7 Mar 2018

Muslim Girl, Growing Up - A Guide To Puberty

I got a chance to read this insightful young adult book, which I think is a must for every girl who is in her preteen. As much as I was happy to read, I am happy to share it with you as well. Alhamdulillah!

Written by       -  Natalia Nabil
Illustrations by -  Melani Putri
Publishers  - Prolance

Back in the day, attaining puberty was a shy and awkward affair. My friends have spoken about periods but mostly in a teasing way. My mother gave subtle hints about it to educate me. Yet, I was not very comfortable and open to discuss about the changes I went through. I guess most of the girls were and still are in this mind set.

There comes a phase where we all go through changes in our body as we grow, and entering puberty is one
of the significant early changes that we experience. The transition is like a bridge between childhood and adulthood. Puberty is natural but it is an emotional and at times confusing for the child. So it becomes parents’ responsibility to keep them informed, at ease and prepare them to handle the adolescence. Especially, for a girl, if they are unaided and unaware, there is a possibility of developing fear and discomfort by the sight of their first spotting.
This book has detailed views and colorful illustrations, which makes the growing girls easily get along with the topic. The vivid pictures make the understanding better and easier.

Muslim Girl, Growing Up is ideal for the girls of 8 - 19 years. Actually, the author had her daughters in mind while writing this guide. It makes it easy to relate to and follow the guide. But still, it is best to discuss personally with your children about growing up.

I love this book, especially because it gives right and vital information. From the very basic definition of puberty to personal hygiene and privacy, the topics include How to change your pad, How to know when its over, How to take bath after your period, How to dispose the pad, How to keep your body parts clean, about the PMS (the hormonal changes) that happens during adolescence and much more elaborately. This book covers every aspect for the girls to know what is it they are going through and how to handle it. Not only that it helps to understand physically but also it gives the emotional support.

The author has written this guide for young Muslim girls to understand the basic things they should know about puberty, while the religious aspects come along with it. But still, I would say this book belongs to every girl out there, irrespective of their religion and customs. After all, it is about a natural phase every female experiences in her life.

The book is informative and illustrative, and can be a good gift for preteens and teens. However, this guide is just a starter to the beautiful journey ahead.

Now available at Amazon.in. Do buy this guide, if you have a young girl at home.

Happy Women's Day!


  1. Will try to get it Meera! Nice review!

  2. Nice to read. Beautiful review.
    Happy Women's Day.

  3. Wow.. this will make a perfect book gift for bday's. somethings are so taboo in our communities so I appreciate books like these that are insightful and educational.

  4. The book will be beneficial in explaining kids about puberty. Thank you for sharing the review.

  5. Take action to read it In The end as there is a lot of benefit.

  6. My daughter is close to puberty, will check this one out thank you as I still need to talk to her about it properly

  7. This is such aa good idea as, although most of us have moved on from the times when puberty was seen as something to be ashamed of, sometimes children prefer to read things for themselves. Jazakillah for sharing.

  8. This is so good, I wish I had something like this in my teens. There is so much stigma around this and we need to educate our girls before they find out about these things from wrong sources. Hope there is an Islamic version too with details on how to do ghusl and get back to praying etc.

    1. Yes the guide is written for muskim girls and so the ghusl and other religious aspects also covered. It's really a wonderful guide for the preteens and teens.

  9. Thank you for this review! This sounds like a very informative and thorough guide for young girls, I like that they cover everything and nothing is left out!

  10. This is a good book review. I find it helpful and informative for girls going through puberty. I like the illustrations, too. It's dainty and sweet.

  11. Based from your description, the book sounds like it would've helped ME when I was hitting puberty! My mom explained things to me, but some topics tend to be uncomfortable to discuss with her, and this book might have helped answer some of those questions I had back then (which all have answers now). It helps that a lot more authors are thinking about this and taking responsibility to help educate young people.

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