10 Dec 2014

Doorway to my Holiday - Day 1

Travel means different things to different people. For some it is an adrenaline rush while for some it is just a break from routine. It makes people happy, ecstatic or just keeps some entertained. And I have been looking forward to know what it is to me for quite a long time.

Basically, I love to travel (oh now let's not mention about the aching body after my road trip). Since I didn't get much chance to explore places, I have been nagging my people to plan a trip for so long. Even a weekend getaway would give me that pleasure. For some reason or the other, family trip seems to be a distant dream for us. It’s always difficult to bring my brothers and cousins together and arrange for the trip. One day it all fell in place. The doorway to my holiday finally opened and offered me an excellent travel experience. We started our fun road trip to Wayanad from Bangalore.

Wayanad, here we come!

Day 1

It was an exciting 6 hour fun on the road where we enjoyed the scenic beauty and awesome weather throughout the journey. In between we stopped for lunch and then again we drove continuously playing some great music.

My first time to Kerala. No wonder it is the God's Own Country. It is one such place where the nature spreads its joy everywhere.

Muthanga forest welcomed us as we entered our destination but we didn't stop there. Since we started off late, we decided to reach the resort before it gets dark. So no sightseeing at Wayanad on day 1. But that was totally fine as we spent that whole evening sitting in the terrace refreshing ourselves with delicious hot tea and mesmerized at the beautiful view of Chembra Peak.

We were very pleased with the reception and felt special and very welcoming at the resort. A good collection of books were greeting us in the reception hall and I am happy to meet Harry Potter after sometime. :P

Later we got busy with taking selfies and recording our memories. After the delicious dinner, we played dumb charade for an hour or so and then I smoked Shishah for the first time.

Doorway to my holiday

Beautiful view of Chembra Peak from our room 

The day 1 of our trip was filled with awesome memories. Day 2 and 3 pictures are in my Instagram. J

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  1. Looks like you had a lovely trip, Meera!
    Great pics :)

    1. yup Anita. we had a great time there.
      thanks :)

  2. Looks like an enjoyable trip! You need to share more pics..!!

    1. Yeah a trip after a long :P
      Sure I will share some more pictures :)

  3. An amazing trip and I so love your pictures Meera :)

  4. I bet you had a great time. Looking forward to more about trip.
    Lovely pictures. :)

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  6. Looks like you had a good time. Looking forward to reading more of it !!

    1. Will share more of it, thanks Jyots. :)

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  8. Wayanad is a beautiful place.. I have never been there though...
    Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures!

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