27 May 2015

Be The Change

CHANGE is an amazing term. It never changes, but it does change everything else. Every person should try to change the way they see the world. At least, for the sake of change.

Talking about the way we see the world, I think of visually impaired people sometime. They are devoid of the very verb SEE. I have closely associated with visually impaired people in my family and friends circle and have seen how they visualize what they can’t see. Many times, I have subdued about them for their lack of vision while at times I have admired their capabilities. The world they see through their minds, I can neither see nor describe in my words. It’s far beyond my imaginations.

Like Megha (watch video) there are so many people who see the world in much different way than you and me. Megha is pretty. She is fun. She is playful. She wants you to play #Dare2Stare with her. And she is looking for a change.

Thinking of change, the world is a perfect example. It came into existence due to a change, it evolved with changes, it survived among change and it is still changing. Now to see this world full of changes, I had to start changing myself. I never knew how it started, definitely not sure how it is going to turnout. But in between lies my beautiful journey of life.

Traveling is the first lesson to take on while signing up for the course of Change. But it never occurred to me that the way I see ‘Travel’ will change when I add strong reasons behind it apart from fun and happiness. Ever since I was a little girl, I enjoy visiting places. Not alone beautiful hill stations and tourist spots but I also love traveling to villages and small towns where the life blends naturally with nature. I think travel goes beyond seeing something spectacular. From tasting their cuisine to talking to the locals and know about their lifestyle to sometimes even find out their folklore and stories, traveling is always fresh. Perhaps this is the core reason behind ‘to change the way I see the world’. I was able to see the balance, which kept me going. That’s when I realized that, this balance is what I need to absorb from the world. Being stable isn’t very easy, but after you travel you learn to manage the toughness in it.

Secondly, to retain what I see and feel in the travel. Photography is an art of observation. It reminds me things long after I have forgotten. It is a feel of loving and living the moment. Photography is not only about finding something interesting in an ordinary place but also challenging to make others to see through my eyes. It helps me not just to relive those moments, but to refresh them. My mobile photography has made enough captures of such beautiful moments that I never wanted to miss. Every time I click, it spins a story along with it. The story tells about the differences I saw which made me click - its uniqueness, the small blissfulness, that quick fun and sometimes deep thoughts behind it. Everywhere I traveled, photography accompanied me. I think this is the second lesson to take. Need not be a Pro, but definitely photography will change the way you see the world.

While travelling and clicking, I was wondering what would be the third lesson. Being myself, Yes. After all a personal space where I can feel myself and express myself was very much needed to elaborate what I conceived from my first 2 lessons. Writing paved the way. I started my nibbling and there it was, my CHANGE. I’ve been writing ever since and in everything I wrote, there lies a minute detail about how I see the world and myself in it - with a change. There is no defined path to change, but everyone lays their own. This is how I changed the way I see the world.

Dr. Agarwal Eye Hospital wants people to change the way they see the world in general and eye donation in particular. And I take this as an opportunity and ask you all to take the Dare2Stare Challenge Here and to Pledge your eyes Here. Because, 80% of blindness can be avoided by donating eyes. 

Remember 'To make a change, You have to be the change'.


  1. What a noble initiative! I will register, have been meaning to do it for a while now. Thanks for sharing Meera! :)

  2. I'm going pledge as well. Thanks for letting me know about this Meera! :)

  3. I have always been two sides when it comes to donating eyes. But your write up made me finally realize the importance and the beauty in donating something as important as eyes.

  4. This is a very good cause ... Everyone should go for it :-)

  5. Thank you all for reading and I am glad my writeup made some mark :-)

  6. Three things that you have mentioned helps in changing our perspective. #Dare2Stare is a great initiative, and more and more people should pledge their eyes.


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