28 Oct 2015

How To Impress The Girl? : Calvin And Me - II

As we were discussing on why girls are so weird, Calvin spotted an ice cream parlour a few yards away. I stopped at Baskin & Robbins and took him in. I had strawberry chocolate double and he asked for Vanilla, Peach, Orange and few flavors that the parlour did not even have. While we were scooping the ice cream,

Calvin: Are you going to tell me about your girl or just going to feed me junk until I doze off?

Me: You are unbelievable, Calvin. So listen up. She is my neighbor and we hang out often. We seem like we don’t get along but we bump into each other almost every day. The other day I was playing a prank on her and she got mad at me.

Calvin: Are you sure about the reason for her bad mood?

Me: Not sure, but does it matter now? I haven’t seen her in 2 days and I feel really awkward​ missing her​.

Calvin: I see that you like her. You are falling for her.

Me: No way. Umm… How can you say that?

Calvin: Do you believe in fate? That our lives are predestined to someone?

Me: Nah. It’s a scary thought. I believe in making the best out of my life with that someone.

Calvin: Good. Then let’s be with each other for the rest of our lives, happily. What say?

Me: Er… Now you are making me think more of Nusie. Tell me, how do I impress her?

The ice cream got over and Calvin wanted to change the location. So we left to the Play Zone which was nearby. I let him have more fun so he could give me some good ideas.

Me: Hey Calvin, you have been playing all these shooting and killing games for the past one hour. Where are the ideas?

Calvin: Why don’t you write a letter and buy her a gift? That should ease her up to start with. And then you have to make up the rest.

Me: A letter? What do I write in a letter?

Calvin: What do you feel about her?

Me: I feel that she is pretty, but that’s turning out to be unfortunate for me. I can’t take my eyes off her. She has a unique way of shouting at me, which make me bounce back on her. I wait to see her when she is not around and when she walks in front of me I don’t want to look into her eyes. She has those big owl eyes that could scare me in the night. I feel fuzzy by the thought of kissing her, but I think I would want to kiss her.

Calvin: That’s it. Here I wrote down everything on this paper.

Me: What? You wrote down everything so quick?

Calvin: Don’t mind the spelling but the content and your feeling is important. Let’s find a gift for her and then you are good to go.

Me: Are you sure, Calvin?

Calvin: You don't know anything about girls. Trust me, I know better.

Me: You? I doubt it.

We then went ​to a Mall nearby to scout a gift to make my girl happy. But, instead Calvin straight away entered the DVD store.

Me: Calvin, are you suggesting me to gift her a DVD?

Calvin: Heck, that will be the worst idea.

Me: Then why are we in a DVD shop?

Calvin: To shop for me. My parents never let me watch movies or rent DVD. And you promised me a zombie movie. So if I fetch some DVDs here, we can go early to meet your girl.

Me: But what about her gift?

Calvin: We will pick up a crummy bunch of dead flowers on the way back. That will go well with your letter.

Me: Dead flowers?! Any other day I would love to give her that bunch, but today? Are you sure again?

Calvin: Never doubt the ideas of Calvin. I’m tested for psych by my parents.

Me: Can you share the test results?

Calvin: Negative.

Calvin picked up few Zombie and War DVDs and then we drove back home. It was evening ​already and​ Nusie usually comes for a walk to the park. Calvin and I after having a ride around the city planned to meet her in the park.

Calvin: Here, tie these dead flowers together. A perfect gift for your girl.

Me: Ah great. I have an awkward twitchy feeling now.

Calvin: That might be love. That’s what Hobbes told me when I had a similar feeling about Susie.

Me: I’m not sure, but I kinda like this feeling. There she comes, Calvin. Go hide.

Calvin: What hide? You are treating me like an alien. Come on, I will blend in, as you do your talking.

Me: Okay okay, smarty pants. Be with me.

And there I saw Nusie walking into the park. She was smiling and talking to a little girl holding her hands. I lowered my gaze to see who the little girl was. And it was Susie.

Me: Calvin… Susie is here with Nusie. What do we do?

