6 Mar 2017

Paper Boat ~ Drinks And Memories

Summer is here already. Our sun-baked and parched days have just begun. Sinking in thirst and bathing in sweat, it is no more fun like we once had. Remember those days, how much we loved to go out and played under the sun. Only to come back home to gulp down the drinks and munch the snacks our Mom serves. Those were our carefree days. Back then our lifestyle was a lot healthier.

Hector Beverages’ Paper Boat drinks are already becoming a household name, for they promise Drinks and Memories. Paper Boat has some tasty set of flavorful drinks that sure will stir your old memories.

Every season, they introduce new flavor and the recent additions are Panakam and Chilli Guava. I received the package from the company itself. It was neatly packed in a jute bag and the moment I eyed on it, I thought, it is one perfect gift I received this season. Panakam is a combination of Jaggery, Ginger and Lemon. And Chilli Guava, should I say about it? I bet most of us drool over the name itself.

Fruit Juices, Nannari Sarbath, Buttermilk and Panakaram are the regular treat to us at home, during summer. We prepare Panakaram/Panakam at home and serve at family functions, especially on hot days. Paper Boat's Panakam was sweet and more like home made, while Chilli Guava was bit tangy. Imagine, the days when you wait for your school bell to ring and then you rush out to that old lady who sells chilli guava in her basket. This drink tasted exactly like the fresh guava slice sprinkled with chilli powder and salt. Already salivating, isn't it?

Compared to the regular sugar heavy beverages available in the market, Paper Boat drinks are sure a change. Even though the products claim to have no colors, no preservatives, no artificial flavors, there is the addition of natural and natural identical flavors. Apparently, its not 100% natural, but it gets close to the authentic taste and flavor.

I enjoyed the Paper Boat's Panakam while my mom loved Chilli Guava the most.


Paper Boat serves drinks with traditional ingredients. Completely Indian. It comes in eco-friendly and hygienic packages with tightly screwing lid so you can carry anywhere and anytime even after you open and had your first sip. Their appealing package you see in the stores, is easy to tempt you to try their drinks. And you will not be disappointed.

Last week, I received this cute package. And to my surprise, my favorite Kadalai Mittai is inside. It is handy to carry one or two packets in bag whenever you travel. Well, that's what I do, so I can nibble if I feel hungry at late nights. Paper Boat's Kadalai Mittai is bit crunchy but lot sweeter. And it is Glutten Free.

They have sent me a pink metal box as well. That too stirs my memory. In one such box I used to store my precious little things during my school days. From my broken school badges to pair-less earring or my cute key chains. well, that box used to hold a lot inside, like Akshayapaatra. :P

A walk down the memory lane.
Waking up to the chirps of the sparrows in my garden..
Chasing behind the dragonflies to keep them inside the matchbox for fun..
Collecting silk worms from the school yard and grows in my geometry box..
Playing in the water after the rains and, the tiny colorful paper boats I let to sail in the puddle..

Those carefree days may have gone but my memories remain.

Ever wondered how memories would taste? Well, that's what Paper Boat offers and mostly they give it right. Buy any flavor you want and taste your memories. They have variety of flavors. Aamras, Kokum, Jamun, Neer Mor, Ginger Lemon Tea and more.

Cost - A 250ml packet is Rs.30/- and a 31g Kadalai Mittai packet is Rs.10/-

We have crossed many years since childhood and now they all might look like it happened once upon a time. But whatever we had back then, are still here waiting for us to see and experience. Look around you. Life is still beautiful.

Paper Boat serves us delicious drinks (and now, sweets too) to relish and happy memories to cherish.

Website - Paper Boat Facebook - Paper Boat

PS - This is a sponsored post. However, the opinions are mine.


  1. Yes. I have had Paper Boat fruit juices. They are good. Though I prefer fresh ones.

  2. Interesting product review.

  3. A well written review...I too love paper boat products.

  4. girrll... I am from Kanyakumari and I drooled at the mention of Nannari Sarbath and kadalai mittai <3

  5. Paper boat does have some good stuff... While I prefer making them fresh at home, can always bank on these on days we feel lazy or in a rush

  6. What I loved is that you can carry them around in your bag. I've never tried them (yet)...will keep them in mind though.

  7. I love Paperboat products. And it was wonderful reading your post :)

  8. Lolz... I did not know you can sprinkle guava with salt and chili powder... now curious how it tastes... Good read, for me it's a nice peek to the Indian culture. Does kadalai mean soybeans? We call soybeans kedele in Indonesia so I am guessing, as a large part of our vocabulary is rooted in Sanskrit.

    1. You should taste it. Mouthwatering taste. :P. Kadalai mittai means Peanut sweet. :)

  9. I love how this post actually made me feel nostalgically attached to something that I haven't even experienced before. It's beautiful the way you put your review to words...

  10. These look great, but I have to ask, what is jaggery?

  11. Interesting read ! I am in the uk and its very cold and wet here right now. I am yearning for some warm weather to chill with mocktails. Are these available in the uk ? Thanks

  12. Thank you for the detailed review. i have never heard of the Paper boat products, but i will definitely look out for them and try them. The packaging also looks interesting and attractive.

  13. Loved the review which I found very informative since I have never heard of this brand before. Will keep my eye out for them, but on my side of the world doubt I will find it lol. (Www.beautywithzainy.com and www.spicyfusionkitchen.com)

  14. Looks a real refreshing drink. We have an equal fruit juice here but not more on chili flavor. That's something new coz we rather have sweet fruit juices. It would be interesting to taste spicy guava. Try spicy green mangoes, it's good too!

  15. They have so many flavours! I've tasted some of them...quite delicious... :-)

  16. Oh interesting drinks. First time I've heard of it. I'd want to give it a try, I wonder if this is available in the Philippines.

  17. This was a great gift to receive. I like the packaging of the drinks. The flavors are interesting as well. Would probably like Panakam rather than the Chili Guava.

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  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

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