25 Feb 2016

Write Your Own Destiny

Life offers endless possibilities but only with the right key, we can unlock them. I’d say, determination is the right key. If you approach life without determination, it might seem like a temporary win, but it will fail you sometime. I got reminded of the journey with hope, determination and confidence of my cousin when I watched this video that says #KhudKoKarBuland. When I ask him, he talks about his hard times and how he turned it into an opportunity to make a better tomorrow for himself.

What if I lose my job today?

How many of us have thought about this question. Until it really happened to me, I never did think of it. One fine morning I lost my job. I was confused, whether to look back and debug or to look forward and worry. I decided to do both but with a different perspective of the past and the future.

We go to school, draw our brains out in college, get grilled in a process of interview and finally land on a job with an average to good paycheck. But once we are on it, we become a part of the rat race to get to the next level. Which for many is a 5-20% incremental pay than the previous year. This goes on for a few years before we realize that we have been in our comfort zones, not stretching. To be precise, we were enjoying the mediocre luxury and not preparing for the worse.

But when you lose your job at this stage of life, it will feel like being thrown into the fire from a frying pan. You never felt that there was nothing wrong with the bowl of stew you had and suddenly you are rejected or picked to leave the job that was fueling your life.This will be like a heavy blow to your faith in yourself and everything you might have believed.

Is failing a problem? Is falling a serious issue? No it’s not. Not trying is the problem and feeling weak to get up is an issue. I never succumbed to this. I looked back into the past and saw my strengths. I looked into the future which had enough challenges including my present, but which will be greener than now, only if I stay determined and confident. There was neither a fear of failure nor a tear of rejection. I was patient, not letting this small stone create ripples of worry into my future.

I gathered myself, with the hope of finding me in a better position. ‘Every failure is an opportunity’ - This statement was actually more meaningful. Everyone has to understand the difference between waiting and being patient. The former involves only hope but the latter has preperation as an ingredient along with hope. I prepared day in and day out, with new knowledge and seeking a higher horizon. It unlocked lots of hidden aspects of my intellect. I suppressed the desperation of getting back in a job, as my hunger for a better me got dominant. I searched for myself.

If you only do what you can do, you will never be more than you are now.  
                                                               ~ Shifu (Kung Fu Panda)

I did and learnt so many things that I would have never imagined being in my previous job. I ended up doing more than what I actually can do. In a few months I landed in a job which was 3X better than my previous one. But that was not only my reward. I found myself.

Basically, determination and planning are the right way to seek out and make use of the possibilities. And this is what I learned from him. Life is very uncertain. Anything can happen anytime. But there’s always something to look forward to.

#KhudKoKarBuland - Raise yourself to such heights where you can write your own destiny.

22 Feb 2016

Go Zzungry!

Weekend just passed. It was a fun weekend to be precise where I skipped my chores, especially my cooking. I just laid back and got cozy with the quilt. Awesome, it was. With my friend joining us for lunch, I was supposed to compromise my laziness and start cooking. But then I had a plan.

Having a multi cuisine dining scenario in Bangalore, nowadays there are food delivery places where they serve 5 star quality food. When I heard about Zzungry, one such food delivery services that promises to deliver authentic food at your door steps, I felt the urge to try.

When I checked the menu from their site, it was quite exciting. The price was reasonable too. I wanted to savor both veg and non veg dishes. So I ordered from their Á la Carte menu. They promised 45 minutes delivery and it was on time. I was happy it came right after my friend arrived.

First thing that impressed me was its neatly packed box as if it was gift wrapped. The food kept in airtight containers which sealed its aroma and warmth.

The food was hot and its aroma filled us with delight, as we opened the boxes. My laziness slipped away and we were ready to hog.

Our lunch began with the starters. Both Veg and Non Veg starters were ample and the taste enhanced when dipped in Mint Chutney.

Paneer Mawa Tikka served in squares, where the paneer filled with minced dry fruits, was just enough to stir our hunger. And the Inji Thairu Murg Kebab, a spicy boneless chicken marinated in ginger, curd and masalas, was cooked in tandoor and perfect to treat our taste buds.

Paneer Mawa Tikka

Inji Thairu Murg Kebab

After the delectable starters, we served the Rotis and Pulao with variety of gravies for the main course.  The Kashmiri Pulao was quite appealing. Basmati rice is cooked with cashews and raisins and garnished with nuts, pomegranate and caramelized onions. As much as it was a visual treat, it tempted us to serve extra spoonful.

Kashmiri Pulao

The Pulao's sweetness complemented with the Chicken Raga Curry was perfect and royal. The tempting flavor of this chicken was absolutely melt-in-your-mouth. Just a bite would be enough to take you on a journey to the princely states of Madhya Pradesh.

The tender lamb cooked with red chillies and onions was succulent in Lamb Shammi Bahar which was a specialty from Kerala.

Lamb Shammi Bahar

Chicken Raga Curry

The hint of cream and cashew gives a rich taste to Hyderabadi Paneer Korma. The paneer and curries were cooked with good flavor and taste, that we felt like having a home cooked food.

