1 Jun 2018

Dad, Me And The Camera

This is my father's camera and there are so many memories hanging around. Growing up with a dad who loves photography meant growing up with a camera. I used to be his subject and the result is now I have some 5 or 6 albums to rekindle my childhood. Even though cameras were within our reach, I failed to show interest in how it worked. I have always loved to stand in front of the lens, but was not keen enough to become the one who's behind it. Not until few years ago.

I'm still learning to see through the lens. While at it, I realize there's so much to see of what we usually throw a glimpse at.

#IMissYouVaapa #IamDaddysGirl #InTheMemoryOfMyFather

May Allah grant him magfirath and the highest rank in paradise. Aameen. Jumma Mubarak!

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