31 Dec 2016

Years Old..

Years old, still remain my favorites..
Old pair of shoes and the old mosaic tiles.
New things are welcome.. but,
 old things and memories are cherishable.
From Where I Stand..

Wishing You All A Very Happy New Year!

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20 Nov 2016

Jug In My Life

Hi Bestie,

I have not blogged for a long time but now I have found a reason to be back. And I am writing about Jug in my life for the #DearZindagi activity at BlogAdda. Mind you, I am gonna wake you up in your ungodly hour and make you read this before it goes live. After all, you are my Jug.

Some people come into our lives and barely leave any trace while some leave footprints that carves into our soul, and then suddenly, we never be the same.

You, dear friend, have been imbibed upon my heart since day one. When you tapped on my shoulder with your little finger and asked if I wanted to be friends with you? Well, who wouldn't have wanted to be friends with someone who has a magnet pencil case and a box full of color pencils to share with? My answer was obvious. With a smile on your face, you held my hands and you have not let go off me since then. Seasons changed, years passed and we grew up. So did our love and friendship.

There were days when others let me down, and I looked for something or someone to hold on to. When life pulls the rug beneath my feet, you were there to dust me off and tell me everything is going to be okay. You said there’s a thing called Hope, which I can always look forward and hold on to.

I learned from you that friends don't judge each other. When I was singing out loud that Bollywood song - ears plugged, eyes closed, lost myself in the music, you did not judge me. I know you were laughing so hard inside, but still you managed to keep a straight face and assured I have a great voice. That was an utter lie. We both knew it, and so did the neighbors two floors up. Because I do the same with you when you belt out A R Rahman’s. But then it’s terrible when you did not hesitate to embarrass me pulling out the ear plug and make me listen to my tone deaf singing. And I hate you for that!

You taught me to handle my stress and fears. You taught me to be strong and especially not let others to see my weakness. You taught me that the truth hurts but for the best. ‘Do I look good in this outfit?’ Most of the time we will not get the honest answer, but you’ll be the first one to tell me how crappy I look. Thanks to you for letting me know even when I don't want to hear that. Girl, that truly helps!

My anger is pretty expensive and you never complained about it. I literally stop everything that comes my way, like the red traffic signal. It creates so much noise and still you know how to reach me through that chaos, manoeuvre me through the commotion and clear the mood.

You even told me it’s okay to fight. It's an expression that we show to someone who we are comfortable with. My Jug, don't just think that I’m not talking about being a boxer. I mean, I really do. We take our turns being the boxer and the victim but no matter how many punches we throw and the long faces we pull, we find our own ways to make up in a matter of time.

The movies we watched through the night and then realized the sun popped out and we say, 'Shucks, I'm going to bed!'. My dear Zindagi, my partner in crime, my movie companion, my gossip buddy, my dance master and much much more. No matter how far we stay, no matter how many days, weeks and months we have not spoken to each other, we always pick up where we left. Don't we? But that’s what real friends do, right?

My lovely friend, when we grow older to even hold our walking sticks properly, I have no doubt that you will still be the one who could turn my frown into a smile and my tear into a laughter. And I’m pretty sure that we'll still be watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S and laughing until our lungs burst or perhaps, our catheter bags.

Loads of love from,
Your Jug! :)

8 Sept 2016

I miss you, Vaapa!

Well, that pretty much sums it up. This post is entirely dedicated to my dad, who passed away 2 months ago. And that explains my absence here as well. He's been filled my mind and I couldn't write or read anything. I remember the last day when I held his hands and told him to push me hard to check how strong he was. I was talking about taking selfie with him that night. I wish I had clicked one. He slipped quietly in his sleep during the month of Ramadan on a Friday early morning. The holy month of Ramadan gave us patience and strength to handle our loss.

