16 Mar 2018

Fujifilm X-H1 : The Launch

Recently I was invited to attend a launch event in Bangalore. It was basically a meet and greet session. Still, I
was very excited especially because the launch product was a Camera. Being a photography enthusiast, I did go,
try and experience the digital device.

FujiFilm India has launched a new camera, in addition to its X series. In the midst of the X series range, this
is first of its kind.

The Managing Director of Fujifilm India Mr. Haruto Iwata & his team welcomed the guests and launched their
premium flagship product Fujifilm XH1. Mr. Ashwin Joshi, Manager of Image Capture Division, explained the
technical capabilities of the XH1. There was also a brief Q&A session with the audience.

The First Impression - I was attracted to its sturdy look and ergonomic design. However, it looks slightly bigger
than other X series cameras, like XT-2.

The XH1 is Fujifilm’s first mirrorless camera featuring 5 axis In-Body Image Stabilization (IBIS).
Integrated with high precision laser measuring instrument, it has a capability of holding lenses from 14mm
to 400mm.

At the event, they had setup a 'Touch & Try Corner’. There, I got a chance to handle the camera and mounting
it with a wide variety of lenses.

There was a 'Shooting Corner' in the arena, where few models stood posing for the photographers, who wanted
to test the performance of the new camera. When I captured the dancing one, I was surprised to see the
clarity. With my shaky hands and moving image, I did achieve a sharp photo. The image quality was stunning and so were the color tones of the subject.

Being the first Fujifilm camera to feature IBIS, which offers a maximum of 5.5 stops of compensation
depending on the lens that you're using. This was one of the features that catches everyone's attention. It
provides high quality image stabilization which processes the moving video and makes corrections ~10000
times every second, to give a steady image on the screen. This is the only camera in the segment to feature
‘Dual dedicated processor’ too.

XH-1 Click
Having many positive features, the price of the camera starts from Rs. 1,49900/- With its high quality photographic range, XH1 becomes a perfect choice for those looking to buy a high-end camera. This is ideal for Wedding, Fashion & Wildlife Photography.

I wish I get to try this newly launched XH-1 before I own one. ;)

FujiFilm : Shooting Moment, Making Stories

Check for detailed specifications -> Here

#FujifilmXIndia @FujifilmXIndia

NOTE : This is not a review. This post is about my camera handling experience at the launch event of Fujifilm XH1.

10 Mar 2018

The White Bird

Meet my adorable baby budgie, the first born. And witness her first glimpse of the world.

7 Mar 2018

Muslim Girl, Growing Up - A Guide To Puberty

I got a chance to read this insightful young adult book, which I think is a must for every girl who is in her preteen. As much as I was happy to read, I am happy to share it with you as well. Alhamdulillah!

Written by       -  Natalia Nabil
Illustrations by -  Melani Putri
Publishers  - Prolance

Back in the day, attaining puberty was a shy and awkward affair. My friends have spoken about periods but mostly in a teasing way. My mother gave subtle hints about it to educate me. Yet, I was not very comfortable and open to discuss about the changes I went through. I guess most of the girls were and still are in this mind set.

There comes a phase where we all go through changes in our body as we grow, and entering puberty is one
of the significant early changes that we experience. The transition is like a bridge between childhood and adulthood. Puberty is natural but it is an emotional and at times confusing for the child. So it becomes parents’ responsibility to keep them informed, at ease and prepare them to handle the adolescence. Especially, for a girl, if they are unaided and unaware, there is a possibility of developing fear and discomfort by the sight of their first spotting.
This book has detailed views and colorful illustrations, which makes the growing girls easily get along with the topic. The vivid pictures make the understanding better and easier.

Muslim Girl, Growing Up is ideal for the girls of 8 - 19 years. Actually, the author had her daughters in mind while writing this guide. It makes it easy to relate to and follow the guide. But still, it is best to discuss personally with your children about growing up.

I love this book, especially because it gives right and vital information. From the very basic definition of puberty to personal hygiene and privacy, the topics include How to change your pad, How to know when its over, How to take bath after your period, How to dispose the pad, How to keep your body parts clean, about the PMS (the hormonal changes) that happens during adolescence and much more elaborately. This book covers every aspect for the girls to know what is it they are going through and how to handle it. Not only that it helps to understand physically but also it gives the emotional support.

The author has written this guide for young Muslim girls to understand the basic things they should know about puberty, while the religious aspects come along with it. But still, I would say this book belongs to every girl out there, irrespective of their religion and customs. After all, it is about a natural phase every female experiences in her life.

The book is informative and illustrative, and can be a good gift for preteens and teens. However, this guide is just a starter to the beautiful journey ahead.

Now available at Amazon.in. Do buy this guide, if you have a young girl at home.

Happy Women's Day!

