29 Jul 2015

Wajee, The Budgie

‘I don't think outside the box, I think of what I can do with the box’says my cute little boy Wajee, the Budgie. Look at this adorable poser, he is already comfortable in his new home. I wonder what his mood chirps. Curious, bored or thoughtful? You should say, Boy!

'Over ah yosikadhe.. It's just my profile picture.!'

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27 Jul 2015

Joy of Gifting with IGP

Gifting is joy. Receiving gifts is even more joyous. That moment when we see a happy smile in the faces of our loved ones, nothing can replace it.

Today I am here to introduce you all to an exclusive online Gifts Store. Well, there is nothing amazing like walking into a store with our gift list and finding something nicer and suitable for everyone under one roof. I felt the same when I first landed in the homepage of Indian Gifts Portal. Yes, it was like filling my cart with almost all the items in my gift list.

Indian Gifts Portal is a largest one stop destination to buy gifts for all ages – and of course, for every occasion and all around the world.

IGP helps with our gifting challenges with their experience in gifting solutions. Let us begin the shopping by setting up categories of all the people we plan to gift. And then its time to sit and relax, knowing we arrived at the right store where they take care of every gifting needs.

Technology has shrunk the world into our palms and while we shop in the luxury of our home, we still find it a difficult task to send packed presents to our family and friends who stay abroad. So we end up mailing greeting cards or send them belated gifts. Now sending fresh flowers, chocolates, cakes or any personalized gifts outside India and that too at the earliest, is no more a mission impossible.

As a blogger, this feature grabbed my attention. Previously I have conducted writing contests in my blog and the winner’s prize items or gift vouchers were only been delivered within India. IGP comes handy with its Global Gift Shops, now I can send prizes/gifts to both National and International fellow bloggers. Feeling awesome at the thought of it!

Last week it was Eid ul Fitr. And I was planning to give my Mom a special surprise. I surfed through Eid-Ul-Fitr gifts under the category Occasions. I was overjoyed with their tasteful collections. From gold plated ceramic calligraphy plates to Attars to Dates to Candle holders etc. The list goes on and on. Each item was lovely and I ended up in confusion on what to buy.

So many things fascinate women. But Jewelry is still our top favorite. Can you deny? I scrolled into the jewelry section. From their wide range of selection, this pearl necklace set caught my attention. Not only the quality and the design but also its affordable price. I hit the ‘Buy Now’ button and was waiting for it to arrive.

I received the package in 5 days. It was in an exclusive gift box. The necklace set was beautiful. All this I got for a reasonable price. I’m thrilled that I came across this site on a right time, and my Mom was so delighted with this sparkling surprise.

I love gifting and thanks to IGP, now I can do it any day. And the happiness on the faces of my loved ones when unwrapping gifts makes me feel blessed.

With friendship day approaching, what are you waiting for? Click Here for a wonderful range of personalized gifting options for your friends.

IGP has a great collection of gifts. You find an occasion, IGP offers variety of ideas with great discounts. Everything is just one click away. So are you ready for happy gifting?

There is also an exciting news from IGP. With Rakshabandhan round the corner, IGP wants us to let the spirit of Brother-Sister Relationship outshine. Let us grab this opportunity to share the stories of our siblinghood. For which IGP offers amazing gift hampers. Click Here to know more about it.

Happy Gifting.!

18 Jul 2015

Eid Mubarak!

Let us all be like a pearl, 
Precious and rare,
Not found everywhere...

Today is Eid ul Fitr. After a whole month of fasting, this festival has arrived to mark a new beginning. My day started with special Eid prayers at mosque and then we came home to receive our guests. A delightful get-together with family and friends where we shared our food and gifts and expressed our affection, that helped us to spread some joy and happiness.

Eid ul Fitr ('Eid' means Festivity and 'Fitr' means Breaking fast), is a day of feasting but it is not just about food. It is the time for charity, forgiveness and self-realization. Also giving thanks to Allah for all the good tidings and strength He gave us.

You know, when we speak to Allah, we don’t have to be embarrassed to tell Him anything. The most beautiful thing is that He knows what we are about to tell Him and yet, He still listens to us. May Allah has accepted all our prayers and good deeds throughout the month and bless us with healthy, happy and prosperous life. Aameen!

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14 Jul 2015

I Like To Move It, Move It... ~ #MaxFreshMove

As a nibbling Rat, I say big No No to dance but yeah even my body swayed nicely when I saw the #MaxFreshMove video with Mr.Crumbles who calls himself a dancer, I did feel an instant freshness running inside my body and I gave him a big smile er.. a big ‘Colgate’ smile.

Now let’s read what Mr.Crumbles has to say about the video and the way he stayed fresh throughout these years with his cheesy white teeth. And wait, especially his secret on how he flattered people around with his groovy dance moves.

