3 Sept 2014

Foodie Fun With A Jingbang

Yawning.. Drooping.. Slouching..  My typical lazy Saturday night usually end up with the habit of TV watching. Being a couch potato, the only thing that kept me going that day was the MasterChef. Looking at their mouth watery dishes and presentation, my hunger pangs struck me even more. Taking a bite of bread stick that I was feeding my cockatiel, my eyes were glued to the screen. It was now the time for elimination. So was that Colin going home or Kira or my favourite Tash? Just as they were about to announce the results, I could hear the noise of my rumbling stomach along with the fierce doorbell simultaneously.

‘Arrgh… Who can that be at this hour?’ I nudged my equally lazy cousin Sarah to answer the door but she was even more glued to the TV than me. The doorbell went ding, ding, dong endlessly. ‘Ayyo..’ My perfect lazy evening seemed to be ruined already. I grudgingly searched for my scarf and dragged myself to the door and opened. Some noisy Hellos and Heys and sweaty arms and legs rushed through the door, pushing me back with lots of stinky hugs. Grrr.. They are none but my 'creature' cousins - who else could get this kinda freedom at my home?

‘Heyy.. what’s on the TV? MasterChef, uh? As if you both gonna cook us so tastier like this..’ Sul grabbed the remote from Sarah and started his sports channel surfing while others found their comfort in our diwan spread.

They had spent the whole eve playing cricket and looking to crash at my place to relax. Landing on my doorstep surprisingly, demanding a grand welcome and of course food. Being disturbed by our over-friendly, loud and hungry cousins, Sarah and I both looked at each other helplessly, for two things. Firstly, we couldn’t get to know the results then and there. Secondly, we had to cook for that whole jingbang!! Phew!!

They started ransacking the kitchen and fridge and one of them even started looking in the dustbin! Because of my habit of procrastinating, I hadn’t refilled my grocery and so the only food left at home was some bread and butter.

‘Whaat eee thees? There is nothing to eat, men. Useless!. Why do you have a fridge in the first place?’, another cousin panted.

As the torrent of groans and moans greeted us, I witnessed hungry men are angry men. I didn’t want to cook something even if there were some edible ingredients at home after all it was a lazy weekend. My cousin was too eager to go out while I was too lazy to get ready even for that. How could I feed an entire army of hungry people now? Then someone from the crowd suggested calling a restaurant and placing order. Being an online shopping maniac and as the one who loves from fashion to food, it struck me right on the time.

‘Ok guys, let’s do it online’, I finally announced. I love online shopping, as you all know, and that too especially with a good bargain. After all free offers are temping! And when it comes to food, isn’t it even more tempting?

There was a big cheer. From being a gracious host, I suddenly became a waiter. Orders started to fly in for pizzas, burgers, garlic breads, french fries and not forgetting the dessert, of course. Chocolate Brownies and Apple pies were being demanded. I took my Dell Venue out while the guys started eyeing on my blackie.

‘Aha.. even a Rat got a tab these days.. ahem ahem..!’

‘Flash News : Nibbling Rat turns into a Techie Mouse..’  ‘Haha..’

‘Do you know how to use it, Rat?’

And their teasing went on and on... I became their scapegoat for a while. But I brushed away those comments as I was relieved for they dint remember about my slow and growing-old lappy. Still I must admit, I did enjoy those teasing moment as well, hehe. (Ssh.. let them not hear it :P)

I hopped into the CupoNation site where they offer wide variety of Food Coupons and best Restaurant deals, to see if I have my luck in there. Along with so many other tempting offers, Pizza Hut was listed under the food deals. Their menu also had everything we loved. So with a click of a button I placed the order. It was the best offer especially for my demanding crowd.

In half an hour time, even before the doorbell rang we could smell our Cheesy Zesty Chicken Pizzas and Garlic Breads. I opened the door to a box full of foody goodies and what was even more wonderful was the cheque.

‘Ooh.. you are the most awesome Rat in our family…’  Their teasing now changed to praising words. I raised my collar for I had saved a lot of money using the best deals from the site.

Within minutes, all the food disappeared into our growling bellies. Then we watched ‘Jigarthanda’, (which means Cold Drink), a Tamil Gibberish cool movie to end that lovely day with bowlful of home made buttery popcorn and coke.

My lazy Saturday night had turned out to be a lovely get-together with good company and even better food.

Do I have to say it again that it was one good food day?

Thanks to the couponing website for saving my pocket. And of course my blackie Dell tabbellet which made it handy.

Looking forward to more such fun with my cousins and my Bangalore days. :-)

Love you all, my Jingbangs!!


  1. Food is great & even better when we have deals & coupons in our fate :)
    Enjoy Meera!

    1. Yeah good offers are always a good treat. Thanks Anita :)

  2. i am a really big foodie and always looking for good deals

  3. Great Rat! how come you acquired the lazy qualities of a purring cat lazing somewhere in sunshine under blue clouds :P Thanks for the site to saving my skin errr.. tail as I am definitely going to use it .. Now :D An important baat - nice write up MasterChef !!

    1. lol meow.. hope you have a nice experience with the site :)
      Enjoy the deal, cat!!

  4. The picture is mouth watering and the way you expressed is awesome.Me too feeling hungry now.
    Following you on bloglovin,please follow me too

    1. thanks Natasha. thanks much and sure will follow you there too :)

  5. ohh yaar itzz great!! the pic!! waahh!! :) keep going!


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