25 Feb 2016

Write Your Own Destiny

Life offers endless possibilities but only with the right key, we can unlock them. I’d say, determination is the right key. If you approach life without determination, it might seem like a temporary win, but it will fail you sometime. I got reminded of the journey with hope, determination and confidence of my cousin when I watched this video that says #KhudKoKarBuland. When I ask him, he talks about his hard times and how he turned it into an opportunity to make a better tomorrow for himself.

What if I lose my job today?

How many of us have thought about this question. Until it really happened to me, I never did think of it. One fine morning I lost my job. I was confused, whether to look back and debug or to look forward and worry. I decided to do both but with a different perspective of the past and the future.

We go to school, draw our brains out in college, get grilled in a process of interview and finally land on a job with an average to good paycheck. But once we are on it, we become a part of the rat race to get to the next level. Which for many is a 5-20% incremental pay than the previous year. This goes on for a few years before we realize that we have been in our comfort zones, not stretching. To be precise, we were enjoying the mediocre luxury and not preparing for the worse.

But when you lose your job at this stage of life, it will feel like being thrown into the fire from a frying pan. You never felt that there was nothing wrong with the bowl of stew you had and suddenly you are rejected or picked to leave the job that was fueling your life.This will be like a heavy blow to your faith in yourself and everything you might have believed.

Is failing a problem? Is falling a serious issue? No it’s not. Not trying is the problem and feeling weak to get up is an issue. I never succumbed to this. I looked back into the past and saw my strengths. I looked into the future which had enough challenges including my present, but which will be greener than now, only if I stay determined and confident. There was neither a fear of failure nor a tear of rejection. I was patient, not letting this small stone create ripples of worry into my future.

I gathered myself, with the hope of finding me in a better position. ‘Every failure is an opportunity’ - This statement was actually more meaningful. Everyone has to understand the difference between waiting and being patient. The former involves only hope but the latter has preperation as an ingredient along with hope. I prepared day in and day out, with new knowledge and seeking a higher horizon. It unlocked lots of hidden aspects of my intellect. I suppressed the desperation of getting back in a job, as my hunger for a better me got dominant. I searched for myself.

If you only do what you can do, you will never be more than you are now.  
                                                               ~ Shifu (Kung Fu Panda)

I did and learnt so many things that I would have never imagined being in my previous job. I ended up doing more than what I actually can do. In a few months I landed in a job which was 3X better than my previous one. But that was not only my reward. I found myself.

Basically, determination and planning are the right way to seek out and make use of the possibilities. And this is what I learned from him. Life is very uncertain. Anything can happen anytime. But there’s always something to look forward to.

#KhudKoKarBuland - Raise yourself to such heights where you can write your own destiny.


  1. Very well-written, Meera...life is full of challenges and we must prepare ourselves to face them... :-)

  2. So well said... I loved the quote and very happy for you because you chose to be winner and not a victim... Keep going gal!

  3. Determination & planning can help a lot. May we all be buland no matter what life offers...

  4. Life is full of complexities, all we need is the guts to prove ourselves as the fittest struggle of our existence. Very well written Meera :)

    1. May we all prove ourselves the fittest. Thanks Maitreni :)

  5. It is these hurdles that make us stronger and make life more interesting. Great stuff girl!

  6. The only problem is that we shouldn't be caught off-guard when we are debt ridden. That's the worst thing to happen. Get fired when you have your payments outstanding.

    I'm sure you will brave yourself through this situation. Good luck!

  7. planning is a must. nice post! all the best :)


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