10 Jul 2016

Square Feet Subbu In Tuxedo

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Style is the way to say who you are without having to speak. ~ This quote will make sense when you finish reading this post.

I’m basically a Tee shirt person. I always like to wear tees and jeans, even for occasions. She thinks that it’s a grungy outlook and calls it 'Goday', which means uncool in her slang. But I keep myself cool on her comments and stay comfortable in my casuals irrespective of any occasion. We, men, never take such comments on our style from our better-halves seriously until our wardrobe goes for a toss.

Her brother’s marriage reception was approaching and she had made up her mind to dress me up in a Tuxedo.

Do I have a choice?
And, I had to take that with a slice of lemon and a pinch of salt.

I just did not want to loose my tee shirt collections from my wardrobe in the process of denying a tuxedo. Now, you must have got the gist.

I was preparing my mind and body to fit inside the tuxedo. Meanwhile, my plan of buying our dream home was in good progress. A lot of tips from Square Feet Subbu's 'Real Estate Tips Straight From My Lips' and my self-awareness were steering me in the right direction. Amidst my hunt for the perfect house and keeping up with her fashion quotient, Open Secrets Season 2 launched their final video. It cheered me up by giving me a new perspective about style and home buying.

When Square Feet Subbu calls himself and his mirror image Mr. Same to Same, 'Mambalam Types' and was hoping to look like 'Manhattan Boy' after wearing the tuxedo, well, I was able to relate myself. I loved the idea of using Starbucks as the scale to rate an area as upmarket locality. After all, we all are striving to upgrade our lifestyle, isn't it? Be it the choice of cafes we visit or a perfect house we own.

Earlier that evening of the Wedding reception, I took her on a site visit to the DRA Groups - Tuxedo Apartments at Velachery and it was a delightful surprise for her.

Tuxedo - luxury apartments in Chennai

Well, on the other hand I did agree to wear the tuxedo. That evening, I shined like a new penny and the first comment she gave was, 'Semma Peter Po!'.

Happy Wife! Happy Life! Happy Home Buying!


  1. haha your posts are always fun to read, nevertheless this one too! :)

    1. I'm glad to know that you enjoy my posts. Thank you, Maitreni. Keep visiting! :)


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