31 May 2015


Why do I have to feel this way?
Why whenever you needed, did I stay?
Why did I never think you’d leave?
Why did your words make me believe?

Why did I fall in love with you?
Why did I not realize you are untrue?
Why did I let you fool me twice?
Why did I not see through your eyes?

Why did I stop smiling now?
Why did I not know you'd break the vow?
Why did I apologize as if I was always wrong?
Why did I never show I am enough strong?

Why did I let you think I made the mistake?
Why did I not sense your promises fake?
Why did I trust your love was heart-felt?
Why did I feel your touch made me melt?

Why do I allow my life go in vain?
Why do I need to infiltrate this pain?
Why do I now care anymore?
Why do I hope things will be fine like before?

Why do I get upset and why do I cry?
Why after all, do I even need to try?

I shouldn't... I wouldn't...
And I don’t want to...
Yet, I still do...
But why?

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.


  1. Replies
    1. this is an extra dose.. still, I like it. :P Thanks, Gowtham :-)

  2. There're so many why's which cannot be answered!
    Lovely poem with lovely why's:):)

  3. There is always that why
    To which we can't reply
    There is always that truth
    In a mist of frozen lies

    Brilliant poem ... loved it :-)

    1. Truth hidden in the midst of frozen lies.. deep thoughts and lovely words, Amrit.. Glad you loved mine. Thanks. :)

  4. Amazing post my dear <3 !

  5. Lovely lovely lovely poem dear ! Simple and heart wrenching :)

  6. Haven't we all gone through this point sometime in our lives? I guess the answer will be, because the protagonist is too pure of heart! lovely lines!

  7. Why? Because love it is...
    And love comes with endless whys!

    1. endless whys carry love and only love! thank you Loco mente :)

  8. A poem loaded with raw emotions :)

    1. yeah, emotions are quite raw and they are the voices of our soul. thank you Purba :)

  9. I guess some questions have no answers !!

    1. if only we know the answers.. glad to see you here after a long time, Jyotsna. keep visiting more often :)

  10. This was the most popular place ....nice post, i like that car hire for Agra


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