13 Feb 2017

Hasini, We Failed You!

It is very depressing and haunting to read about child molestation. And when that happens in India where we boast about our cultural and family values, it is very distressing. Here, we plan our lives to revolve around our young ones. From their birth, we work towards their good life and strive to give them the best possible things we can. From toys to education to clothes to marriage, every child is their parent's’ life’s gravity.

After reading the recent missing case of the 7 year old Chennai girl Hasini, molested by her 22 year old neighbor, I felt pathetic and got lost for few hours that I could not even grab myself.

We say, killing a girl child in the womb is sin and punishable. But after hearing about such crimes against female, woman or a little girl, I thought, instead of a girl being born, grown up and suffer in the hands of merciless people, it is safer for her to remain stillborn. But no, that is not the solution to this issue, nor I support that. I am only talking out of my anguish. I am hurt. I am stressed. I am angry. I am helpless.

Every time we hear about such heinous crime, it leaves a scar and we tend to seek a lesson for the safety of us and our loved ones. But how serious are we taking it? At most, we raise our voices against the incident and lit candles and go on a procession. But soon we will forget this and move on with our life. That’s how life goes and that’s normal, after all. But as a parent can they forgive themselves to leave their 7 year old girl alone at home and go for shopping? Now, who would have imagined that such ill minded people live among them? It's hard for me to even discuss about that incident.

Nowadays, the younger generation is being offered great opportunities to explore and learn. But are the education institutions giving importance to moral values and guide them towards a responsible society? What's the point of studying (a+b)2 = a2 + b2 + 2ab and excel in it, when we don't even understand the fundamental of living and to respect our fellow human being? Our academics teaches how to come first and earn money in this competitive world but least bothered about basic manners and values.

We should focus on teaching our children moral values more than just the school subjects. If not, we fail as a parent. It’s cruel to pluck away a child’s innocence but it is our duty to prepare them to face the good and the bad in the society. As one big family, we should be considerate about every incident that happen around us, and take it as a personal lesson and create awareness. If we cannot build a better future for our children, we as a society fail miserably. Together we should create a safer environment to live.

With the accused proven guilty and the justice about to be served, we should be focusing more on creating awareness, and take preventive measures and strict judicial guard rails against the criminals.

This terrible incident, which shook the entire nation, is not the first. And this will not be the last. We all know, somewhere someone gets affected, as long as there's no real solution. But where lies the solution? Shame, that we are helpless to stop such inhuman activities happening around us.

No words can console the child's parents. All we can do now is to pray for that little soul.


  1. from 8 months old to an 80 yr old all women are prone to rape because there is punishment for the rapist. Even after the strict laws proceedings are so much delayed that lawyers either finds loopholes in the case or destroy evidences. Without strict punishment this problem is not going to solve. See the much hyped Nirbhaya case's rapist are verge on release from the jail.

    1. Delayed justice is justice denied. Our law should be even more strict and tight with no loopholes. Only that will ensure others should fear to even think of such heinous crime. But is it possible? From Nirbhaya to Hasini, sadly the list is long.

  2. The torture can't be expressed in words!

    I believe the implementation of laws has to be strengthened...it is relatively difficult (and get away with) to commit such crimes in the US because the judicial system sends you to jail for good here! That is the only solution, as I see.

    1. True, with no stricter law, there can never be a proper solution. As a parent, we should be watchful too. I think that's the most thing we can do to our child.

  3. I am pained too when I read such news and so much happens beyond this too.
    Indeed we need solution to this but again what is the solution.

    1. We have been talking about this for years but still can't find a solution. Or have we found the root cause? I wonder where we are really heading to. It's sad.

  4. From a baby girl to old woman, from commoner to celebrity, every woman lives with constant fear for their safety! It almost feels like no woman's safe!

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