28 Oct 2015

How To Impress The Girl? : Calvin And Me - II

As we were discussing on why girls are so weird, Calvin spotted an ice cream parlour a few yards away. I stopped at Baskin & Robbins and took him in. I had strawberry chocolate double and he asked for Vanilla, Peach, Orange and few flavors that the parlour did not even have. While we were scooping the ice cream,

Calvin: Are you going to tell me about your girl or just going to feed me junk until I doze off?

Me: You are unbelievable, Calvin. So listen up. She is my neighbor and we hang out often. We seem like we don’t get along but we bump into each other almost every day. The other day I was playing a prank on her and she got mad at me.

Calvin: Are you sure about the reason for her bad mood?

Me: Not sure, but does it matter now? I haven’t seen her in 2 days and I feel really awkward​ missing her​.

Calvin: I see that you like her. You are falling for her.

Me: No way. Umm… How can you say that?

Calvin: Do you believe in fate? That our lives are predestined to someone?

Me: Nah. It’s a scary thought. I believe in making the best out of my life with that someone.

Calvin: Good. Then let’s be with each other for the rest of our lives, happily. What say?

Me: Er… Now you are making me think more of Nusie. Tell me, how do I impress her?

The ice cream got over and Calvin wanted to change the location. So we left to the Play Zone which was nearby. I let him have more fun so he could give me some good ideas.

Me: Hey Calvin, you have been playing all these shooting and killing games for the past one hour. Where are the ideas?

Calvin: Why don’t you write a letter and buy her a gift? That should ease her up to start with. And then you have to make up the rest.

Me: A letter? What do I write in a letter?

Calvin: What do you feel about her?

Me: I feel that she is pretty, but that’s turning out to be unfortunate for me. I can’t take my eyes off her. She has a unique way of shouting at me, which make me bounce back on her. I wait to see her when she is not around and when she walks in front of me I don’t want to look into her eyes. She has those big owl eyes that could scare me in the night. I feel fuzzy by the thought of kissing her, but I think I would want to kiss her.

Calvin: That’s it. Here I wrote down everything on this paper.

Me: What? You wrote down everything so quick?

Calvin: Don’t mind the spelling but the content and your feeling is important. Let’s find a gift for her and then you are good to go.

Me: Are you sure, Calvin?

Calvin: You don't know anything about girls. Trust me, I know better.

Me: You? I doubt it.

We then went ​to a Mall nearby to scout a gift to make my girl happy. But, instead Calvin straight away entered the DVD store.

Me: Calvin, are you suggesting me to gift her a DVD?

Calvin: Heck, that will be the worst idea.

Me: Then why are we in a DVD shop?

Calvin: To shop for me. My parents never let me watch movies or rent DVD. And you promised me a zombie movie. So if I fetch some DVDs here, we can go early to meet your girl.

Me: But what about her gift?

Calvin: We will pick up a crummy bunch of dead flowers on the way back. That will go well with your letter.

Me: Dead flowers?! Any other day I would love to give her that bunch, but today? Are you sure again?

Calvin: Never doubt the ideas of Calvin. I’m tested for psych by my parents.

Me: Can you share the test results?

Calvin: Negative.

Calvin picked up few Zombie and War DVDs and then we drove back home. It was evening ​already and​ Nusie usually comes for a walk to the park. Calvin and I after having a ride around the city planned to meet her in the park.

Calvin: Here, tie these dead flowers together. A perfect gift for your girl.

Me: Ah great. I have an awkward twitchy feeling now.

Calvin: That might be love. That’s what Hobbes told me when I had a similar feeling about Susie.

Me: I’m not sure, but I kinda like this feeling. There she comes, Calvin. Go hide.

Calvin: What hide? You are treating me like an alien. Come on, I will blend in, as you do your talking.

Me: Okay okay, smarty pants. Be with me.

And there I saw Nusie walking into the park. She was smiling and talking to a little girl holding her hands. I lowered my gaze to see who the little girl was. And it was Susie.

Me: Calvin… Susie is here with Nusie. What do we do?

Calvin: Oh No. Oh No! Abort Abort. Call off the mission. We are in danger. We should better hide.

To be continued... 

Inspired by Bill Watterson's Calvin and Hobbes


  1. This is one such interesting post dear and I loved the quirky conversations :-D

    1. Glad you loved it, Maitreni. There is more of their offbeat conversation in Part - I. Hope you like them too. :)

  2. Being a Calvin and Hobbes fan I enjoyed it
    Waiting for next part :)

    1. I'm a fan of Calvin's wits. Thanks, more coming soon.. :)

  3. I am a Calvin fan too :)
    Interesting title & conversation!

  4. This is super cute :). You wrote it very well. Now I'll go to Part 1.

  5. And I will be waiting for more eagerly. :D

    1. There's more coming... Watch out. Thanks Mridula :)

  6. This one was such an interesting read Meera:) I loved it..pls post the remaining bit soon...cant wait to read it :D

    1. I'm happy that you loved it, Jose. Will post the next episode soon. :)

  7. haha... loved the way you have used my favorite Calvin for the story....more please

    1. Calvin peps up the story. Thanks Prasad. More soon.. keep visiting :)

  8. Now I am intrigued who susie is :)

    Now waiting for the next part .. I better go back and read the rest of the story toooo :)


    1. Susie is Calvin's classmate and his crush. Hope you like the rest too. Keep visiting, Bikram :)

  9. This comment comes after reading both the posts. I have never read the Calvin comic strip. So I'm not familiar with the character. To say the truth, the first post did not have much of an effect in me. The second was really bang on and was filled with many LOL moments :) Good writing, especially the second one. One suggestion I would like to make is make it even more crisp, that would make the comic more pleasurable and lasting. :) Waiting for the next!!

    1. Thanks a lot for your comment Akash. You should read Calvin and Hobbes, it's one of the most intuiting comic strips ever. :)

  10. Intriguing! Like the concept :)

    1. Thank you Leena. Glad you liked my concept. Welcome to my blog.:)

  11. Haha...this is super...loved the conversation... :-D

    1. Thanks, Maniparna. Hope you will love the rest of their talks too.. :)

  12. This is so cute story, the conversations are funny and interesting. I'm curious if this is happened in real life though and the characters are third person.


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