26 Apr 2015

#CrashThePepsiIPL : The Commercial Break - Part 1

This IPL, oops Pepsi IPL, every creative mind has been presented an opportunity to stir and bubble up the most crazy, wacky, funny, creative, intelligent and even stupid idea for making a 30 second ad. This allowed us to show our love of Pepsi, IPL and Cricket.

Now what has this campaign given us. Ads, Ads and more Ads. Let’s get to some number crunching. A total of 392 ads were submitted (2 of which were removed by the user), so we end up with an even number 390 Ads to crash the Pepsi IPL. That’s a great response to Get Famous! Isn’t it?! The jury of this campaign selected 17 finalists and 3 winners have been announced so far. What about the rest?

I took a shot to view all the ads with Crumbles. Yes you heard it right, all the 390 Ads. It was a simple equation 390 * 30 seconds (not every ad was strictly 30 seconds though) gave me 195 minutes i.e., 3 hrs and 15 minutes. With 2 litres of Pepsi besides us (1 litre each, Sharing is Caring, you know but not with Pepsi, hehe!) and 2 days of the weekend, we both decided to sit and watch all the ads and score them under the categories or to be precise, the emotions on our faces when we saw the ads.

What we found after the 3 plus hours of commercial break (lol… the longest commercial break we have ever experienced) we really got wacky and crazy. Had to take a Pepsi shot to get to write this post with all our wits and guts. Let’s break the surprise at the end of how these ads were spread across our smileys meter.

Our moments from Blah to Wow begins here.

Let’s start with appreciating the team who has made their best (maximum to be precise) effort to crash the Pepsi IPL. The guy with a funny wig and the lady in black had made 7 Ads in total and all were so blah! Sad that none made into the finalist, but got to appreciate the qua(ntity)lity of the ads. Kudos!

Few ads were made with Twins. Like the one here, we first thought it was some CGI. But then when we watched it again, the twins stole the show with rocking music, cool shots, tricky juggles and of course Pepsi. Meh!

The 'Off Course It Is Pepsi' ad, ‘hume pakaaya bhi aur humara bheja khaya bhi’ (cooked our time and fried our brains). C'mon, who pours Pepsi into a bowl of soup? Forget it guys, something’s really missing. Duh!

When we talk about missing things, there were a bunch of ads involving thieves/theft/robbery themes. We also witnessed kidnapping by gangsters in 30 seconds. 

If the robbery ads failed to steal our hearts, the break up & patch up ads broke our hearts and never could patch them back. Romance was lacking in most of the ads, still few worthy mentions are Pepsi Black & White, The Romantic Pepsi & IPL and The Perfect Proposal.

Animations and puppets were put to good use for the Ads. Story of the Lion who gave up his kingdom for Pepsi, the minion BGM puppets and the Perfect Partnership were the good ones we can watch again. The kids would love it.

Funny ads were less in numbers, which could really burst us into a ROFL. Ads like Boom Man, Pepsi Burrp!, Pheku Puppa, Athithi Devo Bhava and No Compromise gave us LOL moments during this extensive commercial break. The best one was the Selective Hearing ad (which is also a winner) - The guy who played the shopkeeper has done a splendid act to raise himself as the best actor in this campaign. He deserves to be the Man Of The Match.

With this let us take a short break and see you in the next post for more ads from this splendid #CrashThePepsiIPL campaign.

Check out the #CrashThePepsiIPL videos & participate in the activity at BlogAdda.

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  1. I love those cute smileys you have posted :) I can't tolerate ads for the most part though! Unless they are exceptionally good.

    1. The Smiley Meter helps a lot. You should use it too. :)

  2. So much creativity in these ads! All the best for the contest dear :)
    Stiletto Maniac

  3. I like witty ads otherwise a strict no no, I loved your write up here :)

  4. Ha, ha! I didn't understand a word of it but I got the gist of it. Very funny!

    1. lol I'm glad you enjoyed the write up Vashti. :)

  5. More than this I liked Mauka Ads.

    1. Mauka Ads were catchy. Got to wait for the next Mauka!

  6. This contest gave people the opportunity to be creative and make their own ads. Very nice initiative :-)


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