26 May 2017

Ramadan Activities For Children

Summer is showing it's hot signs this month. The generous sizzles and the scanty drizzles make us parched, yet we are getting ready to welcome Ramadan, the holy month of fasting. Whatever season it may come, certainly, that is the most blessed month of the year. As we prepare ourselves for this special month, we also have to make Ramadan interesting and fun for our children, as much as making it worthy of them.

It is always best to involve the children in every discussion and the projects you plan. From the moon sighting, to Iftar till Eid preparation, make sure they participate. The essence of Ramadan must be the first thing to be taught before they observe fast. The kids often want to fast as they see their parents and elders in the family. But, at the beginning they are not able to complete the fast fully. In that case, let them fast for few hours or as long as they can. Prepare a special Iftar for them with their favorite meal. Try to divert their minds from hunger and thirst, by taking out for a walk or a ride in the car. Let them fast even for couple of hours and celebrate.

Highlighting here are the best possible ways, to my knowledge, to boost their energy levels during fasting, while improving their values and life skills. From toddlers to teenagers, this list applies to children of all ages. I believe, these are interesting as well as productive ways for them during Ramadan.

1. RECITE QURAN AND PRAY 5 TIMES A DAY - This is the fundamental of Islam and it is a good way to start practicing from Ramadan. Maintaining a journal or planner to keep track of 5 waqt prayers on time and the Juzes and Surahs they recite everyday. This will encourage them to recite more and to pray without a miss, especially to keep their journal impressive.

2. FAST TOGETHER AS A FAMILY - Every parent is their child's role models. They imitate them in their actions, knowingly and unknowingly. After sahar time, stay up till Fajr to pray together, and then go to bed. That will be one of the cherished family times spend together.

3. STORYTELLING - Don’t rely on reading books all the time. Kids will be entertained and well informed through a Storytelling session. Schedule your time to tell stories to your children, everyday. Tell them Prophet stories in chapters and episodes. And this activity will make you read more, while the kids look forward to the next session. This activity easily brings the enthusiasm to know about prophets and their lifestyle. On a long run, the stories we tell them now, will engrave in their memory as they grow older.

4. INVOLVEMENT IN IFTAR PREPARATION - Not to play with fire but they can help you in making desserts, fetching the things you need, setting tables, serving dates and water etc. Giving some responsibilities to them will make them feel important as well as some of our chores get done too. Once in a while, invite their friends for Iftar party. Let your children decides the menu and their guests. That will be like a picnic and will enjoy their friends' company. Apart from fun, this will also instigate responsibility in their minds, as they lead the Iftar.

5. PRAY TARAWEEH IN JAMATH - Children enjoy going to masjid with their parents to pray Taraweeh at nights. Even going to Taraweeh for few days with the family, standing for prayers with the community people and relatives, will give them opportunity to socialize with others and feel as a part of the community. That goes a long way for our children in bringing them closer to Islam.

6. MAKE GOODIE BAGS - Let the children fill the bags with goodies and they will be much happy to distribute to the people at the masjid. Do this at least once in the month. preferably, on Laylat-ul-Qadr. This will also make them know about the significance of that one night. Or they can even make the goodie bags for their class, anytime of the month.

7. INTRODUCE ARTS AND CRAFTS - From paper crafts to painting, there are lots to keep them occupied. If they are old enough to handle needles, then basic sewing and embroidering would be perfect. Fabric painting in a plain cloth or doing patches with patterns and designs with fabric glue on a Felt cloth which later can be used as their Prayer mats. Or help your small girl to do embroidery flowers in her prayer outfit. They will be more keen to pray in their handmade personalized prayer materials. Making Eid Cards and sending it to family and friends also make an interesting activity to keep them engaged. These will stir their creative minds.

8. ZAKAT PLANS- When planning for charity, include them too. Let them keep the Zakat money in the envelope. If they are older, let them write the names of the receiver, as you list. We should also teach them that charity is not alone about giving money, but also kindness through actions and manners. Greeting the guests or when going to Taraweeh, saying Assalamu Alaikum with a smile to others in the masjid -that itself a Sadaqah. Also encourage them to save some of their pocket money to donate during Eid. This will naturally bring the knowledge of Zakat calculating as well as the idea of sharing.

9. PLAY TIME WITH QUIZ AND DUAS - From the stories you tell, ask them questions. This will make them listen and grasp the stories and its details. Alternatively, you can also teach them one or two Duas and Salawats per day. Saying a Dua will encourage the children to ask from Allah and the Salawat brims the love for our Prophet (pbuh). At the end of the month, they will come to know some 40-60 Duas easily.