Tha Kalonji Paratha was usual and the Nachni Bhutta Paratha was something I had for the first time. It was stuffed with boiled corn and was soft.

Rotis and Hyderabadi Paneer Korma

Then the dessert was served. Anjeer ke Shahi Tukde came as a surprise. It is a famous Hyderabadi cold dessert, with a twist of dry figs. The rich taste of the tukda was accentuated with dry figs and made us surrender to the epicurean prowess of the Nizams.

Anjeer ke Shahi Tukde

Our lunch ended with this sumptuous dessert which acted as a starter for my afternoon nap. The photos here might served half, half and half. But we indeed had a full delicious meal. 

Thanks to Zzungry for serving such a Royal feast to us and yes, I will be glad to order even when I'm not lazy.

Lets Go Zzungry!

Location - Outlets in Indra Nagar and HSR
Website - Zzungry.com

My Food Journey Continues...

Zzungry Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

16 Feb 2016

Hey You, It's Me...

Hey You,

While you're too busy turning on your machine mode at work to even think about me, I sit here missing you like a little girl.

I recall what I was like before you came into my life. It was when I was at the heights of my mood swing and I was grumbling about my so called 'routine' life, you entered like a breeze. I am not at all a open person but then it changed one day, when you buzzed me. I felt like we had some sort of connection. I didn’t see you then. I didn’t know who you were. Your words brought me back my lost strength and filled me with delight. You infact brought ME out of my monotonous self.

Your words sprinkled over
To refresh my brain…
Like a hymn of the drizzling rain…

Remember the first time we spoke over call? I was feeling like a toddler asked to read ‘The Othello’ on stage. But it turned out to be one of the most amazing conversations I’ve ever had. Sparkled with surprises, well staged with sharing our thoughts, sprinkled with witty smiles here and there and it was like solving an exciting puzzle, one line leading to another and so on and so forth. Do you know how long we spoke and what all we spoke? All I could recollect now was the 'Sangeetha Swarangal....' song.

With you, I’m at ease. Always. I don't even have to try so hard to talk. My non stop talk about those goday movies I watched, my hahoo cooking time and even bragging about my birds or then, there comes on and off my mokka jokes. You bear all my nonsense and insanity.

Every moment I spend with you is very precious to me. When we shared the mini Red Velvet cake, the stroll in the park without having to force a conversation and when we watch movies together, but with you there and me here… Simple pleasures, I’d say.

You bring me joy and cheer,
To brighten my mood and make me smile,
I feel you're here and near,
Even when you’re far away, few hundred miles…

I love teasing you, especially when you look at other girls or I purposefully irritate you by talking about the men I ogle. It's fun when you get irritated at those times, theriyuma? When you scold me, though I go bah, I smile heartily at the end, for only you know why. But then after all this connection, do we have anything in common? Nah.. You're North pole and I'm South. You are somewhat intelligent while I’m a know it all. Still we strike incredible conversation that makes us forget the time fly.

While I was going through your folders few days ago, I stumbled on a piece you wrote. It's like I was getting introduced to myself again.

'.....She never got off my mind since that morning. I felt privileged to know her. Her thoughts were deep and clear, but she sounded messy. Her quirky nature was evident, but I felt her innocence. Her tease was silly, but it was sharp. It is so impossible for me to write everything that came to my mind about her. The only words that came out are, “She’s Something”....'

I love you with no limits. I will gladly experience all that the life has to offer, both good and the bad, but with you at my side. You are my courage. You are my happiness. And I wish to whisper sweet nothings into your ear as I grow old with you.

I still live my routine life but it’s not colorless and mundane anymore. I sit here in the silence of my room trying to reminisce my moments with you and to compose my feelings that even poets might have struggled to speak about.

I can't assure your sanity if you are in love with me. But then in love, even craziness makes a lot of sense. What do you say?

It's Me

This post is written for 'Write a love letter campaign by Chennai Bloggers Club.'

11 Feb 2016

A Love Story

Sam waited nervously with a rose
to see his love for the first time.
Jesse reached the coffee shop.
Spotted his checked shirt, she walked to the table smilingly.
As she got closer,
She frowned, ‘You said you look like Ranveer’…
He sneered, ‘Gosh… you said you’re a girl…’
Love story from chat room,

8 Feb 2016

Nobody knows…

Nobody knows the empty smile I wear
Nobody sees even my single tear

Nobody knows that I am in pain
Nobody hears my prayers go in vain

Nobody knows how deep I love you
Nobody sees my feelings for you

Nobody knows if I am gone
Nobody hears when I’m left alone

Nobody knows when I am confused
Nobody sees my happiness refused

Nobody knows what I desire and dream
Nobody hears my muted scream

Nobody knows what I am longing for
Nobody sees what's there in store

Nobody knows the secrets I hold
Nobody hears what my heart was told

Nobody knows, without you, I become restless
Nobody sees me hiding in the darkness

Nobody knows how do I feel
Nobody knows or probably they never will...

