19 Mar 2015

Berry'd Alive Everyday!

There are so many things I look forward to experience when it comes to my taste buds. And my Bangalore days gave me enough opportunity to explore some wonderful delicacies. From starters to main course to snacks to desserts and ice creams. I love to eat. Who doesn’t if they are served with yum food?

Being a sweet tooth, I crave for desserts the most. Whenever I go to malls, I don’t want to miss eating ice-creams. It is like I don’t mind skipping my lunch and dinner but no, I can’t skip a dessert. Today I bring you one of my favorite dessert and Ice-cream parlors in Bangalore.

I have visited quite a few Ice cream joints. But when it comes to desserts, Berry’d Alive scores the best.

I first discovered this place when we went for a drive near Indranagar on the lookout for an Ice-cream joint after dinner. It was around 11pm. While all the other shops were closed in that lane, only one corner was brightly lit. It is hard to miss such a spot. We slowed down the car and peeked in. The name itself sounds intriguing. Immediately we stopped and stepped down to try out a new dessert joint. As we entered, a wall full of happy memories welcomed us and the colorful chairs and wall d├ęcor beckoned us inside.

Like many I too get very personal about my love for dessert. But my first look at the menu surprised me. Their menu was huge. The dishes they offer appear quite exclusive. There were more than 40 dishes - a selection of desserts and ice creams from all over the world. From Hot Brownie with Ice-Cream to Lime and Kiwi Nest to Parfaits to Pavlovas to Panna cottas and what not? Choosing off the menu is always a daunting task for us.

The typical strategy when going to Berry’d Alive is that we order separate desserts and share. My brother’s favorite is the Chocolate and Peanut Butter Fudge Sundae. In our little over 20 visits he did not order anything else and he is happy with that, while me and my cousins try different every time. I think we almost tried all the desserts off the menu. All were equally delightful and the quantity was filling too. It was well worth the price. It cost Rs.150 per person.

The desserts they serve are rich in flavor and taste with great presentation. The service was quick but it only takes time to decide which one to pick.

The Pavlovas are light, fluffy and crunchy, the Panna Cottas are soft and creamy while the Sundaes melt in mouth.

In the pursuit of my food journey, I discovered this happy place where they serve the most delicious desserts and the best Ice-creams in Bangalore.

My Signature at Berry'd Alive!

If my family and my so called diet allow me, I will visit Berry’d Alive everyday, twice!

My Food Journey Continues...


  1. Is this located at Koramangala?

  2. That is cool! I have to visit. :)

    1. Sure.. You won't be disappointed.. :)

  3. I LOVE THIS PLACE. 'Nuff said :)

    1. happy to know my LOVE for this place is shared by someone else too. Thanks for dropping by :)

  4. I am a big big fan of desserts too :D


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