12 Mar 2015

Through The Looking Glass ~ Adventure In Zenland

I fell into the black hole...

I was filled with so much of wonder that I did not realize that I was falling into space beneath me. Before even I knew, I fell down with a thump. My head was spinning and I could vaguely see someone was standing in front of me. As I focused my eyes, I saw that  was none but me. It was as if I was looking at the Mirror. I was curious to know what I was going to find there. I tried to touch myself standing in front of me but only to see it was a hologram of my own Selfie image.

Surprisingly, I heard somebody calling my name. I turned around to see an odd looking character wearing a lopsided hat, was bowing and welcoming me. I was surely taken a back at his gesture. ‘Welcome! Um, I am PixelMaster. Come with me’. With a tingling sense of excitement, I started walking with him. He took me into a huge glass house. As we entered, he handed me a big magnifying glass and said,

Put your eyes and see, young lass,
Um, Through the looking glass!’

The moment I brought that glass near my eyes, I transported magically into a labyrinth. I was not sure where I was heading to but whatever I saw, they were unbelievably so real.

Smart Remove - Never see strangers ruining your most precious photos

PixelMaster was guiding me through the pathway lined with purple flowers. I was shaded by an archway of beautiful bougainvilleas. My feet touched the soft and wet grass. Every step I took, I was mesmerized by the beauty of that magical garden.

Auto - Excellent image quality comes from superb technology
HDR - Gathers more light allowing finer details to be captured
Low Light - Increased light sensitivity by 400%
and enhanced color contrast by 200%
A long pathway took me to a beautiful land –
'Of scented flowers and colorful trees,
Collecting honey those busy bees,
Morning sun welcomes with a warm smile
Foggy path in front of me lay over a mile,
Birds chirping a happy tune to hum
Squirrels eating walnut offering me some,
Butterflies flying over to fill the scent of roses
Monkeys climbing up and down and making faces,
Azure sky hugs me in a dramatic tone
  Assures my journey a truly magical one!'

Miniature - Works magic to keep the object in focus
Time Rewind - Incredibly 31 pictures are captured in a short burst
so you never miss the perfect moment

That neatly laid road with those yellow flowers sprinkled all over was a beautiful sight to watch while going on a smooth ride with PixelMaster. At the end of the road, I realized that all the visuals I saw were crafted to perfection by the 8MP Camera with a stunning view. I've passed by the 5-element optical lens and with my every blink the visuals stopped still and seized that moment. I was awestruck – how real the photos were!

Depth Of Field - Shoot like a professional with background blur
Miniature - Clear Zoom technology allows you to zoom in 
on distant object while maintaining incredible clarity

Ending the tour Pixel Master said, ‘Er, see you soon’, and waved me goodbye with a smile. I wish my journey never ends - the journey of me being a photographer! 

What's Next?

At the top of the road, I met a Hookah smoking Caterpillar stretching lazily on a lonely tree staring at me in silence. So, What's Next? 

I gave him a puzzled look, not knowing that a busy day awaits me!

To be continued... 

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All the pictures were captured and edited with Asus Zenfone 5.

PS- This post is written as part of the digital outreach initiative for Asus Zenfone 5. Visit their FB page here#MyAsusZenFone  (No5).  Visit my Visual Scrapbook for more pictures at Instagram.

This picture post is also shared in Thursday Challenge.


  1. Beautiful post blended with lovely pictures...
    I use Zenphone 6 and I simply love its captures..

  2. WOW, you are an awesome photographer.

    1. lol thanks so much Saru, you are an amazing poetess :)

  3. wow .. rat quite a scenic nibble you are having :D ..

    1. thanks so much Ankur. always a delight to see your comments here :D

  4. These pictures look very pleasing Meera...can be used as desktop wallpapers...looks like you did a lot of testing with this mobile...waiting for ur next post :)

    1. yeah a little testing done here n there and now am glad it is getting appreciated. :)
      thanks Akash.

  5. Awesome post Meera! I enjoyed reading it. The photos are great and I loved your poem too.


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