20 Nov 2015

JewelStruck at Stylori

Jewels bring immense pleasure and happiness to every woman. And I am no exception. A gorgeous piece of jewelry adds beauty to a woman. Without a jewel, a woman’s wardrobe is not complete. Well, there are so many reasons why women crave jewelry. Some likes to rejoice the gift from a special person while some cherish an antique piece which connects her to the heritage.

Wearing a beautiful set of jewelry always makes me feel good. Simple or grand, I love ornating myself. Sometimes I feel even a tiny ring completes my look.

There is something about jewels that triggers my personal sense of delight. Be it gold, silver, diamond or fashion jewelry, expensive or not, it is something we women would be proud to own. I have a collection in my wardrobe to match my dresses, yet I still can't get enough of it.

Basically, I enjoy shopping a lot. And Jewelry shopping excites me more. The design, the cut and the shine, they are just marvelous. I can tell tales about it. My eyes go wide whenever I see some gorgeous pieces. Among the precious stones, diamonds and rubies are my favorites. Well, are there any girls who can resist them? Even the thought of this mesmerizing pendant puts a big smile on my face instantly.

Sparkling Ember Pendant

In this era of internet of things, I am much into online shopping. So the other day when I was luxuriously surfing for pretty jewels, I landed on Stylori and immediately I fell in love with their stocks.

Stylori.com is the online jewellery store for everyday fashion jewellery. At Stylori, you'll find modern jewellery crafted from certified metals and gemstones at affordable prices, presented in a convenient online shopping experience.

A pretty pendant for everyday use, a cocktail ring for a party, a traditional jhumkas to complete your wedding look and a gold coin for a perfect gift.. You will find it right here.

Stylori presents jewels with Style, brings you Love, which tells some beautiful Stories.

Wear it with Style
Baroque Tiara Pendant

Express your Love
Amber Jewelle

Every jewel has a story behind it.
Dazzling Trellis Jhumkas

At Stylori, the first thing that impress me apart from their stunning collection is the idea of customizing the jewelry - Yellow or White Gold in 14 & 18 carats and even the clarity of diamonds. This, I think is a great feature, not only in helping us to refine our choices but also helps manage the cost.

Stylori believes in latest fashion and style. They have a great inventory. The best thing is that they have both traditional as well as trendy designs and all their products are certified. Also the way they have named for each of their product is very fascinating.

In every product, we can see the Price Break up. i.e. they have individually listed the cost of the metal, diamonds, making charges and VAT which makes our shopping experience satisfactory. Other than jewelry, they also have a wide variety of Gold Coins, Solitaires and Gemstones.

Basically buying a piece of jewelry consumes a fair amount of time. And buying jewelry online is not very popular in our country. So it is obvious that we hesitate to buy it online. But then with the booming e-commerce industry, the sellers set the trends not only in terms of quality but also in terms of styling and pricing.

At Stylori, they have the cash on delivery option which assures that we receive the product in hand and then we pay. At rare cases, if you are not happy with the product, they offer 100% money back guarantee too. If you wish to update your jewelry collection, they offer lifetime exchange. Stylori provides free shipping within India.

I have been looking for a diamond ring to surprise my Mom on her birthday and now that I found this one perfect design at Stylori that fits her taste and well, my budget too, I am all set to shop.


If you wish to adorn yourself or gift someone a jewelry then visit Stylori. I hope you will find a perfect gift to your taste and budget, safely packed and delivered at your doorsteps.

This post is a part of the Stylori - Jewelry from Heart contest in association with the Chennai Bloggers Club, the hub for Chennai bloggers.

Click the jewelry images, a great shopping experience awaits you.


  1. Buying jewellery is a tedious task because of the money involved, and now with online? I don't know I might in future take the leap of faith with it, but probably nor right now :)

    But it was nice reading your experience :)


    1. I hope you take the leap soon. Thanks for the read Richa! :)

  2. Good to know about Stylori. Thanks for sharing, dear :)

  3. I lurrrv jewelry shopping and I think I might just need a new wardrobe to store my jewellery :P How i wish someone could gift me these exquisite pendants from Stylori ^_^ So gorgeous ! loving every bit of their collection!

    1. Najm, Good luck with filling your new wardrobe with jewelry! :P :)

  4. I have bought jewellery online, but I was not aware of this site. Thanks for sharing...loved the way you've presented our love and delight for jewellery :-)

  5. This looks like a good shopping option. Thanks for drawing my attention to it.

    1. ​I'm glad, ​hope you like their collections, Kalpanaa :)

  6. This is truly some important info for us ;-)
    I love jewellery too, but for lack of time or opportunity, never really get to buy a lot. This is a very good option!

    1. This will definitely save us lot of time on jewelry shopping. You should give it a try, Leena. :)


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