23 Nov 2015

Let's Get Tangled

I touched gently, glided to the right and pushed with my finger.

'Let's get tangled!'

As work almost consumed me, the buzz of my Smartphone startled me back to consciousness. The message illuminating the screen began to tempt me. I couldn't hide my smile. My fingers were itching in a hurry to type a reply, but there popped an email notification from my Outlook.

'Kindly provide the Ops support for today's code push starting 9 PM IST'

My smile began to fade while a thin crease of line settled in my forehead. I froze for a second but my Octa Core Processor powered phone never freezes during any such multi-tasking. I had to react to my love and also respond to work, a perfect crossroad situation.

I searched for my VPN token in my backpack. Gosh! It wasn't there. How would I make it up with her? My mind cursed for my habit of placing things in a hazy manner. I churned up my brain for some tricks that I can pull off to make my evening wonderful as planned and also save my job.

'Our life is tangled with Technology making us #Technocrats.' I thought as I docked my laptop at my desk. I sat down and mumbled to myself.

'Is there a way to connect to VPN from my phone?'
Suddenly my Micromax screen lit up. Google Now was listening and it started giving me endless suggestions. I immediately installed TeamViewer on my phone running on the latest Android Marshmallow and also in my laptop.

I walked to the parking lot while operating my laptop through my phone. My On-Site team would think I’m online from my desk. Fooling them was not all about it, but I had work to do. Just as I ignited the engine, my phone blinked again.

‘Did you buy that? ;)’

I smiled to her tease and started driving. At every signal, I responded to emails making my presence felt at the LIVE Support Chat.

As I took another U-Turn, the New Message brightened the screen.

'Flavor - Strawberry! :P'

She was giving me clues. I finally got hold of my rush and calmed down to reply to her.

'I’m on my way. Be ready ;)'

It started to drizzle. Before I could feel the breeze and the romance, the sky turned grey and started pouring. Perfect timing for a petty fight between Cupid and the Rain Gods. I got stuck in traffic. My mind was filled with warmth and the coziness waiting for me back at home.

But I was already late. Waze rescued me. My connections on the road who took an alternate route, helped me to get pass the traffic. Even before I rang the bell, she opened the door and crossed her arms against her chest. She stood there blocking my way and raised her eyebrow.

'You’re late...'

I leaned on her. 'I'm sorry baby'

'Uh Oh you have to wait...' She pushed me

'Should I?' I hugged her.

'Where is the surprise?' She demanded with curiosity.

'I couldn't get it but then I’ve got an idea.' I pulled her along as I entered.

She grabbed my hands and opened the bedroom door.

There she came running and jumped on me throwing her arms.


'Happy Birthday, Sweetheart..'

'See what Daddy has bought you.' My wife stood there with the Strawberry cake.

‘There’s more surprise,’ I quickly downloaded a movie with 4G connection in my phone and Cast it to the big screen.

'Let's get tangled!' I tickled her as we jumped on the couch to play her favorite movie Tangled.


  1. Very creative post ! All the while I thought it was the wife who would get angry .. And how sweet 4G connection se Tangled movie downloading ! Loved the narrative style ..

    1. Glad I kept you guessing till the end. Thanks Najm :)

  2. Oh, I loved your story:-) Fun to read

  3. Technology spoils but technology also helps in our toils :)

  4. Technology for once did help to make the day special :)
    good one

    1. Thanks Afshan! Hope there are many more instances in everyone's life. :)

  5. Impressive. Interesting. Creative. And very "today" story

  6. Kept me hooked, well-written dear :)

    1. Happy to have kept you hooked, Leena :) Thanks!

  7. Awwww.... Cho chweet..... Dads of the present era!
    My Travelogue, Fashion Panache

    1. Technocratic and Sweet fathers are a rare find... Thank you Bhushavali :)

  8. :) Technology helps make a special day for special person :) Dad's are the best ...


    1. A best Dad of this era is definitely a #Technocrat. :P Thanks for the read Bikram :)


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