26 Mar 2018

Nutrilite - Exclusively from Amway

Last weekend, I attended a blogger meet organized by Amway India, in Bangalore. I was looking forward because Amway, as we know, is the pioneer in healthcare and home products for the past 20 years. But what interested me more was the purpose of the event - New age Ayurveda and its advantages. It was also a launch event of their new age ayurvedic products.

With low immunity and improper sleep cycle, my health was taking a toll for the past few weeks. Just when I needed a boost, Amway India brings Nutrilite For Health. With right choice of supplements, it's high time to care my body and mind, as much as possible, and I hope to stay fit and stress free.

We are in the world where fresh fruits replaced by bottle juices, vegetables are served as boxed salads, our evening outdoor activities have changed to video games and TV shows, healthy lifestyle seems a bit far to reach. With growing technology, the ever busy life and the flood of junk food that follows wherever we go, it is also unfair to blame ourselves, for being derailed from our ancient tradition. However, in the pursuit of wellness, I was all geared up for the meet.

Having strong belief in reaching their consumers through experience and not just by advertising, Amway conducted the event at their first Digital Experience Store. And it did excite us with a wonderful experience.

Amway India welcomed us warmly for the launch of their new range of Herbal products. These Ayurvedic products are developed for the indigenous Indian consumers.

        Dr. C.A.Kishore,       Mr.Ajay Khanna,       Ms.Simrat Bishnoi
Ayurvedic Physician       Category Head        Corporate Head

‘Care before cure’ - with that as core, Amway India launched the ‘Nutrilite Traditional Herbs Range’ . Nutrilite, exclusively from Amway, is known for its Vitamins & Dietary ayurvedic supplements. These Traditional herbal range consists of 4 daily health supplements - Ashwagandha, Tulsi,  Brahmi and Amalaki, Vibhitaki & Haritiaki.

Each bottle has 60 tablets and it costs Rs. 649/-

Being a rejuvenator, Ashwagandha is known to help in supporting vitality and easing stress. Brahmi is known to support mental agility and improving attention. Having laxative properties, Amalaki, Vibhitaki & Haritiaki are known to help in digestion and improve appetite. The blend of these three herbal extracts helps in detoxifying the body systems. And the Tulsi, as we all know, helps in supporting immunity and it is an antioxidant.

Purity, Safety, Potency (PSP) are assured in every product of Nutrilite to bring out the best of nature, science and Indian traditional wisdom. The process of inventing these small wonders built a firm bridge between the ancient Indian traditions and the latest technology in the field of nutrition and health care. It was great to know the journey of these products #SeedtoSupplement.

When asked about why it took so long for them to launch these Ayurvedic products, Mr. Ajay Khanna, Category Head of Nutrition and Wellness, replied 'We wanted to make it absolutely right for the consumers for India', which was very promising to hear.

In the #GuruSpeaks segment, they clearly emphasised on the value of healthy Indian lifestyle, and that reminded me of ‘Paati vaithiyam’/’Daadi me ke nuske’ which we hear from our elders all the time.

Nowadays, the intake of multi vitamins and other supplements becomes a daily dose, ensuring we get the necessary nutrients that are missing from our diet. But today, the market has many other Ayurvedic products as well. Especially, when all of them claim to contain the same natural herbs, it becomes a real challenge for us to make the right choice.

So we clarified our doubts about other market players, affordability, shelf life, personalized immunity and the do’s and don’ts of Ayurveda during the Q&A. The panel answered all our questions patiently and in detail. The Q&A session was interesting and informative. There was a Quiz Buzz segment as well, where they questioned us about the #NutriliteForHealth facts and we won some cool prizes.

After the launch, we explored the Amway’s Digital Store. It has a wide display of their products including beauty and health care, cookware, home care products and also Kids products. There was a Virtual Make Up Zone where we get to find out how we look with the makeup on and also suggestions the right color tone suits your skin tone and facial features, without trying on the real product.

A unique feature which I liked the most was, the QR code on every certified product container that takes you on a visual tour to Amway website. Where we get more detailed description of the items. This digital store is definitely not less than an exciting experience for shoppers.

Overall the launch event was fun and interactive. And Amway India’s Nutrilite Traditional Herbs Range is all set to revive the ever useful traditional herbs to bring a better health for its consumers.

#AmwayIndia #NutriliteForHealth
Location - Amway Digital Store, 100ft Road, Indra Nagar. Bangalore.

PS - This is a sponsored post about the launch event. I received these ayurvedic products to try, and I am looking forward to see the effects.


  1. I have used Ayurvedic products in my hair years ago which was very good. I have heard of Amway but never knew they did some many different type of products. Very interesting to know more about the company. I have visted the UK website, will look in more detail at the Nutrilite vitamins

  2. It sounds like a beneficial event, masha'Allah. And I found your alternation of showing with photos and telling without showing through words interesting-- I found myself wanting more examples, which drew me to the photos, and to imaginative contemplation of how good it would have been to attend. I am happy for you that you got the opportunity, alhamdulillah. :)

  3. Natural products all the way! Especially after kids, I'm so careful about the products we use in our daily lives!

  4. It sounds like my type of even and product. Will read more about it.

  5. Natural is definetly the way to go! I agree 100% care before cure!! Thanks for sharing as I've never heard of these before, I'm going to check them out now

  6. That sounds like a wonderful line of products. Glad you got to experience this wonderful event.

  7. I remember years ago my mom used to order Amway products. Here in Guatemala, there is a small store that carries some products but they are just so ridiculously expensive. Great blog and info!!

  8. Sounds like you had a productive and successful event. We are also into natural products. It's great to know that there are many people now are aware of these natural products!

  9. I've never had an Amway product but these sound interesting! I have been looking into Ayurveda myself and these look like a simple way to try it out. I will definitely look into them if they ever expand out of India. :)

  10. I didnt even know amway was still around.I wonder if I can buy these online.

  11. These products are what we need more of these day- natural ways to get healthier and feel better! I'm all about natural products, love them!

  12. I actually found myself googling their products after reading this and it's been very interesting. Thank you for sharing!

  13. I love natural product and especially after having kids, I have become more aware what we eat and what vitamins we should be getting. It is scary how processed the food today is.

  14. I love that there are blogger meetups around the globe. I'm in the USA, and I think so small sometimes. I'm glad you're blogging and have others to connect with! :)

  15. Nutrilite products are awesome, and unlike many of the other supplements - healthy!! So yeah, bug thumbs up for Amway :)Huge fan!

  16. I prefer natural products, not just for skincare but pretty much everything including household cleaning products. Thanks for sharing this!

  17. wow - this post comes at a perfect time when I think I need to start taking some vitamin supplements, I didn't know about this brand! thanks for sharing!

  18. Love events like these, In general I love blogger events or atleast I think I would, I have yet to actually attend one because I am way too awkward and introverted to actually go and socialize lol.

  19. It’s really a great and helpful piece of information. I am happy that you simply shared this helpful information with us.



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