18 Aug 2014

The Madras Song

This post is solely dedicated to Enga Ooru Madras.

Chennai based conglomerate, Murugappa group proudly presents #TheMadrasSong in association with The Hindu, on the occasion of the 375th anniversary of Madras. This song is a tribute to Madras. The video and the song portrays the essence of the city in the contemporary way.

Click HERE for more from the album of the private screening event and also you can visit their YouTube channel for this song that’s been released today.

Just watched the video. Its so cool and fun. I totally enjoyed watching it. This video also features some of the famous personalities from Madras.

I liked the short n fun intro given by RJ Balaji. Singer Shakthishree Gopalan has rendered beautifully the lyrics of Subu which was composed by Vishal Chandrashekhar. The lead girl in the video, Yasmin Ponnappa was good and the video was directed by Vijay Prabakaran.

I share this song video here for the love for my city, Chennai/Madras. 

Enjoy watching this number, Buddies...!

Kudos to #TheMadrasSong team for the effort you put to deliver us this cool song.

Keep Rocking!


  1. Great one Rat! This nibble is a mouthful :D ....
    I could not get one word from this song but was definitely not untouched by the spirit of it :) It is special for me as when they decided to change Madras to Chennai .. i was one of the many North Indians grieving without understanding the cause...I was in class 6 perhaps, at that time and was irked beyond measures about Bombay and Madras going into oblivion. I still don't understand my misery but guess its for nostalgic reasons ... Just like my children will feel deprived of an essential part of their being, if somebody decide to change Chennai as something else.(courtsey SRK's Chennai Express) :D

  2. it would be better if you provide it's translation for all non - Tamilians ,enjoyed listening it

  3. Lovely song ! The song captures the essence of madras so beautifully! :) The Jhumkas, rangoli , the beaches ! So lovely !

  4. music was soothing ! rest i didn't understood :P

  5. Itz beautiful! I love Shakthishree :)

  6. glad you all enjoyed the song. since its a new release, am sure they will add the subtitles soon.. if so, will share it here with you all :P
    thanks for dropping by :)


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