28 Feb 2018

When Words Become Stranger

I can’t seem to write, nowadays
I have become a stranger to words
Or perhaps, I am a stranger unto myself
I love to rhyme. I tell stories.
I have played with words.
Standing in my balcony,
Behind this glass window
Watching the early morning sky
It is a beautiful day, yet
Everything feels so distant to me
I blow my hot breath against the glass
Painting hearts on the foggy window
What do you write?, they ask.
Some seemingly sensible reasons, of course.
Mm, stuff like that, I said dismissively.
Still blowing on the misty window pane
Staring at the vanishing hearts
Carelessly watching over
The boys playing cricket
Hah, the ball hits the stump
And there goes a wicket.
Focused as they appear,
Sure footed players,
Knowing what to do.
While I stand aloof with uncertainty
Stuck with my unsaid words.
When thinking becomes philosophy,
This distraction feels strangely familiar
Leaving the vapors of my hot musings
I walk away with abstract thoughts
Preparing myself to muse
About being unable to write.
Of how I become a stranger.

1 Feb 2018

Nanni’s Hijab ~ Children’s Book Review

I started reading more Children's books. For it is a short and pleasant read. And, I'm also having happy time with the little kids who visit my home. Recently, I got a chance to read another lovely Children’s book to my young niece. And she loved this little Nanni.

Author    -  Khadijah Abdul-Haqq
Illustrator      -  Vitchapol Taerattanachai
Publishers - Djarabi Kitabs

Hijab makes our lives beautiful than anyone can imagine. I always love to see little girls wearing cute scarves on their head. At schools, children get to meet many kids from different community and culture and befriend them. Nanni’s Hijab written by Khadijah Abdul-Haqq, is a cute little story with beautiful illustrations. It enthralls the little ones while teaching them some basic manners. Illustrations are vivid and helps with the flow of narration. The book showcases the beauty of hijab while giving some idea to handle the difficult situation of our life, well and wise.

Nanni's Hijab is the story of Nanni, a little girl who loves wearing her hijab. She wears a different hijab every day. Her classmates enjoy seeing all the colors and designs of Nanni's hijabs, except Leslie. Leslie doesn't like Nanni or her hijabs. She tries to bully Nanni and humiliates her in the school yard in front of all her classmates, by snatching her hijab off her head. Nanni gets very upset with Leslie's bullying. In her heart, she wants to fight but she knows there has to be a better way. Instead of fighting, she goes home to think about the best way to handle Leslie's bullying.

Did Nanni find a way? Did Leslie learn her mistake? Read the book to know more.

The book will be available on online stores. Keep an eye out for it.

Nanni's Hijab is a short and sweet story. Perfect for kids' storytelling sessions. After all, it is about making friends.

10 Jan 2018

Little Things And More

Sometimes life gives us a pause. When the days filled with lots of events, we fail to realize until it starts to swing back again.

Well, it was when I put my life on pause, collect my thoughts, and realize that Allah has created me to be thankful for those little little things around me. Irrespective of what it offers, I decided to walk in the moment, hoping to see that life is still beautiful. Insha Allah!

First of all, we are super happy to welcome two little creatures into our family. The twins - my niece and my nephew, bringing all sorts of goodness. And these little angels took all my time and still demands for more. It’s been five months already, and life becomes even more meaningful with the babies around.

My life is consumed with all things baby. There were so many moments where I wanted to pocket it forever. Meeting the babies for the first time was magical. The first time I caressed her cheeks, and the first time when he grippingly held my finger in his tiny palm, everything felt absolutely beautiful. With twin babies around, our family is blessed with double Barakah, Alhamdulillah.

I can go on and on about the babies all my day. So stop me before I go overboard. Their little grunts, coos, squirms and stretches make me go crazy. I love the way she keeps her hands up when she naps and the curious look in his eyes when I tell him stories. And their loud cry, oh, don’t ask their mother about their 3am restlessness.

I love to bottle up their intoxicating smell. Forget their diaper changing session, their milky, medicinal, moisturized scent is so inviting that I often take a plunge on their soft neck, and they seem almost edible. While the boy is so expressive and demands a conversation, she is an attention grabbing princess and melt us with her toothless grin. I can't get enough of these two.

Every moment with them are priceless. Especially, when he listens to my stories and when he gets fussy from not getting that last burp up. And when she feels secure and dozes off when we all sit around her and talk casually. The first big stretch and her smile in the morning. Babies are overwhelming.

They are so tiny, and when I pick them to cuddle, they wriggle and curl up like a little ball of sweetness. Their soft wrinkled knees and their chicken legs kicking all the way up to their bellies. I love their feet and their poses. I couldn’t resist myself from clicking some hundreds and thousands of pictures. I don't basically strive for their perfect froggy poses or wrapped babies. Rather I prefer them as they are naturally with their lazy yawns, their sweet smile, their sleepy eyes, their wide open cries, and all the best little things they do.

In another few months, when they grow big and turn no more babies, I’d certainly long for this cuteness, cuddly and crying, fussy time back. I am trying to soak in as much of them as possible before it’s gone.

I would not mind if they pause my entire lifetime. Just that, I love them so much. Oh yes, these two tiny human beings are, Masha Allah, amazing.

Hoping to return with more stories, rat signs off with a New Year wish.
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