10 Apr 2016

Early Morning At Jenny’s

The soup is getting ready, the name board blinks
The dog barking outside, the kitchen door creaks,
I relish a mouthful of Cinnamon Apple doughnut,
He enters the cafe while the jukebox plays my favorite song,
I hum along, it’s early in the morning at Jenny's.

The smoke fills the room, the light flickers,
I look at him taking the corner seat,
The guy in his formals, every girl would dream of
Sipping the water with lemon, he surfs the menu.
The chef yells, it's early in the morning at Jenny's.

The waitress in her stained pink dress,
Her fingernails painted patchy and lumpy blue,
She is kinda pretty but looking a mess,
Carries the plate of steak and stew
She serves, it’s early in the morning at Jenny's.

The door screeches, and the cop walks in,
Trying to look cool, he waves at the waitress.
His pot belly bulging out of his pants,
As he gulps down a glass of beer,
He burps, it’s early in the morning at Jenny's.

The shabby fellow looks like a con
Just finishes his meal and counting his change
Bagel and coffee costs fifty bucks
Fishing his torn wallet to pay the bill
He frowns, it's early in the morning at Jenny's.

Dusky skin, clean shaven look,
That handsome guy walks right past me
And feeds the jukebox with his coins
He is, I think, a good match for the pretty waitress,
The dog barks, it's early in the morning at Jenny's.

I sip the black coffee, glaring at my plate
The doughnut screams at me madly,
'You should watch your size, your tummy is growing
All the fat settling down there. Can't you just see?’
I snub, it’s early in the morning at Jenny's.

The guy eating his piping hot steak,
The waitress keeps filling the cop's mug,
The shabby fellow still shuffling his coins
I take another mouthful of doughnut and watch
The cop yawns, it's early in the morning at Jenny's.

The cop orders for the take away but never bothers to pay.
As I wipe the sticky apple sauce at the corner of my lips,
The handsome guy stands right in front of me grinning,
Frozen like wood, I stare at him for a sec, then swipe his card
And smile, it's early in the morning at Jenny's.

The cop shows his crooked teeth at me,
'Hey Jenny, this is too good', raising his half eaten sandwich.
The board blinks, the jukebox continues to play,
The door bell clinks, a new customer walks in.
It's early in the morning at Jenny's.

I fancy observing people and the place.

Prompt : Waitress Watch & Wood - This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.


  1. you've created some breathtaking moments here Meera...

  2. An atmospheric peek at cafe life. Colourful characters.

  3. Very detailed and interesting observations. It reminded me of the song from Suzanne Vega, "Tom's Diner"

  4. Lots of atmosphere ...nicely done...

  5. It's raining early morning in your blog :)

    Destination Infinity

  6. I really loved this poem of such observation for us picture your words. Beautifully done.

  7. I love the filmic quality of this - felt i was right there at Jenny's :)

  8. Ha, good one. I loved the unfolding of the scene and the surprise discovery of the narrator's identity.

  9. That's quite the story already in an early morning at Jenny's. I appreciate the detailed narration for it made me feel I was there too, casting a role to your well crafted piece. Well done! :)

  10. You created such a vivid picture of a typical morning at cafe.

  11. Wow! I could visualize it all :D Lovely.

  12. This was great fun. A terrific story, and delightful cast of characters. I think it would be fun to experience an early morning at Jenny's!!

  13. Oh I love the characters.. and even more the unfolding of the identity of Jenny... very well told.

  14. Oh! So beautiful Meera... Loved it :)

  15. A whole story here that mesmerized me from beginning to end....a song or movie playing out in verse...a world, a life...what characters! Magical.

  16. I could picture it all so clearly through your words.

  17. Lovely Meera aka Jenny :)
    Wanna be at Jenny's too :)

  18. Beautifully executed... Loved it from beginning toll end. :)

  19. I enjoyed the way in which your poem develops like a movie. Very visual.

  20. This is so wonderful. Loved the tiny observations that you have included in the poem :)

  21. Love the way you set the scene and crafted it so that the reader feels a part of the early morning at Jenny's!

  22. Great observations from different angles in the cafe....great writing Merra!

  23. I'd like to go to Jenny's in the morning and witness what happens at Jenny's.

  24. Wonderful observations/story.

  25. I like the imagery in the poem, setting was beautifully described

  26. Hmm..felt like i sitting by the window in lush green surroundings reading a book and sipping a coffee..well done girl!

  27. oooh being at jenny's early morning is surly worth a trip..
    and what is a cop doing there are they not supposed to be at Donut shops :)

  28. Enjoyed your observation of clients and food, it feels so cozy in your cafe, peacefully and totally satisfied even if someone gains extra pounds ;)

  29. Hi Meera! I enjoyed your descriptions and lifelike characters. Well done. :D xx

  30. Thank you all for such overwhelming comments. I'm happy that the visuals came to life for your eyes. Keep visiting :)

  31. I was right there and now I want a donut and coffee.

  32. Such an interesting vantage point from which to describe people. I can relate to the doughnut woes.

  33. Enjoyed your story and your colorful characters. Would love to sit there and watch.

  34. The view from a table...A theater of characters to watch. Creative!

  35. Oh, I thought I had commented on this before. But whether or no, enjoyed reading it all over again.

    1. Oh yes, now I see my earlier comment. Now you can have three! :-)

  36. oh....I want to be there, early in the morning at Jenny's! Fancy those observations indeed. LOVE the details. It seems I'm eavesdropping on the corner neighborhood cafe -- looking in the window at this scene. And then the twist -- it's Jenny's view! :) Really well done!

  37. I like people watching in places like this. I ended up making a cup of coffee to drink while I read

  38. I like people watching in places like this. I ended up making a cup of coffee to drink while I read

  39. Great ballad at Jenny's in the morning. Loved the rhythm and the picture you painted


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