28 Feb 2018

When Words Become Stranger

I can’t seem to write, nowadays
I have become a stranger to words
Or perhaps, I am a stranger unto myself
I love to rhyme. I tell stories.
I have played with words.
Standing in my balcony,
Behind this glass window
Watching the early morning sky
It is a beautiful day, yet
Everything feels so distant to me
I blow my hot breath against the glass
Painting hearts on the foggy window
What do you write?, they ask.
Some seemingly sensible reasons, of course.
Mm, stuff like that, I said dismissively.
Still blowing on the misty window pane
Staring at the vanishing hearts
Carelessly watching over
The boys playing cricket
Hah, the ball hits the stump
And there goes a wicket.
Focused as they appear,
Sure footed players,
Knowing what to do.
While I stand aloof with uncertainty
Stuck with my unsaid words.
When thinking becomes philosophy,
This distraction feels strangely familiar
Leaving the vapors of my hot musings
I walk away with abstract thoughts
Preparing myself to muse
About being unable to write.
Of how I become a stranger.


  1. When you can't write, write about why you can't write:) That will definitely get you rambling and writing and then you will be in the flow...

  2. This is a very intriguing poem. I was right there, watching the hearts appear and then disappear from the steamy window, feeling the disconnection of observing life from behind a window (which I do so much of the time). I love the lines "When thinking becomes philosophy / this distraction feels vaguely familiar." Sometimes the thoughts run too deep for words.

  3. Amazing when we become disconnected from ourselves and/or the world....how a seemingly innocuous act like make hearts on a wet window pane can bring on an almost meditative, introspective state.


  4. I think you actually did write it down... maybe that's exactly how it works, like dreams coming when we least expect them.

  5. the vanishing hearts upon the window pane is an awesome image. Indeed - observing, pondering, feeling distant - we don't always have the answers - we don't always know our own hearts... at least not until we've thought about it for a long time, and are willing to be honest with ourselves.

  6. Doing exactly what you did is ideal. In observing the world, setting the scene, finding the words and all for the least amount of effort. Loved the way your wrote this piece.

  7. I totally agree with Old Egg. The whole poem is a wonderful image of 'Now'. Love this Meera.

  8. Words turned and twisted
    a master she is
    yet a stranger!
    Loved it :)

  9. "Stuck with my unsaid words." Enjoyed your poem very much.

  10. Some wonderful visuals...painting hearts on the window and watching them vanish. It's true that so much thinking turns into philosophy. I like the way your struggle for words transforms to a subject to write about.

  11. nicely expressed emotions, well done

  12. Words on being wordless..beautifully put!

  13. Thank you all for your kind words. They motivate me to write more and better.

  14. About not being able to write makes me feel like a stranger too. I think it is sentiment that many writers will share. Beautifully written and well thought out

  15. Sometimes, words don't have to make sense. Sometimes it is enough that they evoke emotion and touch another's feelings. Which is what you did with this work. Not everyone can pull that off, so kudos to you!

  16. I'm amazed at how words can create a powerful stirring of emotion. This was beautifully written. I also write when I can but haven't given myself the time to do so lately. I miss it especially when I read beautiful pieces such as this.


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