16 May 2018

Bedtime Sunnahs ~ Book Review

Another beautiful illustrative and educational Children's book I came across is Bedtime Sunnahs : Emulating the Prophet one night at a time from Prolance.

Author - Alia. G. Dada
Illustrator - Robert Boyer
Publishers - Prolance

To most of us, reading  becomes a habit before going to sleep. Nowadays, there are many bedtime story books available in the stores. While most are happy and imaginative, only a few teaches the children a moral and a lifestyle. And this is one such book that focuses on Islam.

Basically, it is essential that we follow a good routine, and with a purpose for the love of our Prophet. This book instills the faith and inspire the little ones with the affection towards family. I am inspired with this short and precise book of beautiful rhyme and vibrant illustrations. The book talks about night time practices for kids and even the grownups - fostering a love for the Prophet’s Sunnah. This religious routine is for the entire family.

My parents had taught me these simple recitals to do during bedtime when I was young and it has been a part of my lifestyle since then. The routine and prayers mentioned in this book are highly rewarding. Perhaps, we all know and religiously recite small surahs and duas daily. Still, I appreciate the author for her effort in bringing this night time Islamic practices as a form of Children's book. It was very thoughtful.

The rhymes are not only enchanting but also encourages the children to practice good deeds everyday. The book also has references to Hadiths which makes our daily routine towards the path of Sunnah.

As Ramadan approaches, this is a good time to motivate the kids to reflect and to do good deeds consistently while practicing it as the way of life.  Also I suggest this cute and colorful book to be in every Muslim household.

A wonderful read, this book would be a great addition to your collection and a Ramadan gift to your young ones, this year.

May Allah bless us all with strong Iman and Taqwa, peace and abundance, health and prosperity, purity of heart and goodness in this life and the next. May Allah accept our duas, fasting and grant forgivenes in this holy month. Ramadan Mubarak!

This book is available in Amazon.in
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