22 Feb 2016

Go Zzungry!

Weekend just passed. It was a fun weekend to be precise where I skipped my chores, especially my cooking. I just laid back and got cozy with the quilt. Awesome, it was. With my friend joining us for lunch, I was supposed to compromise my laziness and start cooking. But then I had a plan.

Having a multi cuisine dining scenario in Bangalore, nowadays there are food delivery places where they serve 5 star quality food. When I heard about Zzungry, one such food delivery services that promises to deliver authentic food at your door steps, I felt the urge to try.

When I checked the menu from their site, it was quite exciting. The price was reasonable too. I wanted to savor both veg and non veg dishes. So I ordered from their Á la Carte menu. They promised 45 minutes delivery and it was on time. I was happy it came right after my friend arrived.

First thing that impressed me was its neatly packed box as if it was gift wrapped. The food kept in airtight containers which sealed its aroma and warmth.

The food was hot and its aroma filled us with delight, as we opened the boxes. My laziness slipped away and we were ready to hog.

Our lunch began with the starters. Both Veg and Non Veg starters were ample and the taste enhanced when dipped in Mint Chutney.

Paneer Mawa Tikka served in squares, where the paneer filled with minced dry fruits, was just enough to stir our hunger. And the Inji Thairu Murg Kebab, a spicy boneless chicken marinated in ginger, curd and masalas, was cooked in tandoor and perfect to treat our taste buds.

Paneer Mawa Tikka

Inji Thairu Murg Kebab

After the delectable starters, we served the Rotis and Pulao with variety of gravies for the main course.  The Kashmiri Pulao was quite appealing. Basmati rice is cooked with cashews and raisins and garnished with nuts, pomegranate and caramelized onions. As much as it was a visual treat, it tempted us to serve extra spoonful.

Kashmiri Pulao

The Pulao's sweetness complemented with the Chicken Raga Curry was perfect and royal. The tempting flavor of this chicken was absolutely melt-in-your-mouth. Just a bite would be enough to take you on a journey to the princely states of Madhya Pradesh.

The tender lamb cooked with red chillies and onions was succulent in Lamb Shammi Bahar which was a specialty from Kerala.

Lamb Shammi Bahar

Chicken Raga Curry

The hint of cream and cashew gives a rich taste to Hyderabadi Paneer Korma. The paneer and curries were cooked with good flavor and taste, that we felt like having a home cooked food.

Tha Kalonji Paratha was usual and the Nachni Bhutta Paratha was something I had for the first time. It was stuffed with boiled corn and was soft.

Rotis and Hyderabadi Paneer Korma

Then the dessert was served. Anjeer ke Shahi Tukde came as a surprise. It is a famous Hyderabadi cold dessert, with a twist of dry figs. The rich taste of the tukda was accentuated with dry figs and made us surrender to the epicurean prowess of the Nizams.

Anjeer ke Shahi Tukde

Our lunch ended with this sumptuous dessert which acted as a starter for my afternoon nap. The photos here might served half, half and half. But we indeed had a full delicious meal. 

Thanks to Zzungry for serving such a Royal feast to us and yes, I will be glad to order even when I'm not lazy.

Lets Go Zzungry!

Location - Outlets in Indra Nagar and HSR
Website - Zzungry.com

My Food Journey Continues...

Zzungry Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


  1. Didn't know about them. I often order from FoodPanda or Faasos. Will try the next time! :D
    Stiletto Maniac

    1. This is a new launch and they are pretty good. You should try, Bushra. :)

  2. The concept of the gift warp is unique. I wish they had outlets here in Kolkata too..

    1. Hope they open there soon. Thanks Maniparna :)

  3. This looks so yum. Didn't know about them though. Thanks for letting me know :)

  4. The food looks so yummy especially the Paneer Mawa Tikka :)

  5. Good post, but wrong time to eat it, mmm. I mean read it.. ..now I am hungry

    1. Lol happy to have tingled your taste buds. Thanks Prasad :)

  6. That surely sounds delicious and inviting.

  7. Mouth watering, I want all the vegetarian stuff and specially the anjeer kitukde!

    1. Yeah the dessert was too good :)
      Keep visiting, Mridula.

  8. Luck you! They all look mouthwatering dear :)


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