3 Aug 2014

Happy Birthday, A Rat’s Nibble.!

It was like only few months back when I first started scribbling with my nibbles but with days passing so quickly, A Rat’s Nibble has grown to be a 2 year old toddler today. Amazed I am, when I think of it. 

Happy Birthday, A Rat’s Nibble. You just turned two!!

Two years ago, on this very day, I created my space here as I needed escapism from my dull days. I’m so glad I initiated with a blog, which sparked my interest and introduced me to a totally new and a wonder world where I can be completely myself.

*Completely myself, eh? But why did you choose to be a Rat?* you might want to ask.

Why did I call my blog A Rat’s Nibble? And why Rat of all the names? Time to answer, I guess. Well, Rat is my name. ^_^

Have you met our cockatiel, Nusi Kili? If not, meet him HERE, he’s so cute, you know ;) Actually to spell it right, he should be Nussy and he is named after me. Yup.. his name and the blog name somehow derived from my name itself. When I was very young, I used to play with my cousin who has grey eyes and with her two top pony tails, she used to look like a cat. So one day when we were playing together, hide and seek, I think.. my father started teasing her... 

Pussy cat... Pussy cat...
Don’t catch Nussy Rat...!

And this funny little rhyme stuck with me till now. Nussy Rat, Huh? Wait.. My full name is Meera Nusrat. Splitting my second name into two, my bro named our cockatiel with the first half while I named my blog with the second, after all its me who is going to nibble here. And this is my little ‘naming ceremony’ tale of a Rat. :-)

Today by God’s grace I am one happy Rat in the town, who carelessly nibbles while I look for interesting mission to solve my quests everyday to write my stories with little turns and twists. :D

Having met some great people here and made few good friends who encouraged and mould me to be a better nibbler, I think I did manage to create a stir with my pebbles, now and then. While I have read many awesome writings from you all, I also have learned a lot and there are more things yet to learn, as I am still a novice blogger.

Happy Friendship Day!! 
I am dedicating this post to all my friends out here J

Thanks to everyone of you who journeyed with A Rat’s Nibble patiently bearing my slight (?!) craziness, because you alone help me to survive in this beautiful world.

Again on this fine occasion, a dull bulb flickering above my head, making me to look for yet another harebrained idea to think what kinda party I should throw and amuse you like last time. I remember how much I was super excited with your support and encouragement for my NibblePromptly’ Fun Contest on my blog’s first birthday.

As for now, there are lot many contests already going on in the blogosphere and spinning around your head and you are wildly experimenting with your creativity and framing your words, I am quite confused about the party, er.. contest to host right now. O_o  So let me wait for a while and see if I can come up with yet another fun contest for you to weave with your creativity this year as well. So hold on to your seats till then.... Even I am waiting to see what’s in store for A Rat’s Nibble’s 2nd Birthday bash. :D

Look forward to a party at A Rat’s Nibble.. (where else it could possibly be.. :P) Being my blog’s birthday, what more reason do I need to celebrate? So keep your clock ticking and get ready to nibble with a Rat, sooner or later. :D

Happy Birthday, A Rat’s Nibble. Two years and still more to go, Inshaallah. May you live longer and give me more reason to party :D

Finally, the Rat starts to think..... o_O   -.- zZzZz

g ^o_O^ D    Nn-Ii-Gg-Hh-Tt....!!!


  1. Hey...I totally forgot my blog's second bday. I remembered only after seeing yours...Congos on the success, Happy Birthday Eli-Kadi :P . . .and I hope I could write for your contest this time, like last year :)

  2. Haha.. Finally, the secret behind the name ('Rat') is no more a secret :P
    Wish you all luck for your future endeavors in this creative world. Keep writing and keep entertaining your readers. Looking forward to see more interesting stuffs coming out of the Rat's brain.

    Happy Birthday to 'A Rat's Nibble' and Happy Friendship day to you!

  3. Happy Birthday A Rat's Nibble! Meera, I am sure you will come up with something insanely creative like last time :)

  4. Happy Birthday and happy friendship day A rat nibbles .
    Your Sincere "Tangled Vibes " :D :D

    . so finally the secret is revealed .. waiting for contest :)

  5. A very Happy Ratty B'Day to your blog...Hope u n ur blog had a very cheesy Party... :-P
    Nways keep writing and keep making you Rat grow for many more years to come... :-)
    N happy Friendship Day to you too. :-D

  6. Inshallah! :D Badhai ho Meera! Loved your previous contest a lot, I hope you come up with something interesting this time too ;)

  7. wow! 2 years :) congrats!!

  8. How sweet this is, Meera!
    Keep nibbling, dear :)
    Congrats for this milestone! Bestest wishes for many more!

  9. Congratulations and keep blogging..................

  10. Congrats. all the best for many more years. :)

  11. U R Sach mein Great Meera Rat :P I forgot to even wish my blog .. Wishes to you rat and may you nibble all the good stuff :) :P

  12. hehehe how come I never knew about your awesome existence. Belated anniversary cute little rat!! :D
    Gained a follower :)

  13. Thank you so much, buddies.. your lovely comments and wishes means a lot to me. :)
    let's see what's in store :P

    Hello Red Handed, so you finally caught me red handed ;-) a warm welcome to my burrow. :)

  14. Happy blogversary!! Interesting to learn how you named it

  15. Happy birthday Rat..
    Let more years follow so that you could nibble more!

  16. Congratulations! I was excited to hear that A Rat's Nibble and I share the same birthday! I wish you all the best! xx


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