28 Feb 2018

When Words Become Stranger

I can’t seem to write, nowadays
I have become a stranger to words
Or perhaps, I am a stranger unto myself
I love to rhyme. I tell stories.
I have played with words.
Standing in my balcony,
Behind this glass window
Watching the early morning sky
It is a beautiful day, yet
Everything feels so distant to me
I blow my hot breath against the glass
Painting hearts on the foggy window
What do you write?, they ask.
Some seemingly sensible reasons, of course.
Mm, stuff like that, I said dismissively.
Still blowing on the misty window pane
Staring at the vanishing hearts
Carelessly watching over
The boys playing cricket
Hah, the ball hits the stump
And there goes a wicket.
Focused as they appear,
Sure footed players,
Knowing what to do.
While I stand aloof with uncertainty
Stuck with my unsaid words.
When thinking becomes philosophy,
This distraction feels strangely familiar
Leaving the vapors of my hot musings
I walk away with abstract thoughts
Preparing myself to muse
About being unable to write.
Of how I become a stranger.

1 Feb 2018

Nanni’s Hijab ~ Children’s Book Review

I started reading more Children's books. For it is a short and pleasant read. And, I'm also having happy time with the little kids who visit my home. Recently, I got a chance to read another lovely Children’s book to my young niece. And she loved this little Nanni.

Author    -  Khadijah Abdul-Haqq
Illustrator      -  Vitchapol Taerattanachai
Publishers - Djarabi Kitabs

Hijab makes our lives beautiful than anyone can imagine. I always love to see little girls wearing cute scarves on their head. At schools, children get to meet many kids from different community and culture and befriend them. Nanni’s Hijab written by Khadijah Abdul-Haqq, is a cute little story with beautiful illustrations. It enthralls the little ones while teaching them some basic manners. Illustrations are vivid and helps with the flow of narration. The book showcases the beauty of hijab while giving some idea to handle the difficult situation of our life, well and wise.

Nanni's Hijab is the story of Nanni, a little girl who loves wearing her hijab. She wears a different hijab every day. Her classmates enjoy seeing all the colors and designs of Nanni's hijabs, except Leslie. Leslie doesn't like Nanni or her hijabs. She tries to bully Nanni and humiliates her in the school yard in front of all her classmates, by snatching her hijab off her head. Nanni gets very upset with Leslie's bullying. In her heart, she wants to fight but she knows there has to be a better way. Instead of fighting, she goes home to think about the best way to handle Leslie's bullying.

Did Nanni find a way? Did Leslie learn her mistake? Read the book to know more.

The book will be available on online stores. Keep an eye out for it.

Nanni's Hijab is a short and sweet story. Perfect for kids' storytelling sessions. After all, it is about making friends.
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