27 Jan 2015

When Cupid Strikes..

Cupid strikes anywhere any time. Like everyone, I also have my own dream of falling in love and being loved in return. I have a huge crush on this guy ever since I met him and I know he also has a bit of interest in me. But we are not that expressive. How long could I take this? Sometimes I feel like expressing myself and many times I dream that he is proposing me going on his knees.

With love in the air, I wish for some silly yet cute romantic things to happen in my life too.

Scene 1

An evening walk on the beach sand with him watching the beautifully painted sky, she was carrying her sandals in one hand and slightly brushing his fingers with another. As the waves slapping the shore, she walked towards the sea as the soft rays sizzling on her. The waves gently kissed her feet and she started to play with the splashing water.

She : Can you carry this for me? *showing her sandals to him*
He  : I can't carry it for you but I can carry you!

Leaving her stiff and numb, he smiled lifting her up, making her fall in love head over heels with him.

Scene 2

A gentle stroll down the lane with him, she was giggling all along and talking all sorts of blah blah blahs. He suddenly stopped and went in front of her....

He  : You are crazy, you know?
She : Haha. Just like you.. J
He  : I love your craziness.
She : Tell me something I don’t know. *eyes rolling*
He  : I love the way you fumble your words and that quick reaction you give before anyone could point it out. I love the way you make hassles while cooking and serve me the dish even with your single strand of hair when I eat. I love to watch you play shuttlecock that too when you become a spectator all of a sudden, forgetting the game and catching the ball and tilt your head and say ‘oops sowwiee’. I love your big rolling eyes even when you stare at me in your angry mood. I love you when you forget that I am around when you have chocolate ice cream in front of you. I love when you try to convince me that you have a squint eye. I love when you demand me to do something even though it makes no sense at all. I love the way you munch nachos when you watch the movie. I love your funny walk which makes me realize that I want to walk with you all my life.

Then he went on his knees in that middle of the road, pretending to tie his shoe lace. Lifting his head up and taking her hand and planted a kiss.

He : I fall in love with you for whoever you are and whatever you do. I love you now and I want to love you all my life!

She was standing there right in front of him with tears oozing out from the corner of her eyes.

She : You are so irresistibly crazy.. And I hate you, too..!

She threw her arms around his neck and hugged him tight and they kissed.

Scene 3

That one moment she realized that he was the one for her, she visited him at his work place without prior notice. He was totally surprised by her visit.

He  : Hey Mira, what are you doing here?
She : I am in love with you.
He  : Er.. what.. you with me?
She : Yes. Remember, I am just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.

He stood there speechless as he spread his arms to hold her forever and ever... 

And they lived happily ever after!

We don’t know when cupid strikes and with whom. Feel and express your love this Valentine’s Day.

Courtesy - Image from Calvin and Hobbes.


  1. Aw. You are so romantic, Meera. I hope one of these scenes happens in your life or maybe one you haven't thought of that's even better. *Big Hug*

  2. Delicate romance :) Sir Cupid, please target our RAT this valentine so that she nibbles in pair ;)

    1. lol cupid will get too busy to target a Rat ;)
      thank you Surbhi.

  3. So romantic :)
    V Day in the air!

  4. Replies
    1. thank you Rajesh. welcome to my world!

  5. The stories were really cosy. I hope one of them turns true for you :)

    1. glad you liked it.. and its always good to see you fellow Rats :)

  6. Aww!! Such cute proposals! :)

  7. Scene 1 is my favorite...i just love the concept of being together at a Beach at Sunset.

    1. thanks Alok. Saru is lucky.. Wishes to both of you :)

  8. Wow! such a cute and romantic post. Love is magic :)

    1. thank you, Simran. welcome to my space :)


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