29 Mar 2016

That Day...

That day, when the dew drops touched the grass gleefully, I saw you were holding me close.

That day, when you held my hand, your eyes spoke silently while I heard their whispers loud.

That day, when your warmth embraced me, I realized love was nothing but an infinite feeling, vast and irresistible, soft yet so strong.

That day, when the breeze played the melody in our ears, I wish I had said something to you.

That day, when the setting sun gazed at us, I couldn't say what I felt but I still remember what happened to me.

That day, when you bade and left, my vision blurred, I did not know it would be the last day to see you alive.

That day, when the sun smiled at me radiantly, I knew that my love for you lives forever.  

#ThatDay Written for Indispire #110
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  1. That day seems to be quite memorable ;) Lovely! :D

  2. That day forever etched ! Nice one :))
    At jensysg21.wordpress.com

  3. beautifully captured emotions

  4. That day was full of emotions..

  5. Poignant and immensely romantic at the same time. True love lives forever...

  6. Very nice ... but did you mean to link to "The Tuesday Platform" - Did you resurrect an old challenge for "Play it Again"?

  7. You use of anaphora keeps one's focus on the idea of a day being an eternity.

  8. Makes one wonder why? Why didn't she say, respond? Did she have an premonition of bizarre plans in the works? I spent over a year knowing and possibly loving a young lass when I was young, to be jilted when her boyfriend returned and was discharged from the Air Force.

  9. That day lives on in your memory...a beautiful love remembered. Lovely writing!

  10. Sad to have not said the words....but a beautiful golden day to remember. Perhaps he knew what you did not say by the look in your eyes.

  11. Thank you all for your lovely comments. I'm glad you liked it. Means a lot :)
    Keep visiting! :)

  12. sometimes it is not easy to say .. but the eyes say it all ..

  13. Nicely put story in a poetic way. I hope you enjoy reading my prompt usage- http://lifethroughmybioscope.com/that-day-i-was-shattered/


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