Calvin: Oh No. Oh No! Abort Abort. Call off the mission. We are in danger. We should better hide.

To be continued... 

Inspired by Bill Watterson's Calvin and Hobbes

25 Oct 2015

Why Are Girls So Weird? : Calvin And Me - I

I grabbed my Calvin and Hobbes book which I was reading earlier. I stuffed it inside my backpack thinking of how to impress Nusie, my dominant next door girl. I don't like her much but unfortunately, she is pretty. She likes brownies and ice creams as much I crave for. She even reads Calvin ​and​ Hobbes who are supposed to be my favorite comic character. I feel awkward twitchy feeling inside me whenever I talk to her, for I don't know why.

Two days ago when I saw her​ walking​ out of her home, she seemed to be ​a bit moody. I said 'Hi' but then she turned her face ​away saying nothing. Something was surely wrong. Is that because I teased her the other day? Oh God. She will scream like anything if I talk to her now. I better keep my mouth shut. I couldn't see her since then and I don't feel it right. The last thing I wanted to be seen was looking for a girl. So I better stick to my own imagination being a Superman flying above with a binocular in hand searching for her.

Nusie ​was all over my mind​,​ all day.

'What do I do with this girl, Nusie? She is pretty​ and her big eyes are ufff. She always argues with me, but ​I can’t keep myself from talking to her. She is mad at me and now I want to do something to impress her. This is really crazy. Oh God! Come on help me.'

I took my backpack and bike keys to head out. The backpack was suddenly heavy. I kept it on the table and opened it. And there popped Calvin out of the bag in front of me.

Me: Hey Calvin, is that really you?

Calvin: Yeah. Is there any impersonator like me?

Me: No, not that I know of. But how did you come into my backpack?

Calvin: I was playing with Hobbes in the park. Susie was walking towards us. Hobbes jumped into the bushes to hide. I prayed to God "What do I do with this girl, Susie? Oh God! Come on help me" and the next thing I know is I’m here.

Me: Oh, so our prayers got sync-ed. Now you help me impress my girl.

Calvin: Hey, hey don’t treat me like a genie out of a lamp. I would like to see my lawyer to talk.

Me: No! You are my best buddy right? I just need some advice. Would you please help me out,

Calvin: *He seem to be desperate* Okay make me an offer that I can’t resist.

Me: I will take you around the city in my bike, buy you junk food and pizza, make you watch a zombie movie and hide you here until Susie goes back to her house. Deal?!

Calvin: Deal! Let’s go.

Calvin hopped on to the fuel tank of my bike and I gave him my small helmet for safety. As we drove around the city,

Calvin: You know I would have got my hyper-jet with me, we can go around the city in sonic speed.

Me: That would have been really helpful. What happened to your hyper-jet?

Calvin: I was planning to shrink it and carry in my pocket. But this Susie, accidentally broke my shrink ray. She was not even agreeing that it was a shrink ray. It’s really hard to argue with a girl.

Me: That’s unlucky. And yeah, indeed it’s hard to argue with a girl. I know. You got any idea to deal with that?

Calvin: I called the County library the other day, asking if they have any book on why girls are so weird. But no they did not have any.

Me: Are you serious? You mean there is no research done on this at all.

Calvin: I bet the library just doesn’t want anyone to know. Would you like to co-author a book with me on this?

Me: Well, gladly.

To Be Continued...

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Inspired by Bill Watterson's Calvin and Hobbes

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24 Oct 2015

My Festive Day In Bangalore

This post talks about one of my amazing Bangalore days. It always feel like a holiday whenever I visit Bangalore. Long stay or short, no matter. This week, Bangalore gave me some awesome moments to cherish.

Previously when I was here, I wanted to visit the Iskcon Temple but somehow or the other I didn't get a chance. But this time, with festive round the corner, I did not want to miss it. So my cousin and I planned to set our foot in Isckon Temple.