Mr. Crumbles says...

“I like to move it move it, I like to move it move it, You like to?”  Everyone moves their body and when you move your body in an organized flow to a rhythm then we call it Dance. I’ve been moving (dancing to be precise :P) since I was 6 years old. Dance always makes me fresh, may it be the moves in the early morning in front of the mirror brushing or may it be the late night walking with dance steps in the streets, it makes the moment special and stirs me up from toe to top.

We just look for a moment to move our hips and shake our legs. We all have incorporated dance in our habitual life to express our happiness and feel fresh. Marriages, ceremonies, birthday bashes, bachelor parties, family functions and festivals every time we feel happy we dance. Not only these occasions even our moment of loneliness in the lift with our favourite music in our ears we do make our moves to get a splash of freshness before stepping into the busy world. To me Music and Dance are the modern age yoga to keep our mind and soul fresh.

Dull moments occur every now and then in our daily life. These are inevitable and so is cheering ourselves up with freshness. I watched this video of Taazgi Ka Dhamaka by Colgate Max Fresh featuring one of my favourite dancing stars Allu Arjun and the Indian Pop girl Anushka Manchanda and I shared it with my group of friends for two reasons – the peppy number and the groovy moves.

First the music and the song impressed me a lot. But the highlight of this video is the dance moves by Allu Arjun. I’m listing down 3 of my favorite & best moves that will turn any dull moments to Taazgi ka Dhamaka with freshness. Let’s begin the countdown...

Step #1: The Entry - “Shake the shoulders and pump up”

The entry step is what gets the whole dance going and no doubt that Allu Arjun has pulled of a perfect entry after jumping of the balcony. This is a quick 8 count step but has so much fun and style. First 4 counts holding the coat and he emerges from between the ladies is a classic entry. And the next 4 counts of rolling his hands to his head and moving forward tells us how much energy and freshness the rest of the moves has.

Think of a slow walking marriage ceremony in the streets with traditional Carnatic Mela Thalaam and Naadhaswaram. I would bribe the music band to play a folkish number for few minutes and with this entry move will rip the slow moving crowd and emerge to the front with this step, everyone will follow me with their thumkas and kuthus. This is an advantage of being in a friend’s marriage, the fun is limitless. Perhaps my friend’s dad would disagree with the limitless fun part, but that’s not going to stop any of this. :P

Step #2: The Dhamaka - “Wrap the freshness and blow your heart out”

This is definitely a trademark step of the entire video song. “Taazgi ka jhatak matak dhamaka” is a quick and simple step. I like this one more because this is easy for everyone to catch up and when a huge group of dancers flap their hands and spread wide it will look stunning in sync.

This is super cool step. When choreographing a dance sequence to be performed on stage, I would want one move to be repeated and registered in the mind of audience so that everyone can join us. This is one such move, which you can take home after watching the performance. Not everyone get to learn dance, but these simple moves are the one’s which you try in your daily life to turn the dull moment to bright happiness. The hand moves are the exact way our hearts would feel when we are happy. The Dhamaka step is for every common man.

Step #3: The Hip-Hop - “Style statement”

This is my personal favorite. When he says “Okay everybody get down” we know that something sensational is going to follow and so it does. Allu Arjun once again displays his dancing skills with this 15 sec hip-hop moves. Every single pop and cut is very sharp. The way he pulls his hands and walks back to complete the sequence is a definite showstopper.

You play Antakshari? It’s a family favorite game even in this era of card and video games. When you are busy thinking of the next song to be sung, I will jump into the center and do this hip-hop move to display the style and make you realize what dance adds to the music and vice versa.

Behind the scene…

Hey Crumbles, you do showcase your style with some interesting moves. I am flattered too. He He. I agree you are a good dancer. *bows* After all this, I think we should dance someday. Teach me few easy moves. What say? But man, don’t blame me if I step on your feet or punch your face or hit your.. ahem ahem... ;-)

*helmet on, rest of the safety assured* okay Rat, let’s dance! :P

Image Source - Here

Back on stage...

We want everyone of you to move your bodies and dance to have fun. Trust us apart from the heavy workout and fitness that you gain out of dancing – the freshness is phenomenal. A moment of freshness is all we need to jump into a pool of things that otherwise just take a back seat in our lives.

Dance is the secret of our freshness. And these are our fave steps, what’s yours?

"I am blogging for #MaxFreshMove activity at BlogAdda in association with Colgate MaxFresh"

The Dawn

With monsoon's first drop
Bare trees stretch and yawn
Waking up to the dawn

Desire to be wrapped
In ethereal melodies
Bare trees stand tall

9 Jul 2015

A Celestial Drama

A Celestial Drama – Love and Wisdom converging in the night!
The Jupiter and the Venus conjunction!

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