1 Jun 2016

Scarves And Style From Iralzo

Summer has come to an end and spring is yet to bloom. The spring fashion is always enticing and fresh. But whatever new styles flow in, the trend of wearing scarf has never changed. I'm not talking about thick winter scarves now but about the easy to wear accessory that transforms a simple look to an outfit worth talking about. Well, scarves are one of those little luxuries we can afford.

Pretty floral, geometric patterns, solid colors, bright prints.. I adore scarfs of all kind. Well, there is nothing quite like a gorgeous scarf that completes my look. I have a good collection of scarves but still I can never get enough of them. Call me greedy when it comes to buying scarfs.

I recently received a little package from Iralzo. As I opened, two beautiful scarves fell out of it. What more do I need to be happy? A dusty pink scarf with pretty floral and a striped infinity scarf. The colors are attractive and the fabric soft, I am in love with both of them.

Iralzo is an online store where they sell lovely apparels, gorgeous scarves and stoles, comfortable bags and wallets, beautiful sarongs and pretty hair accessories. Being a Hijab person, I got impressed with their scarf collection. It is affordably priced with a varied range of colors and materials. An array of thick woolen scarfs, luxurious silk scarfs and colorful pashminas, delicate chiffon scarfs and casual cotton scarfs immediately grabbed my attention.

Iralzo is a young and passionate online fashion brand in India that delivers a sheer and a forward thinking accessories and clothing. Iralzo inspires, creates and designs something new every day. Their specialty is scarves. Their collection primarily focuses on quality, color, style and comfort. With the finest quality of fabric and some lovely designs, they deliver products that would make you feel stylish. Get ready to go out and have fun in style.

At Iralzo, shopping experience is happier as we receive discount vouchers on every purchase we make.

The first thing I loved about this scarf is the beautiful pastel color. It suits my complexion and goes with just about anything. Adorned with blossoming flowers, this dusty pink flock print scarf makes a gorgeous statement accessory. Lightweight and soft, this cotton blend scarf lends luxury and style to any lacklustre outfit. The color and the floral print instantly add a feminine touch. I think I can even wear it two way, which is an added advantage.

This is the first infinity scarf in my collection. It is so easy to wear. All you have to do is, put it over your neck and wrap it twice. Voila! It stays in place all day, without even having to adjust it. With its delicate airy fabric, it is comfortable to wear. The breathable material makes it great all over the year. The bright yet complementing colors in this jersey snood gives a vivid style. Wear it with a casual denim and tee for an instant glam look.

There are numerous ways to wear scarf but I love wearing it as Hijab.

Iralzo offers 15% discount on your next purchase. Apply the coupon code 15%FLATOFF while checking out the cart. This coupon valid till 29/11/2017.

Scarves are always classy and practical. They make an excellent gift too. Get ready for a beautiful day and treat yourself with these gorgeous scarves and more, from Iralzo.

Website - Iralzo
Facebook - IralzoIndia


  1. Oh the striped one looks so beautiful!!

  2. such a beautiful scarf
    keep in touch

    1. Good to see you here Pooja after so long. Keep visiting! :)

  3. I love the beige one! So pretty... Love how u draped it with the glasses and took the pic... hehe...

    1. Thanks Rafeeda. I loved that too. :)

  4. Nice post Mira and the scarves are attractive too.

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks and Welcome to my space, Abhishek :)

  6. I guess people here may want to wait for a few months to buy scarves as it's quote HOT in Chennai :)

    Destination Infinity

    1. But scarves are for all seasons, right? And the scarves displayed here are lightweight and I think they are perfect summer spring accessory, Rajesh :)

  7. Pretty collection. I usually buy fashion clothes from shein, now I will try find these collection at Shein, as it offer best discounts on latest collection using Shein Vouchers. Nice post

    Keep posting such wonderful posts!!


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