It was two days back, on Dussehra, we started our day early. We decided to travel in Bus. My first bus journey in Bangalore. It was a Red Volvo AC bus. When we boarded, the bus was all empty. It was like we were the only passengers in the bus and it was cool. We took selfies to register my first bus ride with all the empty seats. :)

After getting down at Majestic, we took an auto and reached Iskcon Temple in less than half an hour. Thankfully, it was a holiday and so lesser traffic in the city.

Lord Krishna is the main deity of Iskcon Temple. It was a nice welcoming feel as we entered inside. The all white paint looked soothing to the eyes. The entire premise was so clean and well maintained. Even with thousands of devotees all around, I could still feel the fresh air. Soft chanting echoed through the temple walls. The main worshipping area was so amazing. And I loved the interiors. The architecture and its artwork on the ceiling are indeed worth watching. The well decorated golden statues of the deities were a delight to watch.

After the Darshan, we came out and went past the Book Stalls, the Art Gallery and then the Food Court. There were many delicious food and snacks available that made us make a hard stop for a while. First we bought the Holige. As we were relishing the taste, we were craving for Malpau, another delicious sweet dish. Then we bought Dhokla and we savored our visit to the Temple.

As we walked out, again passing the galleries, they offered free Lunch. I don't know its name but it tasted like Pongal. It was served in Mango leaf cups. And we had that too resting our legs near the beautiful pond.

That's when I spotted the World Trade Center, one of the tallest building in Bangalore. I think it's constructed with 30+ floors and it was pretty tall in the midst of the city. We left the place with peace of mind.

On our way back home, we peeked into Orion Mall, which was close by the temple. Visited the Flea Market on the top floor. We then went for a quick window shopping and also clicked few photos here and there. Then we headed back home in bus as our ankles started aching. We were bit tired and almost fell asleep in the bus.

After we reached home around 3PM, my cousin got a call from her friend G inviting us for her Navratri Golu. And that was supposed to be the last day of Golu. Even though we were tired after a long walk home from the bus stop, again we didn’t want to miss it. We realized that the fun day is not over yet. After few minutes of relaxing, we headed to her house nearby dressed up in Ethnic. Again my first visit for a Golu and I was looking forward to it.

As we entered the friend's place, I felt relaxed. It was a beautiful house, with a tasteful home decor, where one would love to go to after a hard day’s work. The Golu in the living area welcomed us. My first time meeting G. So after the introduction part, G started telling us about her Golu theme, 'Evolution'. From the plant life to the working class, to the Ramayana to Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu themselves. Every stage in her Golu talked about the Hindu Mythology. I loved her theme and thought it was a wonderful idea. So when the kids come in, there were lot many stories to tell. It was a visual treat. While at it, G served us snacks. She quickly fixed us a delicious chaat and we were like wanting for more. :P

After that we had a good chat and the time flew just like that. At the end of the day, I made a new friend.

I would say, it was a day well spent. An amazing day I wanted to remember for long.

Happy Festival Greetings to all!

Also, today is Ashura, the 10th day of the first month of Islamic calendar, Muharram. It has many distinctive qualities and features. We believe Allah (SWT) created the heavens and the earth on this blessed day. On this day He gave His infinite blessings and bounties to many of His Prophets and delivered them from the clutches of their enemies. May Allah showers His blessings and bounties upon us on this auspicious day. Aameen!

Muharram Mubarak!

20 Oct 2015

Ready To Take A Look?

This post is a BlogAdda's Tangy Tuseday Pick

'Those ramblings of mind are too lovely and pleasant to let them just pass by. Especially if you are a thinker whose mind just refuses to keep quite. It is wondrous to see how beautifully these thoughts create a story. Imagination has no directions or boundaries. Meera just penned down her creative musings and it is a must read.'

I have a world inside me
Where my imaginations come alive
Creativity spills out of my hand
Like cascading waterfalls,
My thoughts paint colorful pictures
On the plain white canvas
You too can view them through my words
Don’t close your eyes, get ready to see.

Can you spot a rat jumping in joy?
Get a sneak peak of the world I build
With the characters oozing out of my mind…
A Big fat rat skating in the mountain of cheese
And nibbling those yummy chocolate brownies
For once, a rat that won’t let you scream.
In my little world of fantasy,
Leave your worries behind and enjoy the show.

