2 Sept 2014

My Eclectic Home

There is undoubtedly something magical in the words, ‘I am home’. Home is where I find my solace. Home is my slice of freedom where I can be truly myself. And it is one of the most the praised possessions, not only me but anyone can claim. Well, if we make it beautiful then it brings us pride and more happiness naturally.

Having somewhat a busy lifestyle where I juggle quite a few things every day, I am determined to have my home, the way I love.. the way I want. My home may not look like the picture of the magazine cover page but still I prefer to give an authentic style and way of living that works for me and my family.

I believe it is that little surprise touches here and there add personality and style to the home. Be it a traditional or a contemporary decor, a clever mix of accessories is one of the best ways to breathe new life into any decorative scheme.

When it comes to Interior designing, I always like to think out of the box and have a different style in my home. Thinking creative and stylish, I am interested to highlight a classic item in a contemporary room. In such way, following Eclectic Interior Decor I wish to add new decorative things in my living room to give an immediate uplift to the home.

Yes, living room.. cos it is where we spend most of our time and it is one of the main areas at home that speaks our taste, feel and culture. To give a new look to our home, not necessarily we need to renovate each and every room in a big budget but simply placing few decorative items redo the entire mood of the house in less than no time. 

Apart from the colors we choose from painting to furnishing, three basic pointers to keep in mind while redoing our home is - the reflection of our personality, the texture that enhances the theme and the memories we cherish.

Picking some of my favorite decorative pieces from makemyhome.com, I wish I give my living room a new feel right away.


First I’d like to give my home a new look with a Decorative Mirror. Because a mirror can make any room look soothing and sophisticated. They draw attention and also lend an extra sense of style to the home decor. In this mirror, the enticing Warli painting in its wooden frame provide the room with classic beauty. Not only can I actually see my look before I head out but also the light reflects in the mirror will give the sheen to the entire room and makes it look classy.


Texture adds a different dimension to any interior decor theme. Spreading a Keshan Carpet to a room serves as a quick way in uplifting the aesthetic value of the total space. It adds a quality texture to the entire room and also gives the theme an Eclectic feel to get inspired from. Carpets/Rugs are one of the easiest way to turn a normal looking room into a great looking one and gives the home a fresh look in no time.


Adding a personalized touch to our home is always a feel good thing. Placing the best moments captured add warmth to the home. Photo Frames are the great way to showcase our interests and love to our family and friends and keep our memories cherished forever. The high aesthetic appeal of this photo frame with a distinctive leaf design, adds a flavor to our favorite memories while enhancing the home decor.

There is no need to wait for the right time to make your home the best looking one in the town. Use your creativity and get ready for the change... because if you are not willing to change nothing, nothing will change.

So invest in small things that make a big difference and get ready to live in style today!

PS - This is a sponsored Post. The decor choices are mine.


  1. Yes indeed you do 'like to think out of the box and have a different style in my home'. That mirror is so iconoclastic and gives me too a few new ways I could use it.

    Arvind Passey

  2. Its a beautiful home :) but then houses an be re-decorated homes are always beautiful:)

    1. yup that's so true. houses turning into home sweet home. thanks Kokila.. meow :)

  3. good choice of things and excellently written

    My entry for the contest My House My Home

  4. beautiful home .. home sweet home :)
    well written :)

  5. Goooooooooooood luck with the contest. Beautiful ideas lead to a beautiful home!

    1. yup.. even few simple things makes a big difference. :)
      thanks Red :)

  6. Nice post.All the best for the contest.

    1. thank you Natasha. welcome to my space. keep visiting :)

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