9 Aug 2015


I can't get the image out of my head. Yes, I really just can't. Even after years out of school, it is still hovering in my head! It was our first day at school after mid term.

With our dirty rolled up sleeves and rugged school bags, my friend and I were unlocking our bicycles from the school parking. Sweating after a whole day's game of cricket we were planning for some refreshments on the way home.

I spotted a pink Ladybird bicycle few rows in front of us and thought 'Looks like a brand new one, must be some new girl in school'. My friend was already shaking my shoulders. When I raised my sight he was pointing at a girl standing right next to that bicycle.

We could only see her backside. Her long plaited hair, her fair glowing hands, her cool backpack, the brand new lunch box, her titan watch and her pearl earrings... As we were admiring whatever our eyes laid on, off she took her bicycle and rode out of the school.

We both hurried. Whatever we saw from behind, flattered us. We were very eager to see her front profile, her pretty face to be precise. We unlocked our rides and came out, looked at both the sides swiftly. I yelled 'Dai! There she is..' We pedaled as quick as we can, even without seating ourselves. We reached right behind her few feet away and slowed down.

Realized how sweaty and messed we looked, we wiped ourselves with our sleeves. We knew this would make our mothers very unhappy but do you think we would bother about it at that moment? Nah..! (Surf Excel ads were not on air those days :P) The final touch was combing our hair with the fingers as we raced past her in style.

Just when we both looked back at the same time in ultra slow motion to see her face.. *Kling Klong.. Screech.. Dash.. Duh.. @#*%&+รง BANG*- with all sorts of clinking noises we both were on the road over our bicycles. We boys looked at each other and snickered, as she pedaled past us throwing an odd look. What we saw was never spoken.

The next morning, I entered the class and my friend was already sitting at our desk.'Dai! I can't get her image out of my head da...’ I whispered and he chuckled ‘Neither could I...’. As we were getting ready for the class, we got shocked to see the same ‘Ladybird’ girl entering into our class and took her seat right in front of us. My friend and I looked at each other, ‘Oh Noo..’ and we ducked.

Moral of the storyDon’t expect any moral from this story. Basically, don’t look back (especially at a girl) while you are riding a bicycle. He He!

P.S: What we did was stupid enough to laugh even after 15 years. Me and my friend are still waiting to see that girl without her ‘soda buddi’ (extra thick goggles) and ‘clip’ (shiny silver braces) on her raised teeth. :P


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7 Aug 2015


Recently we have seen ads where we can tweet to get the location of an ATM, we can tweet to get balance from our bank accounts, we can tweet to get money transferred but for the first time there is a unique service that is being offered for tweeting. Before I tell you what the service is and who’s offering and what to tweet, lets get a little technically historical.

The first generation or 1G of mobile network technology was introduced back in 1970s’. These systems were referred to as cellular, which was later shortened to "cell", due to the method by which the signals were handed off between towers. 2 decades later in 1990s’ 2G was introduced with GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) with just improved quality. Many of us don't’ know that there was an intermediate phase, 2.5G (EDGE Network) in the late 1990s’ which had improved graphics data sharing.

Early 2000s’ saw a revolution of 3G and we all knew that this was just a beginning for something better and faster. In another tenner of years 4G has been introduced aiming to serve more than just voice calls/internet by providing applications including amended mobile web access, IP telephony, gaming services, high-definition mobile TV, video conferencing, 3D television, and even cloud computing. Why did I tell you this long story of mobile networks? Well for many of us 4G is just a technology jargon (even I never knew this before writing this post) and throwing light on a little background can help us understand and take advantage of the technology completely.

Now let’s get to the topic of what this post was started with. Airtel is the leading mobile network provider in India and many of us are happy customers of their various services. Airtel is introducing Airtel 4G for all it’s 4G handset owners. In order to use 4G service a user has to have a 4G enabled mobile device and a 4G SIM. There are many users with a 4G mobile and Airtel has found an innovative way of reaching them.

Airtel offers a unique 4G SIM delivery service, wherein any Airtel user with a 4G handset can tweet using #GetAirtel4G to get a 4G SIM delivered to their home for free. Once a user tweets #GetAirtel4G he gets a reply from @AirtelIndia handle directing the user to a link where a user need to enter his details for SIM delivery. So what are you waiting for, tweet and get on-boarded to the high-speed Airtel 4G network.

3 Aug 2015

Nibbles @ 3

After Eid celebration, here comes another day to celebrate in my blog. A Rat’s Nibble is turning 3 today. Happy Birthday, my dear blog! And I wish for so many happy moments to cherish with you.

Today, after 3 years of blogging, I am glad to take my nibbles to the next level. I am still in the process of building my own niche in the creative world. While at it, to make my blog look like a brand was not that easy to me. Hmph, alright, if not exactly a brand, at least I’d like to present it like one. :P

I don’t think of any other reason than today to share this awesome news with you all. Be it any field, basically to be a brand, the first thing is to have an identity of its own. I think I have already gained one with my crazy nibbles so far. With that I started feeling now it is time to own a domain and a logo. 

I am happy to welcome you all to www.ratnibbles.com. While the domain is still on the way of finding its way to the address bar, you can land on my blog by just keying in this URL.

Everybody likes logos and everybody wants their own one in style. So did I. One day, I playfully asked this awesome designer from Bangalore to design a logo for my blog and the very next day he showed me this. Aww.. it is soo cute <*.*>

Take a moment and move your eyes to my Blog title. Look how this little rat is nibbling there.. *big cheesy smiles*

To see my blog’s first logo, I was super excited. The design is pretty cool and sharp. I was completely awestruck at the sight of it. A nibbling Rat is what I am, well, that is much more than how I look like. *jumping in joy*

I am very pleased to present the first official logo of A Rat’s Nibble blog. *Drumrolls*

Happy Friendship Day to all my readers and my Blog buddies who have journeyed with A Rat’s Nibble patiently bearing my craziness. Because you alone help me to survive in this beautiful world. Without you, I wouldn’t have reached this far. Thank you so much for showing such support and encouragement to me and my happy little blog. Love you all, Buddies. Drop in to my world to enjoy the Nibbles with a Rat. J

Uh-Oh.. I forgot to introduce the designer in the midst of my happy celebration mood. Meet Shihab, one of the coolest designers from Bangalore.

Thank you, Shihab & Team - you guys are the best. Keep rocking the world with your creativity! <3 

Look forward for a review about this innovative web design firm. 

PS - This is the 225th post of A Rat's Nibble. :-)

2 Aug 2015

Little Miss Sunshine

Meet the new girl at home. I call her Machi. A surprise for Wajee, the Budgie. Actually, she is now Wajee’s Machi. Hoping this cute budgie will find her home with us.

Hello, Little Miss Sunshine, I wish you bring sunshine and joy to Wajee’s life and he to yours. :-)

Machi means female cousins in my town and also I have heard people calling their friends colloquially as Machi. 

Will she become Wajee’s friend, girl friend or more? We are yet to find it out :P

Wait for more pictures of these cute little birds soon in my blog :)

I share this picture post in Wordless Wednesday and Thursday Challenge.

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