1 May 2016

The Conversation

She stared at me with a sad and dazed look.

What’s your problem?
I am not happy.
Ahem.. Were you happy yesterday?
Well, I think so.
If only you’ve a clear mind, then sadness will not trouble you.
I am not sad everyday.

Okay… So what’s your problem today?
As if you don’t know.
Hmph, tell me one more time.
Gosh… I am tired of talking about it.
Whatever it is… Put down your sorrow in words and that will solve half of your trouble.
I am trying to find out why I am being like this today.

Look dear, whatever it is, please let it go. Life is like that. There is so much to see. Don’t let down your hopes for nothing.
Oh Great. Enough of your lecture.
You know, you are such a jerk.
Yeah, whatever… Now shut up, will you?

C’mon why are you staring at me… You're so irritating.
Ok I close my eyes if you don’t want me to see you.
Ufff, what are you trying to say now?? Be clear. I don’t have all day.
Sheesh.. Look at you, like a grumpy old woman complaining on everything and everyone.
:-/ Ok. Fine, I am listening. Tell me what should I do now?  Make me happy, can you?
Well, if you want me to make you happy, I want you to talk to me first.

Hell, I'm doing that right now…!
Oh dear! You’re not talking but only trying to shut me up, aren’t you?
Forget it, I have work. No time to argue with you.
Let me help you.
No need. I will take care of myself.
Phew! You are such an annoyance, Girl!
Thanks for your concern. You know, I hate you when you’re so dominating.

Oh after all, I am you!
Oh yeah, I am you. Thanks for reminding. I’m leaving.
Hey, wait you forgot something.
You said you'll write a blog post today.
Damn, yeah. I'll write something before I go.

But do you think you can write with this mood?
I don’t know but let me try.
I have an idea.
Why don’t you write down your conversation with me?
Ah. now that’s a good idea.

Do you think so?
But will you write every word you talked to me?
Yeah, I will.
Don’t you think that will make it a lengthy post?
Let it be.

I love you.
I love you too!
Will you write this one?
Oh yeah, I will.

:-/ This one too??

and I just did it!

Prompt : Me Against Myself - This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.


  1. Interesting conversation...sometime that is all we need...talk to somebody...liked it...

    1. Talking helps a lot. Thanks Prasad :)

  2. Great idea! But...don't you know what make you happy? :)x

    1. Of course we all know what makes us happy. I believe talking to oneself makes it easier to spot it. Thanks Humbird. :)

  3. Wow! This is super cool. And, yes, I know it's been a while since I read your posts. Looks like i've plenty to catch up :P

    1. lol thanks. you have lot to catch up then. Keep visiting :)

  4. So beautiful... Reminds me of the "Bickering" column I have in my blog... :)

    1. I'm happy this reminds you of what you write, Loco. I'll check that column in your blog. :)

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks so much. Welcome to my blog, Rakhi. :)

  6. Quite an interesting convo Meera. Thoroughly enjoyed reading it! Sometimes all we need is a confidante to share :')

  7. Intriguing...we need to talk in this way, sometimes.... :-) Nice post, Meera... :-)

  8. Intriguing convo but was it between you and your inner self? Well I thought so, until I went back and reread the first few lines again :P Sometimes I have the same convo with myself :D

    1. Hah. good you figured that out, Najm. :P We all do that, aren't we? Keep visiting! :)

  9. Some of the most difficult and interesting conversations are the ones we have with ourselves! Nice one, I liked the ending :)

    Destination Infinity

    1. Glad you enjoyed the conversation, Rajesh :)


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