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

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3 Feb 2016

A Culinary Journey Thru Asia @ Noodle Bar

I continue my food journey in Bangalore in the pursuit of my love affair with gourmet dishes. While I am looking forward to treat my taste buds with different food, one of the first things of the year was to tick the Oriental cuisine. When Noodle Bar, Bangalore asked me to try their New Menu on a special invite, I was so excited and all set to go on a culinary journey through Asia. After all, as they say, it's going to be Asia on a plate.

Pan India Food Solutions is a leading player in organized retail restaurant business. And their Noodle Bar seems to be a favorable destination to experience the Flavors Of Asia.

On a weekday, I visited Noodle Bar, Phoenix Mall for dinner. As I entered, they greeted me and walked me to my table which was neatly laid. I felt special with their warm gesture. As I walked in, the first thing that impressed me was its beautiful interior. Wooden carvings along with the dim lit ambiance added warmth to the decor. The hanging lanterns and those tiny flowers on the red wall were very Chinese.

As I was settling in the table, Mr. Anish Mathew, the Executive Chef for the South Zone, joined me. He has an overwhelming 12 years of cooking experience and has helped Noodle Bar to maintain its authenticity with the new menu as well. Well, to say, I had a delicious conversation with him which made my dining experience even more special.

First the ‘On Table’ stuff. Every table was served with 6 types of sauces. And I'd say it is a colorful palette. On Table Sauce  - Soya, Mustard, Sweet Coriander, Schezwan, Chilli Vinegar, Sweet Chilli. Pretty much the sauces are apt to tingle every part of one's taste buds. And Sweet Chilli was my personal favorite.

By the time I was going through their elaborate menu, the Kimchi Salad was served. It is an assortment of Cucumber & Carrot, Corn, Pepper & Bean Sprout and Sweet Cabbage. It rightly warmed up my appetite. To start with, from the Coladamania, a seasonal menu of cold beverages, I ordered a mocktail - Mango Caramel Colada. It was shaken, stirred chill and tangy.

Then I was served with a delicious bowl of hot steaming soup. Emperor Noodle Soup enhanced with Prawns served in a chinese bowl was good. The crispy glass noodles on top added crunchiness to the well boiled veggies and prawns. And now my warmed up tummy was all set to roll.

Now after a tête-à-tête with chef, he got to know my love for seafood. He ordered Dimsum for me. Dumplings are my favorites and the credits goes to ‘The Kung Fu Panda’ :P. So I gladly went by his choice. It was the steamy Curried Basa Dumpling served with Mustard Sauce. I just loved the hint of Fish in it. The mustard sauce added a perfect contrast to the dumpling’s taste and was visually appealing.

Starters always make me crave. And here with so many choices, I picked Mandarin Skewered Chicken. It was brought to the table in the mini grill. That kinda presentation made me drool even before my first bite. I’ve never tasted a better juicy chicken starter before. Unlike the regular Manchurians, Kebabs & Tandoors, this was soft and the spices were diffused well into the meat.

Their main course had an innovation. I called it the ‘On Table Buffet’. The ‘Toss it Up - Your Noodles. Your Way’ is their new special menu where the diner is allowed to custom select everything, right from the preparation style, Noodle type and the Ingredients. This gives freedom to the foodies like me to make a very special and unique entree.

I decided to try the Jilin Chicken Gravy & Hokomein Noodles. The gravy had well diced chicken that at one point I was not able to make out the difference between it and the capscicum. The noodles, a Singaporean dish had a very unique flavour and every time I took a mouthful, the aroma filled me delightfully.

Being a sweet tooth, would I leave the place without having dessert? Lime and Lemon Panna Cotta was the best dessert I had in a long time. The firm Panna Cotta stood steady even after slicing 3/4th. The Lime Mint sauce enticed me. After my first bite, I completely got lost in its taste. I would gladly vouch for this lip smacking dessert.

After the dessert, I took a walk with the Chef. He gave me a tour inside the kitchen and then to the rooftop dining area, from where one can have a good view of enjoying a Live concert at the Phoenix Mall.

Upon a special request, I was given their Gelato Italiano - Mango Passion Fruit Ice Cream as a finishing touch. My stomach was full but still light after this sumptuous meal. Noodle Bar gave me that warm chirpy effervescent feel.

The dishes were served on time, the table was kept clean throughout, the hospitality was good and the ambiance was pleasing. Altogether, it was a delectable food experience.

It is a lovely place to sit and talk over your dinner with friends and family. The price was affordable too. It would cost around INR 1200 for two.

Would I go again? Yes, definitely! I'd love to devour the Asia on my plate. :)

If you love Oriental cuisine or a foodie who tries different cuisines, then this place is a 'Must Dine' for you!

Location - 1st Floor, Phoenix MarketCity, Whitefield, Bangalore.

My Food Journey Continues...

Noodle Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

1 Feb 2016

Wayanad Memories

In the midst of Tea plantation….
From Wayanad Memories!

Also shared in Wordless Wednesday

Isn't this click Vibrant?
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