20 Feb 2017

The Heart Listens To No One ~ Book Review

The Heart Listens to No One is an E-Book written by Purba Chakraborty. It is a beautiful collection of love poems. It has 35 poems altogether exploring different emotions. Love, Longing, Romance, Fond reminiscence and Separation. It made me feel and dripped in love.

There are different kinds of love stories, but they have one thing in common. It's music. When we fall in love, our heart becomes an orchestra of emotions which churns out a beautiful song, audible only to the hearts of the lover. Our heart hums its own song. Its magical. Its melodious. I am not a poetic person and I am not that romantic either. But some of these poems made me fall in love.

About the author - Purba Chakraborty is one of my blog acquaintances who writes some beautiful poetry and she is well versed in the art of conveying the emotions through her poems. Even though she has written couple of novels earlier and contributed her poems in several anthologies, this is her first poetry book. She blogs at Love, Laugh and Reflect.

The Heart Listens To No One honey soaked me with love and lots of love. A bit too much for me to handle though. This book is comprised of five sections and each consists of 7 poems. Romance, fond memories, unconditional love, longing and partition.

The book title is apt and the cover page is lovable. The writing is good. Each poem tells a story and also brings out varied emotions naturally. The language is simple with good usage of words. The words flow smoothly and they are enriched in meaning.

Be it prose or poetry, I enjoy when it is simple and easy to understand. So whenever I encountered complex/big words, especially in few poems, they break my reading flow. The best poems were those which the author kept it simple and relatable.

I loved A dozen love letters. It was so romantic. Short, simple and powerful.

We looked into each other's eyes,
Uninterrupted, for a few lazy minutes,
As I blinked, I felt as if we have exchanged..
At least a dozen love letters.
Imperceptible Corridor was quite brilliant. The author well expressed the yearning for the lover.

You're stuck between my heart and eyes
Your secret self
Wander in that imperceptible corridor
You can never free yourself
Try as much as you may.
Painting In my heart was very vivid especially since we can picture the love growing in a canvas with interesting and enticing use of words that describes the painting.

The moment I lost my heart to you
My heart became a canvas of your painting,
Never did I know before
A loss can be enticing…

Overall, the complex emotion of love was explored in different ways by the author and successfully touched a chord in my heart.

Heart that listen to No one -  is a treat for poetry lovers. It does hum its own song...


  1. Thank you for your discerning and wonderful review, Meera. I especially appreciate your comments on the 3 poems that you've mentioned. I am glad the book could touch a chord in your heart.

  2. Beautiful review.
    Best wishes to Purba. Greetings.

  3. from your review and the poems you have mentioned the book sounds interesting, beautifully reviewed

  4. Matters of heart too complex ..yet unavoidable

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