After a week, I had a dream as if I were trying to wake him up from his deep slumber like I always do every morning with a cup of tea. He slowly opened his eyes and smiled at me. He was awake, wide awake. His eyes twinkled in tears. I was overjoyed and pulled him out of his grave. Then together we walked back home. I still remember how I felt in my dream that he was back from death. I called my mom and brothers to tell that I woke vaapa from his sleep. He went into the room and sat in the corner of his bed. I held his hands and asked how it was there in the Hereafter. He replied thoughtfully, it was dark. Consciously in my sleep, I thought to myself, perhaps that was Allah's will not to reveal the Hereafter to us, the living. It felt good when I woke up in the morning and saw the sunlight peeking through my windows, shining bright. It was a nice dream and it gave me hope that everything would be alright.

My father was always there for me. We had some ugly fights and the most beautiful moments to cherish. Having both ups and downs in our relationship, I know he was the one person in my life who would do absolutely anything for me, for his children.

I remember when I was a little girl, my brother and I used to lie down in our roof top with mom and dad, munching apples after dinner, listening to the stories he tell. He brought down the stars and the moon for us. I remember how I walked behind him, jumping and placing my feet in his footprints thinking I'd grow up soon like him. Well, he made a mark in my life but then he always say I am more like my mom and my brothers are more like him.

His old photographs say how cool and stylish he was. He carried himself so well. A charismatic person. He was very passionate. I looked up to him in my growing period. He was the one person who supported me till his last breath. We have had our moments. To smile, to cry, to think, to linger, to reminisce, well, now my memories are soaked in a sepia tone.

Vaapa, I will miss your hugs, your laughs and even your anger. I will miss the fun being with you. I will certainly miss our arguments. I miss our scrabble days. I will miss your complaints. I will miss your stories. I will miss posing for your camera. I will miss how you pull Umma's legs. I will miss your first wish on my birthdays. I miss so many things with you. I really did not know I would miss you this much, and If only I knew.... I miss you, vaapa. I really do.

Sometimes it is hard to accept the reality that he is no more, as I feel his presence everywhere. He is still here with us. He is a part of me. I can feel him in me. I will miss him more than any words can describe. He has given us the love and the care we could always hold onto and I will cherish that forever.

I love you, Vaapa. May Allah grant you the highest ranks in Jannah. Be at peace. Aameen!

30 Aug 2016

Jus' Kidding..! ~ #4

I know I've been hibernating for a while now in our blogosphere, and this comic is to depict the same. Well, I'm coming back soon. Till then enjoy this comic strip and do leave your comments. If not, you'll end up seeing me in your dreams with two big horns and an even longer pointy tail, scaring you. Bwahaha! :D

Oh, Jus' Kidding..! ;-)

28 Aug 2016

Sea Shells

On The Beach #3
More To Follow..

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12 Aug 2016

It's Tea Time!

Sipping my warm tea and slipping farther into the universe..
That very moment of lifting the cup to my lips..

That touch of warmth in my tongue..
That tingling taste is eternity itself,
Transcending time and space!

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3 Aug 2016

And That’s A Four!

While India is belting the West Indies in the Caribbean, while Kabali is running a dream run at the box office, while Amazon is launching their Prime in India, while discounts and sales are tempting us to shop high time and while my cousin gave birth to a baby girl, I just realized that my toddler blog has become a preschooler by completing 4 years since it’s inception in 2012. Coincidentally, this is my 301st post. :)

Happy Birthday, A Rat's Nibble! May you happily live long and bring me prosper. And together we entertain our readers. :D

For the past few weeks, I am living like a hermit in our blogosphere. Family affairs came forth and so my activities started to slow down in blogging as well as socializing with you all, my dear fellow bloggers. But today keeping other matters aside, I am here to invite you all to share my joy on this special day as my nibbling blog turns 4.

The journey of my blogging seems like it had just begun but it’s already 4 years now. Hah, how quick is the time! It has been an incredible experience with each and every post and I would take this moment to Thank You for all your love, wishes, comments, involvement, criticism and support.

Join me to nibble the cake and sing a Happy Birthday song!

27 Jul 2016

Star Of The Sea


On The Beach #2
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19 Jul 2016

Sand Under My Feet

When I walked down the beach and inhaled the fresh salty air,
When I listened to the whispers of the endless sea,
When the wet grainy sand slipped beneath my toes,
There I stood in the shore transfixed,
Waiting for the waves to caress my feet.

