16 Feb 2015

From My Heart To Yours ~ Book Review

I got an opportunity to read this simple yet a beautiful collection of poems written by M.A.Q. Rizvon. His poems captured various themes, which includes, love, faith, life and people. While reading the poems, I felt I could relate with some of his lines.

Few lines touched me. Few made me think. Few gave me smile. Few let me ponder.

They’ve come to me, they’ve love for me
I’ll hold them warm and close to my heart!

When I was reading a poem titled, Reunion, I perceive it as a father and son relationship. Still I think it has a deeper meaning. It’s like whatever happens the father takes care of the child. And to me, it was like reliving my relationship with my father.

I came to you on enfeebled feet
Heavy of heart downcast in eyes

During my childhood days when my father was home, he always took care of me - from covering my school books to putting plasters on my bruised knee. As I read this poem, I could feel the emotions of how a father able to lift the kid’s spirits. I also feel that in the midst of growing up, we face our own struggles and realize that our father is also a human being dealing with the same emotions. I like these lines...

In your sad eyes, the solace I sought
I was so fragile, I would bear no loss
I am back in stride euphoric in thought.

At end of the day I always go to my father for that one last support. This poem had a positive note and ended well.

And another poem I liked in this book is In her eyes, The history. I appreciate how the poet portrayed the woman as a strong figurehead of the family. She came from elsewhere but made her mark in her husband’s family. I like how she was strong and didn't give up her values. But I also felt the shadow of her husband’s support in every line.

In her eyes
I read the history of humanity.


She dared and welcomed life as a trusted friend:
With a smile, confident and challenging at once.

I want to know more about her. How did she learn to be positive and courageous? This is a poem with feminist touch.

About the Author

Muhammad Abdul Qaiyum Rizvon, born on 1930 at Tiruchirapalli, Tamilnadu. He worked as a post master in the 1960s, an insurance agent in the 70s and a film journalist in the 80s. But in the myriad of jobs, he was always a writer - in heart and in soul.

Altogether, these poems are easy to read and anyone can relate with it. I enjoyed reading the poems but at times I wished it had more layers and perspectives in it to provoke deeper thinking.


  1. Nice review, the lines of poem you have mentioned are beautiful

  2. He's also never failed to be a thoughtful caring and loving father, teacher and friend. His actions, his thoughts and his ideas refresh you and he is the person to turn to for inspiration. He is entrusted us with his values, his ambitions and never to underestimate his love for compassion and courage.

    A role model, most would wish they had.

    1. good to know more personal about your father, Waseem. thanks for sharing. keep visiting my space. :)

  3. Good review Rat. Even I am reading the book and will be penning a review shortly

    1. thanks Rats.. waiting to read your views on it. :)

  4. The excerpts of the poems that you've mentioned looks really good.


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