21 Apr 2018

Who is the Fool? : Calvin And Me - IV

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Previously ---> Calvin And Me

I return from the date, victorious - after beating Nusie in the game of bluff. Okay, it was a date for me, what she thinks, let’s not worry about it for now. As much as I hate, I have to give credits to Calvin for teaching me the game last night after I scouted for the monsters under his bed.

Me: Hiya Calvin! You know what happened?

Calvin: What. Did Nusie kiss you?

Me: Huh. No. I guess it’s time to re-enable the parental lock on the TV channels.

Calvin: Boy! Ask a simple question and get all your television privileges revoked.

Me: I put your bluff tips to work and won the game. She came out for a coffee with me, as per the condition. Yay!

Calvin: And your train of thoughts would have just whooped your entire happy life in front of your eyes, right?

Me: Yes… she is perfect and it was so beautiful.

Calvin: Beautiful duh, you fool.

Me: What do you know about love?

Calvin: The moment you see her, your heart falls into your stomach and splashes your innards.

Me: Then?

Calvin: All the moisture makes you sweat profusely, this condensation shorts the circuits to your brain and you get all woozy.

Me: And?!  *he seems to know so much about it*

Calvin: When your brain burns out altogether, your mouth disengages and you babble like a cretin until she leaves.

Me: That’s Love?! OMG that happened to me quite a lot with her, but I thought it was cooties.

Calvin: Medically speaking, that’s love for you, my friend. Girls want boys to do their work and show their superiority over you. Fall in love and you will end up.. well, I don’t wanna say that, you know.

Me: By what you are saying, it seems that there is an inverse relationship between how good a guy is and how much fun it is to fall in love.

Calvin: Well, put on this cap and let's go find out.

Calvin and me put on our summer caps to beat the heat. Like two brave warriors at heart and nervous faces, we head to meet Nusie. I know I was walking into the moment that I’ve waited for,  hoping Susie will not be around so that Calvin does not bail out on me, again.

Nusie: Hey Guys, are you here to meet Susie?

Calvin: Pretty smart, eh? Let’s go back and rendezvous later.

Me: No. Wait *Grabs Calvin by his tee* We are here to meet you. Er, I mean, I am here to meet you.

Nusie: Anyways, Susie is taking her power nap.

Calvin: *phew* Okay, I’m gonna sit here and read the magazines while you both have your moment of truth.

Nusie: Moment of truth? what is he talking about?

Me: Nusie…

Nusie: Yes,

Me: I love you!

I just said it along with her Yes, so that it resonates in my ears as an Yes for my proposal

Nusie: What.. Noo.. How did this happen.. Why.. But…. *she is having a ruckus moment*

Meanwhile, Calvin is done turning pages of five magazines and back.

Calvin: Man, this is so boring. I wish there was a movie theatre someplace. Do you guys know any?

Me : *grits my teeth and signalled him to move away* Calviinn…. We are having a moment here.

Calvin: Oh, it’s a sunny day out and let me go catch some bugs.

Calvin walks out swiftly and trust me he is gonna come back with a bag of bugs. After all, his insect collection project is due this week.

Nusie: Are you playing a prank on me?

Me: No way. I would be a fool to do so.

A scream comes from inside followed by Susie with her hair full of bugs. She was holding a paper bag which had a label ‘Open for a surprise gift’.

Susie: Calvin, I’m gonna kill you!!!

We lean into Susie’s room to see Calvin jumping out of the window back to the garden, with a smile of satisfaction on his face and shouting back.

Will Continue…

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