Can you identify what is real and what is not?
Butterflies paint the sky with strokes of rainbow
And float over the field of tulips and roses
Look over the meadow and see the view
Black Stallions galloping in a splendid backdrop…
Oh, life becomes a wildest dream
With little details out of my imagination
Hold on to your seats, there’s plenty to see..

Keep on looking, don’t stop here
Can you see the lion king lying in the valley,
After munching his tasty lunch?
Or a fluffy sloth in tux standing next to him
Picking his tooth with straw strand?
Rub your eyes and see
What seems just not real…
Wait, my imagination is just getting warmed up.

Icy cold, the weather now freezes you
A mammoth dresses in his Eskimo suit
Just jumps out of my hand
And almost lands on your head
Snatching it real fast, I think,
I catch something new snuggling inside my palm
Tightly wrapped, wanna take a peep inside?
Now hold your seat and look closer…

Backdrop turns to clear blue skies
Sun shines bright and twitches your eyes
Exciting, Enticing, Appealing and what not?
Can you see everything is apparently so real?
This is my world, all that you see
Fantasy or not, but whatever you believe is true.
Ready to take a look at what is in my closed hand?
Welcome to my world of imagination…

I just caught you!

11 Oct 2015

Little Red Dress

After several months, I got my Scrapbook addiction back. And its not a surprise at all because I always like to mix and match my dresses to create different styles. Today with the title, you got the hint that this post is about the Little Red Dress. I don’t wear short dresses but then I enjoy styling it.

I know LBDs as the best choice for any occasion. But for a change let’s try this pretty Little Red Dress this season. It is of course a bold choice and also fun and festive. Basically when you shop for a red dress, keep an eye on its cut which flatters your figure and the shade which enrich your complexion and don’t forget to make sure that it suits your persona.

Well, once the dress is selected, now what? A right pair of shoes decides your look. Black footwear is the perfect complement for any Red dress. Also try gold n nude shades for a rich and tone down look. Be it pointy shoes or a stiletto or boots or ballerina or flats, you can transform yourself into a diva or a rock star.

Accessories Talk. Once the dress and the footwear is set, its time to pick your accessories. Remember to keep it simple. From handbags to jewelry, it is not advisable to overdo it. An envelope clutch and statement necklace or a sling bag with a cocktail ring, or maybe a scarf around your neck, you are ready to paint the town red.

I have created Scrapbooks with the Little Red Dress and I think the looks suit not only for one occasion but to wear all year long.


For a little classy look, I added this lovely blue stoned neck piece. And then decided to keep the additions in gold.

Here I styled this ONE little red dress with different accessories.

For a casual look, add a jacket and booties. Go little edgy with a fitted leather jacket. 

Add toned down accessories for an elegant look. Keep the additions neutral.


I liked this collar statement necklace and as always I like to keep it minimal and edgy.

Whether it’s with statement necklace, boots, or stilettos, belt or jacket, one cant go wrong with this Little Red DressShowcase your style. It’s time to go rich and versatile.

If you like the looks and want to buy it, click the image. That will take you to LimeRoad – A Road to Shopping J

6 Oct 2015

The Survival

I want to live. I want to live badly.

But it spread inside me. It consumed my body wholly. Yesterday I was well, but today I am fighting for my survival. I know spending this one night is going to be harder than ever. I am lying on my bed all alone. I couldn't raise my head. The pain is suffocating me. Nobody cares to be around. My bedside table is filled with medications. But if only I get an antidote. My heart started beating high, letting my body drench in sweat. I am not able to breathe. I want to live. I want to live badly. I heard a creaking noise. The door opened and my mother entered. As she sits near my dying body and brushes my hair,

'Amma, will I survive this?', my voice breaks.

'Dei, it's just a COLD!'

4 Oct 2015

The Color Play

'Wow, so many colors.. Which one to pick?'   My cute little budgie found her new hobby..  :)

This photo is also shared in Wordless Wednesday.
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