod too and the watch and....all of them actually! :)

  7. The iPad looks alluring in black... By the way isn't Woman in Black a horror movie? :P . I think Daniel Radicliffe starred in it

  8. ipad my favorite :D .. All the best meera :)

  9. Nice items, Meera. I love the sunglasses. The camera is similar to my own. Very cool.

  10. Thank you all for your lovely comments.. means a lot to me :)

  11. A cool black camera is on my wish list, too. The Black Hublot looks gorgeous. Wonder how much I will have to steal from the bank to own it :P


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