Beautiful sunrise and the early morning walk with my friend made my whole day active and fresh. Well, I almost forgot when was the last time I visited the beach in my native. I think, it is more than 2 years and so, I ended up taking million pictures of it. I'll share more pics in the coming weeks. :)

On The Beach #1

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16 Jul 2016

DIY - Bird Feeder With Ice Cream Sticks

My darling budgies need entertainment everyday. They are active and social birds and so I have to make their day as lively as possible with new toys and interesting activities. From paper clips to dried flower basket and rope swing, budgies love to play with them.

Last week, I decided to present my little birds, a bird feeder. While doing it, I realized this will make a wonderful DIY project for kids. It’s quite easy and fun. This simple project will also keep them occupied during their holidays.

And here’s how I did.


Ice Cream Sticks
Sisal Rope
Bird seeds


* Line up 10-12 ice cream sticks neatly. Glue 2 sticks across them and turn it over.
* Do a second row with sticks in opposite direction to strengthen the base.
* Glue sticks on each side alternatively and start making the frame.
* Continue building like a wall on four sides, until it has 6 rows.
* Glue each sticks with a little fevicol and only in the corners.
* Set aside to dry.
* Cut 4 pieces of sisal rope in same length and thread through the bottom row and bring it out. It's ready to
hang now.

Let the kids enjoy doing this and the birds enjoy their food from this lovely little bird feeder. And it costs not more than 20 Rs.

Fill with bird seeds, hang in your garden and treat your little guests. :)

11 Jul 2016

It's Only Us

The worst summer has finally come to a halt in Bangalore. The monsoon started it showers and the breeze brings a lot of happiness in us. The school kids are happy about the surprise holidays, the college goers are happy about the rain drives, the professionals are happy about the granted work from homes and the elders are happy with evening hot teas & snacks. And I think, it is the perfect time to kick start my food journey after a little break in an exceptional manner. I was waiting for the right experience and my wait proved worthwhile.

Us Restaurants was the first one I chose to visit this season. The moment I heard about them, I was so impressed with their concept. It is a new startup restaurant by two aspiring college students. Located at the rooftop of Splendid Plaza, 100ft Road, Koramangala, this restaurant is beginning to gain the limelight.

Us Restaurants has a vast array of cuisine ranging from American to Mexican. To more flavorful food like Moroccan, Italian and French cuisine. It is based on the concept of private dining and the reservations are made 24 hrs in advance. You call them for a reservation and after understanding the occasion, they offer you a menu & setup that would best suit you and you are all set to have a unique experience. My reservation was done for 7-9 PM on a Friday night.

I reached there on time amidst the traffic and soft drizzles. Jessica, the hostess for the evening welcomed me with a pleasant greeting and I was so happy to see 'Welcome Rat' sign at the entrance. That itself made me feel so special.

The place was so cozy to sit out and enjoy the weather while feasting their menu. There was a private dine-in for a couple decorated inside the room. It was really inspiring to see young college grads innovating in the area of dining to provide such a unique service to food lovers.

The lights and d├ęcor was very simple and pleasing. My seat was made of piled up tyres with a cushion top. The table lamps, pickle jar, artificial flowers, wind chimes and other pretty little things accentuated the interior. This is what I call, ‘Simplify and Innovate’.

Cranberry Mocktail

That said, I got my Cranberry Mocktail which was served in a jar. The starters, Kofta Wraps was served on pita bread with Tatziki sauce and Tahini. The wrap was simply delicious. While munching, I peeped into the private dine-in arrangement that was decorated for a couple and honestly, it was lovely. I was sure that the couple are gonna love it.

Kofta Wraps

The low seating, the candles, the hammock, the soft rugs and the music, everything was directed towards having a romantic evening. They have some interesting packages which includes, Live Ambiance, Just Another Date, Anniversary, The First Date, Birthday. Their packages range from INR 1500 to INR 6000 and it’s worth the money for having such a heartfelt experience.

I chose Moroccan cuisine. For the main course, a traditional Moroccan Semolina dish - Moroccan Lemon Chicken with Couscous was served. It was so fresh and steaming. The drizzling sky kick started my hunger, and I was all set to eat.

