24 Nov 2014

A Lonely Traveler

Drifting as a lonely nomad
Under the evening sun
She is all alone and stranded
Sailing up and down
Like a pearl in the oyster,
To the never ending music of waves...
Or is she a jelly fish idling in the water
With painful desire, she craves?
Hope and fear in her painted black eyes
'Oh, where is my man?'
Who left her behind to break the ice
Making her wait for someone.
Let the prince show up to give one true kiss
To guide her swim ashore
And make her life a real bliss -
Till then...
She is a lonely traveler,
Gently striding along the tides...!

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21 Nov 2014

Mosque in Taif

Two years back during our Umrah journey to Mecca, we went on a day trip to Taif, a hill station in Saudi Arabia. This historical mosque in Taif  - Masjid Abdullah Ibn Abbas(ral) have a library inside. Our time well spent looking at the display of ancient inscriptions, scriptures and one of the first few handwritten Holy Quran.

This picture post is also shared in Thursday Photo Challenge - Theme Architecture.

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