10. EID SHOPPING - That will be some fun outing for them at the malls. But shop for their Eid gifts in advance and surprise them, when the time comes. While gifting, do not forget to appreciate them for the effort they put throughout the month and let them know how much they mean to you. And even a simple acknowledgement means a lot to them.

These were few things my parents and grandparents used to do to encourage me and brothers during Ramadan, when we were young. Certainly, that helped us a lot in understanding the essence of the religion, as much it became our lifestyle, with no much effort. Also that motivated us in reading religious books, listening to bayaans, and keeping a Ramadan journal in later days.

Insha Allah, children will sure look forward to each day throughout the month. May Allah bless us all with long, good, healthy and prosperous life, to witness the next Ramadan. Aameen!

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  1. Welcoming the presence of children during Ramadan is truly one way of treasuring what our culture is. I like how you narrow down all the things that a child could participate during Ramadan. This is one way of sharing them the beauty and the essence of this event. This will also help them understand the very deep meaning of Ramadan as they get to involve. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

  2. I had no idea about such cool activities that kids can be indulged in durig Ramadan. A great post dear, thanks for sharing! :)

  3. Welcoming Ramadan is quite special. It makes it even more special with these tips. How we hope that we will have peace in Mindanao especially that it's Ramadan. Martial law is declared in Mindanao and we hope our Muslim brothers and sisters will find peace at night whenever they sleep.

  4. These are great activities to do with the kids during Ramadan. I guess it is also a great way to teach other kids about the very colorful and rich Muslim culture. I sure hope you have a blessed and life-changing Ramadan. I also fervently pray that our Muslim brethrens in Marawi will experience the same and that violence and chaos will soon stop there.

  5. Wow! Very useful list for kids during ramadhan month :) am sure all kids will enjoy it. Very special way to help kids to welcoming & celebrating ramadhan. It educates the kids to appreciate their cultures :) cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing

  6. Lovely activities for kids. JazakAllah khair for sharing. Ramadan Kareem.

  7. It was the best thing to share this diversional activities that chiildren can do during Ramadan. To top it all, they should know the essence of what they are doing. Really great tips!

  8. I agree that it's best to always include the kids in all the family activities and plans. I personally love storytelling sessions since books because it's a great bonding session and learning experience as well. It is also a way for children to better understand religion and all the practices.

  9. So nice to read.
    Ramadan Mubarak.

  10. Interesting article. It enlightened me more about Islam traditions and teachings. And wonderful ways to make children part of Ramadan festivity.I wish you and your family a blessed celebration!

  11. These really are great tips. I remember doing a lot of these growing up with my mom and siblings. It is nice being able to share Ramadan with my young nieces. :)

    Saba N

  12. This is a really great article, thanks for sharing. I love how you included activities for children of all ages thanks so much.

  13. Masha Allah, great tips. We get the Eid shopping done beforehand though, lest it becomes hectic later.

  14. It was such an awesome post masha Allah, I kind of compiled a list of 33 activities to keep toddlers engaed during ramadan, but it is not published as yet :)

    Loved reading yours and realized that we both share same vision :) Alhamdolilah!

    1. I would like to read your post, Asbah. Share your link. :)

  15. you are very right in saying that we should involve kids in almost everything we do, from cooking to cleaning, from journaling to story telling and arts & crafts. This post was a great reminder to do that.

  16. Wow what a wonderful post. I love how you broke them down in points. Alhamdulillah what a blessing Ramadan is

  17. I love these ideas mashaAllah. This is the first year we've really had the kids involved in Ramadan with a calendar, and Ramadan book basket etc, and it has been so heartwarming to watch <3

  18. Thank you all for your lovely comments and appreciation. Means so much to me. May Allah bless everyone during this Ramadan and may the children bring more joy to us. Aameen. Wishes! :)

  19. Involving the children with religious activities can be a bonding experience that you can never forget. It's getting close and connecting with your faith but it's done with your family. It's rare for me nowadays to see that; even some would use phones during prayer time and that's sad. These activities will sure strengthen the children's faith with Allah.

  20. This is an interesting read. I seldom read about other culture's practice of their religion. And it is nice that you thought of ways to involve the kids to better understand the culture. Surely, the children will better appreciate the holidays if they know about them and strengthen their faith.

  21. All the blog works are exhibit of what we call, Brilliant.
    Ramadan Qatar


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