Moroccan Lemon Chicken with Couscous

The Lemon Chicken was well cooked, baked and basted with Moroccan spices. It was the first time I was having Couscous with Chicken and it was super tasty. I relished the dish along with the rain. It was more like eating food and relaxing in my balcony on a raining evening.

Then came the time for dessert, er.. desserts! Yes, not one, not two but three mouth watering desserts. The White Chocolate served in the signature fondue pot, was accompanied by the 3-tier Uspecial dessert platter.

Chocolate Crinkles

On top were the handmade Chocolate Crinkles, below that an Orange Polenta Cake and at the lower stand, cut fruits were served. I took generously a spoonful of white chocolate and nibbled the cookie, yumm., it was heavenly. Then I tasted the sponge cake with the fondue and at times there a fruit plus chocolate combo tasted. It was like I was having three different desserts at the same time.

The 3-tier dessert platter

The very look of this was so inviting. I felt yummy and full when I finished. These are the kind of the experiences that makes the dining at Us stand out from the regular restaurants.

I wrapped up my evening with a satisfied stomach and a happy heart. I thanked the Chef Kirtana personally and the Hostess Jessica for presenting me a delightful eve. While leaving, I was offered a complimentary take away, which added an extra feather on the hat of this satisfying experience.

They arrange flower bouquet of your choice and cake crafting especially for the couples who celebrate their anniversary. They even accompany you for any assistance for selecting a gift to your partner. Get ready to design a perfect date with Us.

Us understands and adds our preferences within their selection and create a marvelous experience for us. And, only us. Private Dining is a new concept to Bangaloreans. So don't miss visiting this restaurant especially if you have an occasion to celebrate. And hey, did I tell you I have booked this private dining experience for my brother and my sis-in-law, who are celebrating their wedding anniversary this week? Ssh.. It's gonna be a surprise gift for them. :-)

There are very few restaurants out there when you walk out of them you feel that you should definitely suggest this place to family and friends. Us is one such restaurant and I would happily recommend this experience to you all.

Location - Splendid Plaza, 100ft Road, 5th Block, Koramangala
Facebook - Us Restaurants.

My Food Journey Continues...

Us Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

10 Jul 2016

Square Feet Subbu In Tuxedo

Read ---> Square Feet Subbu

Style is the way to say who you are without having to speak. ~ This quote will make sense when you finish reading this post.

I’m basically a Tee shirt person. I always like to wear tees and jeans, even for occasions. She thinks that it’s a grungy outlook and calls it 'Goday', which means uncool in her slang. But I keep myself cool on her comments and stay comfortable in my casuals irrespective of any occasion. We, men, never take such comments on our style from our better-halves seriously until our wardrobe goes for a toss.

Her brother’s marriage reception was approaching and she had made up her mind to dress me up in a Tuxedo.

Do I have a choice?
And, I had to take that with a slice of lemon and a pinch of salt.

I just did not want to loose my tee shirt collections from my wardrobe in the process of denying a tuxedo. Now, you must have got the gist.

I was preparing my mind and body to fit inside the tuxedo. Meanwhile, my plan of buying our dream home was in good progress. A lot of tips from Square Feet Subbu's 'Real Estate Tips Straight From My Lips' and my self-awareness were steering me in the right direction. Amidst my hunt for the perfect house and keeping up with her fashion quotient, Open Secrets Season 2 launched their final video. It cheered me up by giving me a new perspective about style and home buying.

When Square Feet Subbu calls himself and his mirror image Mr. Same to Same, 'Mambalam Types' and was hoping to look like 'Manhattan Boy' after wearing the tuxedo, well, I was able to relate myself. I loved the idea of using Starbucks as the scale to rate an area as upmarket locality. After all, we all are striving to upgrade our lifestyle, isn't it? Be it the choice of cafes we visit or a perfect house we own.

Earlier that evening of the Wedding reception, I took her on a site visit to the DRA Groups - Tuxedo Apartments at Velachery and it was a delightful surprise for her.

Tuxedo - luxury apartments in Chennai

Well, on the other hand I did agree to wear the tuxedo. That evening, I shined like a new penny and the first comment she gave was, 'Semma Peter Po!'.

Happy Wife! Happy Life! Happy Home Buying!
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