22 Mar 2015

I Am Happy!

Our world is not a fairy tale which offers a happily ever after life. Here we struggle hard to survive and to shine in what we do for our living. But as we see, everyday is filled with simple pleasures to surprise us. These are the gifts of life to celebrate and make it a happy day. We should learn to appreciate simple things that make our life blessed and rejoice life’s simple pleasure.

Everyone have our own definition for Happiness. We all can be happy for so many reasons. We all have moments to cherish. To me, I am happy when I am surrounded by some small but beautiful things. When I laugh, I am happy. Sometimes when I am in tears, I am happy too. I am happy when I realize that I have spent my time well or when I can think of tomorrow as a day to go back, to what I absolutely love to do or when I am smiling right now thinking of my loved ones and the moments we share. I manage to find my happiness in so many little little things around me.

After a hectic day, opening the door to my home and that very moment I feel like I am the happiest person in the world. Running to the balcony and greeting my pet cockatiels and sniffing their smell while they whistle. That is the happy tune, I listen. Or simply sitting, sipping my tea while looking at the colors of dusky sky or lying in my bed, reading a thriller munching cookies. A hot shower after a game or when I see a fluffy Red Velvet Cake or yummy Macarons in my plate, Ah! there goes my diet and I am tuned to be happy.

When I came across this Happy topic given by Coco-Cola #IAmHappy, I couldn’t stop myself but to scribble my simple yet beautiful things that brings joy to me.

I write because writing makes me happy. Writing lets me breathe the scent of freedom and joy. It makes me forget my all sorts of stress. Perhaps, that’s why I write happy stuff in my blog unaware. Now when I look back of what I have written so far, I see a hint of happiness sprinkled all over my nibbles.

Listing here my happy little things which don’t really cost a thing or maybe a little. ;)

Young or old, a toothless grin
Fills me like a delightful summer rain!
Sipping warm ginger tea
With a home-made chocolate brownie!
Smelling roses all my way
Unexpected passing smile makes my day!
Capturing the world around me
Rolling up my pants as I play in the sea!
Books, new dresses and more gifts
Those mild perfumes I love to sniff!
Even one kilo off my weight
And a big hug makes me feel great!

Looking at my old photo album and sharing a laugh
A long silly conversation with my brothers and cousins
A peaceful afternoon nap... Idling with my laptop
Ice creams and sweet dreams... Rhymes and wind chimes...
Walking barefoot on the wet grass... A bike ride or a car-drive...
Helping someone in need... Making others smile...
And lot many simple things makes me happy!

The everyday ounces of happiness are right under your nose. So celebrate your life's simple pleasure and find your happiness today and make your life a happily ever after tale.


  1. Hello Meera! What an uplifting post! I love the poem. Ginger tea and homemade brownies––yum! Thanks for putting a smile on my face. :D

    1. Hey Vashti, I'm glad this made you happy. :)

  2. happiness is warm ginger tree with noodles!! yay! :D

  3. Lovely thoughts & poem, Meera.
    Reminded me of 'These are a few of my favourite things'- a Sound of Music song :)
    May we all have happiness everyday!

    1. lovely.. I'll check the lyrics.. thanks Anita :)

  4. The simple things in life makes us happy ... well written :-)

  5. The poem is so beautiful and heart touching. Loved it. It made me smile :)

  6. loved the poem... super sweet :-)
    cheers, Archana - www.drishti.co

  7. Somethings are just close to us, ginger tea is for me :) loved the poem!!

  8. It is the simple things in life sometimes that bring us great joy and glad you are able to find them so easily. The ones that are free are sometimes just as good or even better than the ones you may pay for! ;) Sipping tea (earl grey for me), reading, munching cookies...I share those simple yet common delights with you. :) <3


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